Half-Term Holiday – Car Safety Checks #TYREKNOWLEDGE

The October half-term holiday will soon be upon us and we’re all looking forward to it this year because we’re going on holiday to the seaside!

Checking The Car

Even though our new car was checked thoroughly by the garage we bought it from and it’s recently been to our local garage for various bits and bobs, it’s always a good idea to check your vehicle before going on a long journey.

One thing we didn’t realise when we bought the car was that the spare tyre was missing. After doing some checking online, I found that we can get tyres from TyrePlus and what’s great about them is that they even have a mobile tyre service.
They have also prepared an E-book to help with all things tyre related.

New Spare Wheel

Once we have the new spare wheel, the car will be all ready to go. More importantly, we’re all more than ready to get away for it all for a week. It’s been a bit of a stressful year so far so it will be nice to forget everything for the week and relax as a family 🙂

Ready For The Break

It’s been a while since we’ve been on holiday with KayCee and Ella. We usually have a half-term holiday in October, but last year they went to Butlins with my best friend and her husband for the Easter weekend, then their sister, Kellyann, and her boyfriend, Ian, took them to Disneyland Paris in September.

We weren’t going to go again this year because KayCee went to Greece with her best friend and
while KayCee was in Greece, Kellyann treated Ella to a long weekend visiting Liverpool and Wales.

Half-Term Holiday

I didn’t realise how much we’d all miss it, however, so a few weeks ago I made a snap decision to book us a caravan on the Lincolnshire coast.

We’re now all very much looking forward to our holiday and it’s going to be lovely making the journey now we have our new Vauxhall Zafira.
It’s usually a squash and a squeeze when we go on holiday. Having two girls who worry about having the right shoes and bags for each outfit means we end up with a lot of luggage!

new car Vauxhall Zafira

Plenty Of Room!

KayCee and Ella take the portable DVD player when we go on holiday which is brilliant because it keeps them quiet for the whole journey. We don’t have to listen to them bicker which makes the journey enjoyable for everyone 🙂

The back seats fold flat so all our luggage will fit in the boot without KayCee and Ella having to have luggage on their laps all the way there!

KayCee and Ella


Even though Aiden’s not coming with us on holiday, he’s looking forward to our holiday just as much as we are because for the first time we’re leaving him in the house on his own! He usually goes to his dad’s when we go on holiday but he said it’ll make a nice change having the house to himself.


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