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23rd October 2019

How to Help Elderly Relatives Stay at Home

Elderly person's hands - help elderly relatives stay at home
Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

The majority of elderly people want to live out their retirement in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the people that they love and their familiar surroundings. Although this is not always possible, there are steps that you can take that can help your loved one to stay in their own home for longer while also being able to live their life to the full.

Make Home Adaptations

Homes are not always safe places for seniors, especially for those with mobility or memory issues. However, there are now many home adaptations that you can make to your elderly relative’s home to make living there easier for them. This includes products such as handrails and grips along corridors and stairs, shower seats to help them to wash safely, and stairlifts to enable them to travel between floors easily. There are many benefits of a home stair lift as your loved one ages and this includes increased independence and the ability to access all areas of their home without the risk of falls or trips.

Find Home or Live-in Care for Your Loved One

Even the families with the best intentions may not always have the time to care for their relative 24/7, and you should look at home care or live-in help for your relative. Many caregivers can be employed on a daily basis to help your relative with simple tasks such as getting out of bed and dressing, and there are many services in the UK such as Meals on Wheels to help your family member to care for themselves. If they need a bit of extra help, a live-in caregiver can keep your relative safe 24/7, and they can perform tasks such as cooking and doing domestic chores.

Sort Out Finances

Looking after an elderly relative in their home can be expensive. There are many schemes that can help you to care for your family at home, such as the Disabled Facilities Grant. This grant offers money to help you make home improvements that can help your relative to live independently for longer. You may also consider taking control of these finances if your loved one is unable to look after these themselves.

Give Up Your Own Time

Most importantly though, you should be willing to give up as much as your time as possible to care for an ageing relative. From helping them with domestic tasks to popping in for a chat, your contribution is vital to their independence. You should not bear this burden alone though, and you should make a timetable with other members of your family to divide care between you. You should also only contribute an amount of time that does not detract from your own mental or physical health.

Keep Them Active

You can also help your relative to stay home for longer by keeping them active. This can include arranging for them to attend social events and day groups in their area, as well as planning active outings to encourage them to keep moving, which is beneficial for their overall health.

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How do you plan a family holiday the kids will love?

plan a holiday the kids will love - theme parks are always a god choice
Image by Flo Heibe from Pixabay

Planning a family holiday that everyone will enjoy can be difficult, especially when you have kids. However, by taking your kids’ needs and their wish list into consideration, you will be able to plan a family holiday that both you and your kids will love – you might even never want to return home!

Find the perfect location

The first step in making sure that you book a getaway that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives is to find a perfect location for your family holiday. When you have kids, the perfect location is often one that has many attractions and things to do for children, has good weather to ensure that no one complains of the cold, and that there is plenty of family-friendly accommodation in the area. For instance, the Algarve in Portugal is perfect for families, with its combination of family resorts and expansive beaches, and Florida is the dream destination for every child, with its variety of magical theme parks and beautiful sunshine.

Book attractions for less

You also need to make sure that your destination has enough attractions to keep your kids entertained all holiday long. Although you should make sure that you are able to have some me-time during your visit, ensuring that there are things to do for kids will stave off boredom and keep the kids entertained for longer. However, kids’ attractions such as water and theme parks, wildlife and farm experiences and museums can be expensive, and so you should look around for the best deals on tickets. For instance, if you are heading to the Sunshine State, American Attractions offers Florida tickets for low prices, allowing your kids to enjoy the magic that the state has to offer for longer.

Let the kids help with planning

The best way to make sure that you have planned a holiday that your kids will approve of though, is to get them involved in the planning process. Get a map out and let them discuss where they want to travel to, show them where you will be staying, and use guidebooks and YouTube to help you show them the possibilities. By researching the trip together, you will be able to check that they will enjoy the activities that you have planned and you will be able to increase the excitement around the holiday for everyone in your family.

Reduce travel times

For many children, the worst part of the holiday is the journey, and if you want to prevent eight hours of ‘Are we there yet?’, the best action that you can take is to reduce travel times during the holiday. This may include choosing a destination that is closer to home or staying in one location rather than driving between destinations abroad. If you do have to travel, make sure that you have factored in rest stops every hour or so, and that you pack enough entertainment to keep the kids entertained for the duration of the journey.

The Top Ten Foods and Products You Need to Eat Better

top ten foods - vegetables

If you are like most people, you want to eat better. But with a busy lifestyle, and time spread thin already between work and home, you don’t feel like you have the time or energy to do so. Or perhaps, you have no idea how to get started. Below is a simple list containing a mix of food items and products you can use to eat better. Take a look and see what you can add into your daily routine to get on the right track to healthy eating.

#1. Prep Containers

One of the best ways to begin eating better is to prep your food. With glass or plastic meal prep containers, you can easily create daily lunches for work or go-to snacks when you are on the run. The prep containers have small compartments so you can add in fruits, nuts or cheese.

#2. Air Fryer

Do you love fried food? Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, fried foods like chicken and fries are high in calories and not good for you. Thankfully, there is a product that provides a healthy solution. An Air Fryer can easily be used to cook your favourite fried foods but in a healthy way.

#3. Cauliflower

Considered today’s superfood, cauliflower can be used for basically anything. Make pizza crusts, tater tots, mashed potatoes, the options are endless. By using cauliflower as a substitute for other food items, you are cutting down on calories and enjoying the nutrients from the vegetable.

