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10th June 2020

Tips for updating your teenager’s bedroom

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

As your children get older, the cutie-pie spaces that they slept in as babies and toddlers will need to be updated and brought more into line with their developing personalities.

Living with teens can be stressful at the best of times, but there are ways to approach the redecoration of their space that can bring you closer together and leave everyone feeling happy.

Let them express themselves

Chances are that you had all the say when decorating your child’s room when they were younger, so this is a chance to give them some responsibility – something that might stick with them when they fledge the nest and have a home of their own to think about.

Discuss colour schemes, decorations, and what furniture they want to have included. Once you’re all agreed, you can work towards the common goal of making it a special space.

Give them their privacy

Having time all together as a family is important, but privacy is also crucial in allowing kids to discover who they want to be.

While you might love sitting down to a gardening programme, not many teens do, so why not allow them their own TV in their room. You can perch it on a sideboard to add extra storage, given how much stuff youngsters tend to accrue! If you’re worried about screen time, there is always some bargaining to be done!

Create a workspace

desk in the bedroom
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

As kids enter their teen years, pressure ramps up from school as they enter periods of exams that can be crucial to the next steps they will take with their lives.

As many of us have discovered while working from home amid the Coronavirus pandemic, separating your workspace from your living space can be crucial to bolstering mental wellbeing as well as working productivity.

The same goes for your youngsters. The kitchen table or the sofa might not be the best place to unlock their creativity or give them the calm needed to solve something tricky. A proper workstation, with a good desk, comfortable chair, and any other items they need could unlock their full potential.

Remind them you’re there

Not in a ‘we’re always watching you’ kind of way – that wouldn’t go down too well! Keep some family photos on the walls or in frames to remind them, despite the teenage rebellion, they’re still loved by you and you’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

Bringing the love might just help the next time you need some chores doing around the house – after all, that’s what family is for, right… right?!

If it’s time to update your teen’s space, how will you make it a special place together?

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Ice: the eight mistakes you make the most

ice cubes
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

In midsummer, ice becomes an essential element in your home. Cocktails, tinto de verano, a cold drink… You never know when you are going to need to have a good cube on hand. Each person consumes 10 kilos of ice a year, according to the National Association of Food Ice Manufacturers.

There are those who prefer to do it as they like at home, to save money and the weight of buying it in supermarkets or gas stations. Others choose the quality and size of that industrial ice by using best Ice Machine. In both cases, we make mistakes very often. We review them to avoid them and thus get the almost perfect cube. Take note.

  • Using inappropriate water

Using tap water for your cubes is not a good idea: the result is whitish, milky ices. It will always be better to use mineral or osmosis water. A bad, whitish ice can contain impurities – salts that the tap water contains – that dissolve and with the pressure of the bubble, the alcohol quickly rises to our heads.

  • Keep it wrong

The type of mould we use to make ice is also important. The silicone mould is always a better choice than the metal or rigid plastic ones, as it is the easiest to empty and the silicone is less aggressive.

  • Do not clean the ice buckets well

Another of the main factors to prepare ice at home is the hygiene of the cube moulds or containers where you make the ice. So that the cubes do not catch unpleasant smells or tastes, you must disinfect them well after each use. If you have a dishwasher, the better.

Also, it is convenient to use containers that you always use for the same thing, that is, to make ice, not to preserve other things. Putting water to freeze in the same compartment where you also freeze meat or vegetables is not the most appropriate.

ice in a drink
Image by Pexels from Pixabay
  • Do not boil the water before

We usually fill the ice cube moulds with water at room temperature and put them directly in the freezer. But if we want compact and transparent cubes that does not melt right away when you put it in a liquid, we must boil the water first.

The best results will be obtained if you freeze the still hot water; although it may not be the most appropriate for the appliance. In this way, the ice would be perfect and also the cubes would be made much earlier. The reason is the so-called Mpemba effect, a phenomenon of freezing thanks to which ice forms earlier when the temperature difference between the liquid and the freezer is very high. A team from the Carlos III University of Madrid, the University of Extremadura and the University of Seville has been investigating it.

