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Wedding Planning Tips For Globe-Trotting Couples Post-Pandemic

bride and groom at their wedding
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If you are starting to plan your dream wedding and love to travel, then your honeymoon is going to be the part of your planning process that you probably spend the most time on and dedicate the largest part of your budget to. It’s a really important part of your wedding that a lot of people don’t put as much thought into as they should. If you both enjoy travelling and going on holiday then it might be a good idea to spend less of your budget on your wedding, and put towards your honeymoon. Another idea is to plan a wedding abroad, as this will combine your wedding with your honeymoon and give you more flexibility and opportunities to have the wedding of your dreams.

Look at combining your wedding with your honeymoon

This is a great idea for globe-trotting couples as it will allow you to enjoy your wedding in the location that you will be having for your honeymoon. It also means that you can cut back on having a bigger wedding in the UK and then spending lots on a honeymoon. By having a wedding abroad as well, you may choose to only invite a selected number of friends and family. You could also give people that you want to attend the option to pay for their own flights too. This gives them the chance to combine it with a holiday for themselves and also means that you will cut back on your budget as the number of people that you are paying for will be less.

Organise a travel themed wedding

If you have a smaller budget then you might want to consider planning a travel themed wedding rather than planning a wedding abroad. There are lots of things you can incorporate into your wedding if you want to have a travel theme, and these can be included right from the start. When choosing your wedding stationary, choose some that tie in with the theme, such as a plane ticket or boarding pass that has all of your wedding day information on. You can also have some save the date cards made that use this theme too.

If you have decided to go with a travel theme for your wedding there are loads of things you can include into your day, such as table centerpieces, room decorations or even the choice of music you have on your day. This is a great way to add some quirky aspects to your day, such as choosing a music playlist for your evening that have the theme of holidays in them.

Another cute thing you can bring into your day and something that would be ideal for couples, who love to travel, is having wedding rings with a cut out of a world map included. This will symbolise your love of travelling and be something that you will both wear forever. If you really wanted to go all out on a travel themed wedding then you could even look at incorporating this theme into your wedding dress, grooms suit or within the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Gift list

If you are thinking of what items to include on your gift list, then you could look at adding things that will be beneficial to you both when you travel, such as travel items or money towards a honeymoon. If your honeymoon is going to be the most important thing for you both after the wedding, then make sure that your guests are aware of this and also where you are looking to go, so that they can buy you gifts that are suitable for where you are going. You could even put some of their money towards activities to do on your honeymoon as well.

The Finer Details to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

planning your wedding
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If you are engaged and planning your wedding then firstly, huge congratulations to you, we know how exciting it is to be engaged and be able to finally plan your special day. Many people have dreamed of this for their whole lives so understandably there is a lot to organise, and because it is such an important day you’ll want to make sure that there isn’t anything you’ve forgot, however it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the bigger things which can lead to you struggling with organising the finer details.

We thought it might be a good idea to put together some of these finer details you may want to consider when planning a wedding so you can relax knowing that you’ve got everything covered. These little touches will also help to ensure that your big day is personal to you and also different from any other wedding that your guests will have attended before.

Invitations / Stationery

The first thing that will set your wedding apart from anyone else’s is the invitations. This is the first glimpse that your wedding guests will have of your day, and will reflect your personal style and tone you want to create on the day. You may choose to have an elegant, sophisticated style which can be represented with gorgeous invitations, elegantly written in calligraphy and perhaps with ribbon or satin on there too. Alternatively if you’ve decided to go with something completely different such as a themed wedding or even a wedding abroad, then the invitations can show this. This is a chance to be creative and there are plenty of fantastic stationery suppliers who would love the opportunity to create something unique.

Not only are there your guests’ invitations to think about, but why not create some unique personalised cards to give to your friends who you’d like to ask to be your bridesmaids or even your best man. Some people choose to do this with personalised cards or you could even include a small gift in there too. This is not only thoughtful but also something that they will keep and remember forever.

Entertainment / Music

The music or entertainment you choose to have on your day is important as this will set the tone and create the ambience for the day, it’s also something that a lot of people tend to forget about or do last minute. When choosing the music for your day think about your personal style and again the tone you want to set for your day. If it’s an elegant affair then you may decide on some elegant live music such as a pianist or a string quartet. This will really enhance your walk down the aisle and definitely evoke emotions too!

