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3rd February 2012

365 day photo challenge – 34 / 365

You’d never guess by looking at this photo, that outside today, it. is. freezing! It’s the kind of cold that makes you take a deep breath then instantly regret doing so as the cold reaches your lungs and sends small stabbing pains through your chest. The good thing is, that as you get used to it, it’s refreshing and I stayed outside for a while, taking photos of the very light dusting of snow we had in the night.

We’re to expect more cold and snowy weather over the weekend apparently and as a new gardener, I’m having to deal with something that’s new to me… the fear that my plants and spring bulbs may get damaged or even killed off by the cold. I didn’t start gardening until very late spring last year so this is the first year I’ve had plants and bulbs to worry about!
The only good thing about this cold weather is the fact that it’s good for my Christmas tree seeds. They need the cold to help them to germinate so fingers crossed they’ll show some signs of life in a few weeks.

I really can’t wait for spring. I’m itching to get my seeds planted and my containers filled with beautiful flowers 🙂