Winter Fun In Canada – Don’t Forget The eTA

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Canada log cabin by a lake - register for an eTA Canada
Image by Ewa Urban from Pixabay
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With the coronavirus travel restrictions at the moment, we’re not able to get away, but that doesn’t stop us planning a wonderful holiday for next year.
If, like me, you love having snow in the Winter, but you’re not fortunate enough to live in a snowy climate, you can’t go wrong by planning a trip to Canada.
Before you start your plans, however, you need to get the paperwork in order and the first thing you need to do is to apply for an eTA Canada.

What is an eTA Canada?

An eTA is an electronic Travel Authorisation that allows you to travel to Canada by plane. It’s valid for five years and allows you to stay for up to six months.
The eTA form is a digital form that is easy to fill in and can be done online early to make sure your paperwork is in order before you fly.
You can use one eTA form for multiple travellers. Make sure you have the passports to hand for each traveller.

The Canadian government uses information from the digital form to see if you could pose a threat to the country.
When your application is approved, the eTA is then linked to your passport.
It’s important to remember that if you apply for a new passport during the five years, the eTA will expire and you’ll need to apply for a new one.

Let The Fun Begin

Once your paperwork is all in order it’s time for the fun part; deciding where to go and what to do.
Are you a thrill seeker or a quiet nature lover, a lone traveller or a family group? No matter what you’re after, there’s a place in Canada that can fullfil your dreams.


cable car above snow covered trees
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Canada has some of the best ski resorts in the world including the iconic Whistler Blackcomb, the largest ski resort in North America, Mont Tremblant in Quebec and Banff Sunshine in Alberta, to name a few.


If skiing isn’t your thing, you could try Snowshoeing. This Winter sport is growing in popularity because you don’t have to be an athlete to take part. It’s an excellent way to see the country and the only equipment needed is snowshoes!


For something a bit more adventurous, how about giving snowboarding a go?
Snowboarding is all about using the edge of the board and using your heels, toes and balance to control your direction. It can be challenging to learn but is very rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Something For Everyone

Snow lovers will be in their element in Canada. Here are just a few more activities to choose from:

  • Ice skating on frozen lakes and rivers
  • Ice hockey
  • Dog sledging
  • Curling
  • Lacrosse
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowkiting
  • Snowtubing
  • Ice Climbing

Christmas Snow

Eggnog drinks and Christmas cupcake
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

If you want to relax and experience a white Christmas, you can rent a log cabin in the woods or next to a beautiful lake. You can sit by a roaring log fire watching the snowflakes fall and enjoy a glass of eggnog!
It will feel like you’re in your very own Christmas movie!

Touring Holidays

Another way to experience this beautiful country is to rent a motorhome and take a touring holiday.
A favourite destination for a touring holiday is the Canadian Rockies. There’s a mixture of snowcapped mountains, thick forests and wide-open spaces which means there’s something for everyone.

Once In A Lifetime

Because the eTA lets you visit Canada for up to six months, you can take your time and enjoy everything this gorgeous country has to offer.
Start planning your trip today and enjoy your once in a lifetime holiday.

Everything You Need for a Cross Country Family Road trip

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family roadtrip - route 66
family roadtrip - route 66

Everyone deserves to experience new places. Exciting landmarks, different sites, and unique foods are all a part of travel.

Many families enjoy travelling, though it can be tedious to think of everything needed for a successful trip. This deters people from packing the car and heading out on a new adventure.

There are many necessities to make any road trip go well, especially long cross country excursions. With kids in tow, there is a huge need to keep them occupied to keep the fights and boredom at bay.

From practical purposes to simply making things more fun, many items would make any road trip closer to perfect.

These ten items will make any cross country road trip with the family fun.

A Cooler Bag

Road trips aren’t complete without a collection of snacks and drinks to fulfil the hunger pangs during a long drive.

Drinks won’t taste as well warm and some snacks require staying cold to keep them tasting their best. It is important to bring along a fully stocked cooler bag to store the food and drinks.

Fill it before heading out on the road to prevent taking too many shopping stops on the way. Pick the snacks and drinks that everyone enjoys to make sure the whole family is happy the whole time.

First Aid Kit

It is more important to be over-prepared than it is to be unprepared, especially in cases of emergencies. Bringing along a first aid kit will make sure everyone is ready to handle any minor medical incidents.

Fill it with bandaids and disinfectant for minor cuts and gauze and medical tape for the more serious injuries.

You never know what might happen while you are on the road! Keep a bag of medical supplies close at hand for the length of the trip.

Mad Libs

Being in the car can sometimes be fun, but being in there too long will result in boredom.

Bringing along some easily portable games can help kill a lot of time in a fun way. Mad Libs is a great game for all ages where everyone can fill in the blanks with the silliest answers.

Some of the best laughs can come from a quick game of Mad Libs. Fill a few hours making up silly stories with the family!

A Rooftop Cargo Bag

Long trips require tons of luggage, especially for bigger families. Not every car can fit all the necessary items inside.