  • Put the ice bucket under the tap to unmold

The gin waits (or the child’s soda) and the heat tightens. And we get carried away by impatience: we put the bucket under the stream of tap water, looking down, and we wait for the cubes to come out by themselves. It is a big mistake, since with this we will make the ice begin to melt sooner, and our drink will sooner.

  • Not cleaning the gas station bag well

It is advisable to wash and dry the ice bag that you buy at the supermarket or gas station, before opening it and starting to extract the ice cubes. It is a mistake not to do it, because it may have gotten dirty in the transports and manipulations that it has suffered, and that dirt can also pass into the ice cubes.

  • Make (or buy) ice with a hole

It is usual that the cubes that we buy bagged in supermarkets and gas stations have a hole in the centre. This is a mistake. Let’s go for compact cubes, without these holes.

  • Don’t be careful, when you travel to certain countries

Ice is made up of water, and if the quality of this water is not good or has bacteria, diseases can develop after consumption. You already know that if you travel to countries where drinking tap water is not recommended to visitors, ice should be absolutely avoided.

Among the diseases that can be contracted by the microorganisms present in the water are gastroenteritis, typhoid fevers, salmonellosis, diarrhoea, dysentery … There are some charts where you can see in which countries you can drink tap water in each continent, and in which not.

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Education is the first step on the road to a grown life. Every kid consumes tons of information and learns new skills every day. Mainly, eduction is not only physical classes and homework. The foremost part of education is provided by families. Let’s check how parents help to get new skills. 

mum and son blowing bubbles - role of family in education
Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

Pre-School Education 

It is a fundamental education for every child. Pre-school education implies a lot of lessons on how to speak correctly and communicate with people. Also, it helps to form habits and moral values, which is crucial in modern life. If you need to write an essay about pre-school education, but experience any issues, feel free to request some assignments writing help.

Communication Skills

It is the most significant skill for any child. Mainly, our families teach us how to interact with other people, ask questions, or say something to anyone. 

Habit Formation 

Habit is the process of turning repeating actions into automatic behaviour. Habit formation is a long process that requires a lot of attention from a family. For instance, every parent drives kids to brush teeth twice a day, which forms a habit. 

Moral Values

Every kid should know what is right and what is wrong. The responsibility of moral values learning is on kids’ parents only. Family members should teach a child to protect life and respect other people. If you want experts to create an essay about moral values in modern society, feel free to hire professional academic writers.

High School and College

After getting the fundamental skills, children have to enter a school and a college, later. Let’s discover the role of a family in getting an education. 

Help to Overcome Struggles

For starters, a family always supports and helps to resolve any issues. If you experience any problems with education, your family will help you to overcome all your struggles and become an A+ student. If you’re looking for a reliable essay writing service to get high grades with no hassle, examine Speedy Paper reviews

Homework Assistance

Sometimes it can be hard to understand a new subject and do the homework. In this case, a student can take additional classes or ask family members to help to resolve an equation or do research on a particular topic. 

Motivate to Study 

Sometimes students can feel tired and exhausted. They have no willingness to study hard and ask their friends – “who can write essays for me?”. In such a case, our families can motivate us to continue education by showing a successful example. 

Equipment and Fundraising

Doubtlessly, primarily education requires school equipment like a home desk, laptop, copybooks, etc. Learning in college requires us to pay bills for higher education and a dormitory. In most cases, families help to cover all the expenses. 

Final Thoughts

Most people think that kids and students get an education in schools and colleges. However, educational institutions provide particular skills and knowledge. The fundamental skills children get from their family members. Moreover, parents always support their kids and help them to learn something new every day. In case your homework implies an intractable task, do not hesitate to contact a science homework helper.

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