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16th March 2016

Woohoo!! We have frog spawn :oD

Frog Spawn

We have frog spawn!

frog spawn

Ant made me the pond last year because I’ve always wanted a wildlife pond for frogs. We started it in the spring last year and I’ve been eagerly awaiting spring this year after having quite a few frogs in the pond last summer.

I was getting jealous seeing lots of other people on a wildlife gardening Facebook group showing pictures of their spawn and they told me I just needed to be patient.

They were right!

I came home this afternoon after being at Slimming World this morning then a birthday lunch at a friend’s house, to find Ant had sent me a photo in an email.
You can imagine my excitement when I saw that we finally had frog spawn :oD

I can’t wait to see all the tadpoles. Ella was as excited as I was and we’re going to be checking on the spawn daily!

Frog spawn

Weekly weigh in – Another Gain – Took It On The Chin!

Weekly weigh in – another gain

Weekly weigh in – another gain

I took my 2 and a half pound gain on the chin because I deserved it. I’ve been a bit ‘meh’ about it all and didn’t count syns or weigh healthy extras.

I ate more than I needed, having seconds because it was lovely rather than needing it because I was still hungry.

I’ve decided to try and do my daily food diaries again because they helped me during my first year. If you’d like to see them you can find my Slimming World blog at Quest of a Shrinking Lady 🙂
I’m starting tomorrow and aim to post every evening, showing photos of every meal, count all syns and document any exercise I do.

Glitter Lipstick Signature - Weekly weigh in - another gain

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