To handle the overflow, a rooftop cargo bag is a great space-saver. Make more space for the fun stuff in the car by putting the stuff you don’t need every day on the roof.

According to this article on, there are many sizes and styles of rooftop cargo bags that can hold the items your family needs for a long trip. They make a great place to store luggage or extra items that you’ll only need once you’ve arrived at your destination.

They easily hook to the roof of a car to make your trip a little easier and your car a little less disorganized.

Refillable Travel Mugs for Everyone

Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the trip. Mom and Dad probably need to drink their coffee, too.

Get the whole family a travel mug or portable water bottle that can be filled with their favourite drinks. This will help keep the drinks cold outside of the cooler and can easily be carried anywhere that you make a pitstop.

Refillable bottles also reduce spilling because they usually have lids! When all the plastic water bottles run out, a refillable one can be filled with water from any place you stop.

Trunk Organizer

Big families likely need a whole lot of stuff for long vacations. It is easy for the car to get messy with everyone’s belongings scattered everywhere.

Keep everyone’s belongings in their own cubbies with a trunk organizer. Separate beach toys from board games with an organizer that has compartments.

Keeping the car organized will make everyone feel better during the whole vacation.

Blankets and Pillows

It’s inevitable that everyone will need a nap in the car. Car seats aren’t always the most comfortable for sleeping.

To make it cosier, bring along some pillows and blankets to take the ultimate car nap. There might even be times where you need to pull over for a quick power snooze.

Don’t stay cold or wake up with a sore neck! Bring some of the comforts of home during the road trip to make it better for everyone.

Car Chargers

Everyone has a device they need to keep charged all day, especially to stay occupied in the car. All the streaming and gaming from the backseat will drain the battery more quickly.

There are awesome gadgets that plug right into the car and contain ports for multiple chargers. Let everyone charge up at the same time so there are no fights over staying connected.

Stream music without worrying about a low battery to make the road trip exciting.

Weatherproof Gear

Travelling to different states means different weather as you go. You have to be prepared for anything and everything as you travel!

Rain or snow, you might have to go through it. Bring along winter coats and rain boots just in case!

You’ll have to get out of the car for bathroom breaks or for dinner, so make sure you are dressed for the weather!

Emergency Roadside Kit

Cars are prone to having issues. No matter how well you check it before departure, there is no telling if it will last the whole trip.

Make sure to stock your car with a roadside kit in case of emergencies. A tire pump, some wrenches, jumper cables, and a spare tire are all great to have at hand.

Be prepared to fix anything that might go wrong with the car while you are out on the road. Have the tools you need to temporarily fix any issues until you can see a mechanic for help.

Any road trip would not be complete without these ten items to make it easier, safer, and a bit more organized.

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Tips On How To Have A Great Time While Travelling

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sun hat, book, camera, coconut with a straw - travelling
Image by นิธิ วีระสันติ from Pixabay

It doesn’t matter if you are off on a family vacation or just a quick overnighter, the better prepared you are, the more enjoyable your trip will be. Our experience comes from annual road trips and after completing a few of them, we have come up with a list of tips that will add even more fun to the next one. Here is that list:

1 – Set Some Sort Of Route

We like to travel in what is commonly known as ‘circle tours’ and that is the most effective way for us to get to where we are going and eventually end up at home. A circle tour essentially leaves your front door, goes to the destination you are planning on spending time, and winds up back at your front door. We like doing it this way so we can cover more territory in a one-way travel route.

2 – Stop At Roadside Attractions

One of the first rules we put in place when we started travelling was to stop at every single thing we would normally whiz past. While this sort of trip will add hours and sometimes days to a holiday, you get to learn more about where you have stopped and you also fit in several breaks to refresh yourself. Plus, roadside attractions are cool and interesting pieces of history.

3 – Plan To Take Your Time

Our road trips are never short. That is because we stop at all kinds of things along the way. We determined that instead of travelling non-stop to a single destination and spending most of our holiday there, that we would make the trip there the main part of the holiday. By doing this, your holiday will include activities, stops, and more along the way. It has helped us to better appreciate our surroundings.

4 – Carry Some Cash At All Times

If you stop in little towns and roadside cafes or gas stations as we do, you may find that your credit or debit card is not accepted. These are “mom and pop” operations that depend on tourist traffic but may not be completely set up for them when it comes to payment options. Plus, some small towns will not have a bank or an ATM so we always have some cash on hand. It has saved us more than once.

5 – Ask Locals For Information

One of the most valuable tips we have discovered from our vacations is to rely on local residents for information. That can be the guy at the gas station, someone in line at the grocery store, or just someone on the street. By asking these people questions we have found the best places to grab a coffee, dine, stay, and must-see attractions. Some towns have visitor centres with this info but not all do.

