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Argos & Asda Christmas Adverts – It Starts!

I LOVE seeing the Christmas adverts every year and I surprised myself when I realised I’d not been checking for release dates!
I noticed this morning that Argos and Asda have released their Christmas adverts and they’re both quite nice.

The Argos advert made me smile because I remember one of my brothers having a robot puppy for Christmas one year.

The Asda advert is better than in previous years. It’s quite Christmassy and I like the idea of a magical factory.
I can’t even remember any Asda Christmas ads from last year!

I’m looking forward to seeing more Christmas ads. Which one are you most excited to see? 🙂

Waitrose Christmas Robin #HomeForChristmas

Waitrose Christmas Advert Awwww it’s a robin. I love them, they’re my favourite bird and not just because they’re a symbol of Christmas! When I was working in Nanny’s garden a few summers ago, I had a daily visitor. A young robin would come really […]

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M&S Christmas advert #LoveMrsClaus

Mrs. Claus

Absolutely love the M&S Christmas advert. It made me smile and it made me laugh. I felt all Christmassy, which is what I want from a Christmas advert.

I love that Mrs.Claus has a helicopter and a hidden wardrobe, like a secret agent! She looks great in her big snuggly jumper and wooly socks 🙂

Kevin the carrot is still my favourite but this one comes a close second. It’s made up for the disappointment I felt over the John Lewis ad!

The kids on the advert reminded me of Kaycee and Ella. Ella does lots of things to Kaycee that really annoys her but when it comes down to it, she adores her. Ella can’t help crying along with her if Kaycee’s upset!

M&S Christmas advert 2016 Mrs Claus

John Lewis Christmas Advert – #BusterTheBoxer

I Don’t Love Buster.

I have to be totally honest and say I don’t even like it. For the first time ever, I don’t like the John Lewis Christmas ad. Buster the Boxer isn’t cute. The foxes and badger aren’t cute but are amusing, I’ll admit. That’s not the worst thing, though. They show the dad putting the gift together on Christmas Eve then opening the door for his daughter to see her present on Christmas morning.
Any kids watching will be wondering why Santa didn’t deliver the trampoline so they could, potentially, be ruining the magic of Christmas for some kids.


I’m very disappointed, I was so excited to see it as well. I think the fake one by the student was better!


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 Buster the Boxer

2012 John Lewis Christmas advert

2013 John Lewis Christmas advert

2014 John Lewis Christmas advert

2015 John Lewis Christmas advert

2017 John Lewis Christmas Advert

Kevin the carrot is so cute! #kevinthecarrot

Kevin the carrot

The girls and I love Kevin the carrot! He’s so cute! The new Aldi Christmas advert made us smile all the way through and made us laugh at the end 🙂 It made me feel all warm and Christmassy, which is what I expect from a Christmas advert.

Ella loved the bit where he falls on the grater and grates his bum!

We’re eagerly awaiting the John Lewis Christmas advert but until then, we love this little guy!

*EDIT* There’s a part 2!

*EDIT AGAIN!* The John Lewis Christmas advert has been released and I wasn’t impressed I’m afraid. I love this new video of Kevin the Carrot. I laugh out loud every time I watch it and yes, I’ve watched it a few times now! We absolutely LOVE that little carrot!!

Aldi Christmas advert 2016 Kevin the carrot
Aldi Christmas advert


Do you look forward to the Christmas adverts, like me or do you think I’m a little bit nuts?!

Asda and Lidl Christmas adverts

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