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24th October 2016

Checking tyres in autumn and winter

Checking tyres

The weather has definitely decided it’s autumn now. For a while there it didn’t seem to have a clue what it was doing but now it’s cold. And rainy. And cold. Did I mention cold?
We’re going on holiday for half term to the Lincolnshire coast. Ant decided to check the car over before our trip because it’s been so wet and cold lately.
While he was checking tyres, lights etc he discovered a puncture in a back tyre. He has no idea how long it’s been there but he said it’s probably been there a while.

He had to change the wheel and now he has to get the puncture fixed.

It was a good job he checked before we set off and now we’re going to be checking other things before the winter sets in.

checking tyres
Image courtesy of Feelart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’ve been checking on the AA website and the following is the advice they give to get your car ready for winter.

Winter safety advice

  • Antifreeze – check coolant level regularly and, if required, top-up with a mixture of the correct type of antifreeze. Your garage should check concentration to ensure adequate cold temperature protection.
  • Battery – the most common cause of winter breakdowns. A battery more than five years old may struggle in the cold – get it checked and replaced if necessary to avoid the inconvenience of an unplanned failure.
  • Fuel – keep at least a quarter of a tank in case of unexpected delay.
  • Lights – check and clean all lights regularly to make sure you can see and be seen clearly. Carry spare bulbs.
  • Car Tyres – should have at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring. Consider winter tyres for improved safety. Check pressures at least every fortnight.
  • Windscreen – reduce dazzle from the low sun by keeping the screen clean inside and out.  Now is a good time to renew worn wiper blades.
  • Screen wash – use a 50% mix of a good quality screen wash to reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather.
  • Locks and door seals – stop doors freezing shut with a thin coat of polish or Vaseline on rubber door seals.  A squirt of water dispersant (WD-40) in locks will help stop them freezing.

I didn’t know the tip about using Vaseline or polish to stop doors freezing shut, that’s very useful to know 🙂

When it’s time to get your car checked over for the winter, and if you are in Dorset area, you can get tyres in Dorset from Point S local dealers.

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Bacon and tomato palmiers #GBBOBloggers2016

Bacon and Tomato Palmiers

I’m currently in a caravan in Mablethorpe with a limited internet connection. This week I’m posting the pictures of the delicious bacon and tomato palmiers Ant made but I’m afraid I can’t find the recipe he used.
We need to find it because it was delicious and I want him to make them again! If he finds it, I’ll share the link 🙂

The bacon and tomato flavour was really nice and the pastry was lovely and crispy.

He made them on Friday and packed the leftovers on Saturday to bring with us to Mablethorpe. It was a good job he did. We had a little mix up with the caravan keys on Saturday. We had to wait a few hours for the owners to get in touch.
It came to lunchtime so we decided to sit in the car and eat the leftover palmiers and babka.

Ant made his own puff pastry but for the recipe below, I’ve used ready-made puff pastry.

bacon and tomato palmiers

bacon and tomato palmiers


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Disney character I identify with #Blogtober

Disney Character

When I first asked myself which Disney character I identified with, my first thought was, I have no idea!

Then my second thought came crashing in…

It has to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, purely because of her love of books. I can totally identify with her when she sees that library and I’m always totally jealous!
Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite movies. I sing along badly! with all the songs and cry with her when she thinks the Beast is dead.

Disney Belle
Disney Belle

I’m taking part in #Blogtober16. It’s a post every day during October with a different prompt. Tomorrow find out what superpower I’d most like to have.

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