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4th November 2011

3rd Weigh in

If you’ve read my post….Okay, so it’s not a tumor, you’ll know that I have to lose a lot of weight to be able to have an operation to sort out a hernia.

So week three and I’ve undone the holiday damage I did last week! ūüėÄ
I’m back to 28st 12lb so now I can work on getting rid of my first stone.


Credit – Bing Public Domain

I’m really pleased, especially I’ve not been tracking my calories this week. By not tracking, I mean I haven’t been logging everything I eat at Sparkpeople but I have been keeping a mental track and making sure I keep my portion sizes down and my snacks reasonably healthy!

I’ve failed before, many times because I get¬†fed up of having to weigh everything and write it all down. I can’t live like that forever¬†and I need to permanently¬†change my eating habits so I need to be able to rely on my will power to not have food when I’m not hungry, keep my portion sizes down and eat less junk and more fruit and veg.

My weight loss this week means I can have my Friday night treat and I’ve ordered a Chinese takeaway from ASDA with the delivery I’m getting today.
It’s so much cheaper than getting one from a Chinese restaurant and I’m really looking forward to it; it’s been ages since we’ve had Chinese takeaway.

So next week is photo week. I’ll try and remember to get Ant to take a picture when he comes for lunch ūüôā

Thanks for your continued support xx

Virgin Media TiVo

Impressed, moi? Oh yes indeedy!! (Hmm I have no idea where indeedy came from but I’ll stick with it!)
I’m actually loving our new Virgin Media TiVo box that we had installed¬†on Wednesday. (The link takes you to more info on the Virgin site)
It may seem silly to some to get so excited over something like this but if you know me, you know how addicted I am to tv shows!

Ant and I don’t go out to pubs, clubs or restaurants. We only¬†buy takeaway food occasionally and hardly ever drink alcohol. If we do get some, Ant has low alcohol lager and I have Baileys. That’s about the extent of our drinking.
TV is our main form of entertainment and it was heaven when they brought out all these new recording features on Sky (when we had it) and then on Virgin when we changed supplier.
I loved our Virgin + box and got really excited when I read all that TiVo can do.

Being able to record 2 programs and watch another¬†was excellent and now we can record 3 programs and watch a recorded program so it’s even better!
We hardly ever watch live tv anymore and when we do, not being able to fast forward the adverts is really annoying!

One of the best things I like about¬†the box¬†is the program information at the top of the screen when scrolling through the tv guide. It tells you which series and episode number a program is. It may sound trivial but I spent so much time going to http://www.tvguide.co.uk/¬†to find out which episodes of a particular program were showing so I could make sure we were watching a series in order. (I have to watch them in order and if I miss an episode, I can’t watch anymore until I find the one I’ve one I’ve missed. It’s one of my foibles!)
The Virgin + box sometimes didn’t even give a description of the episode, just a general¬†description of the program which was very annoying.

I like how you can search for a program and find all the dates and times when it’s next¬†going to be on and you can make a wishlist so you don’t miss the any of your favourite programs.

The tv guide¬†is great because you can not only go more¬†days in advance than with the Virgin + box, you can go back to see what’s already been on and any programs that you’ve missed and that are available on catch up will have a symbol next to them. You click on your chosen program and can choose to be taken to catch up tv, start a series link or find more information about the program.

One of the things we’re not very impressed with is the design of the remote control. It’s chunky, bottom heavy and smooth on the back so it slips easily. A rubber back would have been better for gripping.

The TiVo box has loads more features but I don’t want to bore you anymore! This isn’t a sponsored post…..just me gushing and thanking Ant for getting Virgin Media¬†Tivo for us. I’m in tv heaven!! ūüôā