Something that many people don’t think about is also the ambience for during the wedding breakfast. This is when you and your guests will be enjoying your meals together so you don’t want something too overpowering, however it’s a nice idea to again think about having some live music rather than putting on your playlist on your phone, as it will make it more special and

also many musicians can learn and perform your favourite songs too. Sometimes it makes for a nice talking point too, so guests can listen to the music and guess the title of the songs.

Decoration / Lighting

The décor of the venue on the day is often something that people don’t plan or think about in too much detail, but it will provide the backdrop for your photographs and again set the tone for your day. Some venues are beautiful in their own right and may only need a few elegant touches, like inexpensive table runners, whereas some are more of a blank canvas and this will allow you to be creative with what you choose.

One of the finer details to think about and that can create an elegant touch is by incorporating candles and low lighting into your day. This could be in the form of candles in lanterns placed down the aisle, or even having hanging tea light holders adorned around your venue. Obviously, the time of year may affect the impact of these, for example, if you are having a winter wedding then candles would work really well.


When thinking about your wedding breakfast too, it’s a good idea to think creatively about how you can decorate the chairs and tables and what chair covers and linens you’d like to have to blend with your centrepieces. Again there are plenty of options out there for you such as flowers, plants and candles, but you can make things personal too, but choosing to have personalised table favours for your guests. This is something that will be a nice keepsake for them too of your day.


Not everyone decides to have speeches at their wedding, although this is a tradition that is usually done by the father of the bride, the best man and the groom. Sometimes the maid of honour or even the bride may want to say a few words to her guests too. A fun way to help break the ice between guests on the tables and help them to interact whilst enjoying their meals is by having some games or quizzes on each table. Usually, many people who are seated together might not know each other, so it will help create a better atmosphere in the room and also help to ensure your guests have a good time too

How to Attend a Wedding on a Budget

wedding on a budget
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As soon as those wedding invitations start hitting your doorstep, most guests will automatically start considering the cost. After all, attending a wedding isn’t a cheap affair. Once you have forked out for your outfit, hair, nails, travel, accommodation and wedding gift, the average guest has already spent somewhere in the region of £400.

Luckily there are handy little ways to save money and yet still enjoy all the fun and festivities that come with sharing your friend’s or family’s special day.

Set Your Budget

Work out in advance how much money you must spend on the occasion. This is an important step to take before you even consider whether to accept the invitation. Consider whether this is a destination wedding, as costs can quickly rack up, and it may be that it is simply too far out of your budget. Work within your means to set an amount that you can feasibly spend and make sure you stick to it.


Getting to a wedding often involves travel costs unless you are lucky enough to receive an invitation for a wedding on your doorstep. For destination weddings you should feel comfortable declining should the cost exceed your budget. Often the bride and groom will expect a higher rate of decline and have factored this into their guest list.

Consider splitting the cost of travel with another guest. Finding a group to share a car and fuel costs can make a significant difference to your travel costs. Another way to offset the cost of travel is to take a few days off and combine the wedding with a little holiday for yourself.

Hen parties and stag dos often require travel expenses. If this is the case, you could consider skipping this part and just attending the wedding itself to bring down some of the cost.


Accommodation can be one of the most expensive parts of any wedding. This is where having a group of other guests to share with can help save you money. Check Airbnb options in the area and either get a single room or hire a whole house and split the cost with your group. It is also worth checking for specials at the hotels in the area.


Renting is a great option if you anticipate only attending one wedding this season. However, if you are anticipating several weddings, then it’s worth getting one simple but stylish dress and mixing up the accessories for each wedding. Consider borrowing a dress from a friend or family member or buying a new pair of shoes to breathe new life into an old dress.

For new purchases, shop with In the Style discount codes for great bargains on this season’s latest looks.


Make sure you buy your gift early to avoid being left with the more expensive items on the gift registry. If your budget is very tight, then consider getting creative with something like a photo book documenting the couple’s relationship so far.

This is a collaborative post