#4. Supplements

A great way to start to eat better is to add in supplements. Many people struggle with portion control. By using supplement products that contain protein, you will feel fuller quicker. Drink protein shakes or take the supplement in pill form to begin to cut back on the amount of food you are eating.

#5. Vitamins and Minerals

It is also important to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy mind and body. With products like Kyani Team Genesis, you are gaining nutritional value which helps you to begin to feel good when eating better. Tied in with a healthy diet, nutritional products containing the much-needed vitamins and minerals will help you to create a better quality of life.

#6. Spiralizer

This product is both fun and beneficial. The kitchen gadget will allow you to turn zucchini into noodles, that can easily be a pasta substitute for your favourite dishes. You can use the spiralizer on a variety of vegetables to create unique and healthy meals.

#7. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Having a water bottle on hand that keeps your drink cold is essential to eating better. Adults need to drink 64 ounces of water per day for a healthy lifestyle and drinking more water helps you to stay fuller longer.

#8. Vegetable Steam Basket

Another great option is a vegetable steam basket. This item is affordable and helps you to steam your veggies perfectly every time!

#9. Vegetable Chopper

This product is perfect for getting bite-sized veggies. Use the chopper for salads or supper recipes!

#10. Avocados

Adding avocados to your diet provides a healthy fat that is nutritious and delicious. Easily add avocados to your morning toast, mid-salad or eat fresh as a snack!

These are just a few examples of how you can add products and foods to your daily routine to eat better, enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

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How to Grow Your Instagram Account With 7 Easy Steps

Phone showing images on Instagram
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

Using Instagram as a platform for your business can seem like a daunting task, there are literally millions of accounts all jostling for the attention of other users. Regardless of if you are just starting out on Instagram or are just looking to grow your account, we can help. A larger account results in more visibility, more of your target audience engaging in your content which can translate into increased sales and leads. Follow our easy steps to grow your Instagram account!

Create Showstopping Content

Your feed needs to have a certain ‘vibe’ it could be the same filter that you use time and again, the same colour palette or the way you structure and compose your images. Once you have found your vibe, stick with it! Your feed needs to tell a story about you and your business and it needs to be consistent. There is no point in working towards a vibe though, if your content isn’t up to the high standards of other accounts. Don’t rush your content, make sure you make it as good as you can and that it matches your vibe!

Hashtags Are Currency

Even if you are still working on generating your ‘vibe’ you need to know and understand very quickly that hashtags are Instagram currency. Research what the top hashtags are that day, how do they relate to you and your product? Can you use them? What hashtags are your competitors using, should you be using them too? You have space for 30 hashtags on your posts, use all of them! The better you select your hashtags, the more feeds and explore pages you will potentially show up on. Hashtags are your currency for free promotion to a billion Instagram users; make sure you select the ones that will get you out there!

Be Regular

In this day and age, everyone is easy to forget, and everyone is forgotten far faster than ever before. Back in the day, it was seen as edgy to take a hiatus from social media, now you just get forgotten. You need to keep yourself in your audience’s mind, do this by posting awesome content on a regular basis. You don’t want to post every 5 hours, you’ll come across as spammy, but you want to be posting once a day to keep your audience engaged with you.

Engage With Others

Instagram is a game and there is a lot of speculation as to how you can win it. We all know that you need to engage with other accounts to get people interested in your feed and potentially follow you, but you can be even more strategic than that. An hour or so before you post, engage with other content from other users, this way when you post, there is a higher chance that they will see, like and then follow your account. Continue this engagement after you’ve posted too! The logic behind this, is that the more people engage on your content, the more people Instagram will show it to, so engage with others at strategic times to help grow your following.

Write better captions!

This may well take you just as long to write a good caption as it will to create and edit your content! A good caption is what draws the audience in past the image and into your feed. If you have an interesting photo but absolutely zero context to what it is, people will just scroll past the image and look at the next one. You can go so many ways with captions, be it smart, funny, informative or just emojis. Gauge your audience and look at your competitors to see what it is they are doing and what is working on their part.

Post Photos of People

Seems simple and straight forward, but a lot of business and brands forget to post photos of the people that are involved in their projects or business. Faces get an additional 38% more likes than architecture, office spaces etc so it is worth posting the people you are involved with to help boost your following even more!

Track The Best Time To Post

Your target market and desired audience may not be your local community or even on the same to continent. You need to make sure that you are posting your content at the most effective time to maximise its visibility. Check Instagram analytics to find out who engaged with your content most and at what time. You will find that this can give you a valuable insight into who is looking at and engaging with your content. If it isn’t your target market, then you can adjust your posting timing and see if that makes a difference!

Be Safe

Instagram is a hackers’ playground. Along with that, Instagram regularly blocks users. Sales of VPNs for IG and proxies have gone through the roof in recent times whilst users try to protect their privacy. Bottom line: If your account isn’t safe, it can’t grow.

Final Thoughts

Instagram doesn’t have to be a difficult platform to grow your audience on. The main thing that you will need to do above all else is to be consistent. Be consistent with your feed, vibe, narrative, captions, postings and timings. If you are able to be consistent with all of these things, then there is no reason as to why you can’t easily grow your feed and expand your audience!