6 – Have A Reusable Water Bottle With You

In addition to carrying a cooler full of sandwich fixings, snacks, and drinks, it is always a good idea to pack along a reusable water bottle. The cooler of food comes in handy as we will just pull over on the side of the road or into a parking lot and take a lunch break. When we get to another town we restock so there is always food handy. The water bottle we prefer is the Kool8 which keeps beverages warm or cold for hours.

7 – Take Your Kindle With You

We have found over the years that although it isn’t hard to find a room for the night without having to call ahead and make reservations, it doesn’t always mean there is going to be reliable Cablevision. This is why we are sure to pack Kindles and eReaders to pass the time in a hotel room or on the road waiting for a ferry or road construction. Here is a list of thrilling books to fill the downtime.

8 – Take Your Smartphone

There is a reason why it is called a smartphone. Aside from giving you the ability to make an emergency call, if needed, you can also do some research. Whenever we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, we rely on Google Maps to get us safely on the route we need to be on to reach our next stop. We rarely use foldable road maps, but do carry a lot of tourist guides to find out about places we go.

9 – Be Flexible

Because we look at the road trip part of our holiday as being a big part of the whole idea of getting away somewhere, we try to keep it as relaxed as possible. So if we do encounter road construction or a road closure due to a vehicle accident, it doesn’t throw our plans into a tailspin. By not being in a hurry to get anywhere, we can deal with curveballs and monkey wrenches with ease.

10 – Support Small Business

One of the main things we do when we are on a holiday is to check out the local economy. We try to steer clear of the major chain stores and opt for the smaller, independent entrepreneur. By doing this, we have experienced some very incredible things. Small business operators appreciate your business in ways you will never know. Even if it is just for a coffee and a muffin, they will be glad you stopped in.

11 – Have Your Car Serviced

Although this may be an obvious tip, it still should be on this list. If you have your vehicle looked at by a mechanic at least a week before you take off on your trip, you will know that the vehicle is in good working order. No one wants to break down in the middle of nowhere and spend part of a day waiting for a tow truck. Avoid this from happening by getting your vehicle serviced.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to have a great time while travelling. They don’t all revolve around the vehicle or your destination. There are so many things to see and do along the way that you may miss otherwise. Hopefully, the list above has inspired you to try travelling a different way the next time you plan a family vacation or a quick getaway.

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10 Places In The World You Should Visit To Change Your Child’s Life

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10 places in the world you should visit to change your child's life

10 places in the world you should visit to change your child's life

I love travelling. Travelling is a great part of our family life. Except that I often travel for work, I can’t imagine my life without our family vacations. But, frankly, since becoming parents we’ve decided to stay put a bit more, we had a little more routine and we needed a little more stability. But in a year we have already travelled with our baby. It`s therefore not surprising that our child likes travelling so much now and, of course, we’re very happy about it. And I think it’s ridiculous when people say that they don’t want to travel with their children as it`s too hard and as small children won’t remember their adventure. You should understand that travelling gives children not only memory, above all, it gives them an important experience. Such experiences are the building blocks that make us who we are whether we remember them all or not! There are so many places in the USA and the rest of the world where you can take your child for a vacation, where your child can hear different languages and specific food, where your child can see world`s real-life wonders, nature and animals. This is really a great experience that can even change your child’s worldview! And if you realize that here you’ll find 10 places in the world you should visit to change your child’s life.


  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando

Travelling - Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Orlando

We all adore Harry Potter. So you must visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Island of Adventures in Orlando. This magical theme park offers a great variety of holiday activities for families from perusing magic wands, brave in-the-dark walking and snacking on chocolate frogs to 3D journey through Hogwarts castle and much more. The main thing is that walking the streets of 20-acre island of Hogsmeade, your family can find themselves immersed in a world they`d spend so much time while reading the Harry Potter books.


  1. Finnish Lapland

Father Christmas at Lapland

Finland is the most terrific place to holiday with kids of any age as every child dreams to visit the home of Father Christmas. Christmas is one of the top 10 family holidays in the world. Thus, travelling in Finland in December will allow your family to see all Christmasy things spring up in Lapland with Santa, elves and, of course, reindeer galore.


  1. The Giza Pyramid Complex, Egypt

Egypt pyramids

Egypt is a tourist paradise all year around. It`s a spectacular, beautiful place filled with such amazing cultural gems as pyramids. Your child is sure to see them a lot of times in his or her textbooks, but nothing compares to seeing them with one`s own eyes and walking in their shadows.


  1. Alcatraz Island

Maybe unique shiv collections and cramped jail cells seem not so kid-friendly at first sight, but they offer a glimpse into America’s most notorious island prison and the National Park Service. The ferry ride on San Francisco Bay, the variety of gorgeous flowers and birds that inhabit the island, the views of the surrounding towns, islands and bridges… You and your kid will remember all this beauty for a long time. So experience the nature, history and infamy of Alcatraz Island with your child.


  1. Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad caverns

There many caverns that you can visit throughout the world, but Carlsbad Caverns National Park offers adventure holidays kids will remember for a long time as children can learn themselves about the natural resources of the park. Besides, caves are wonderful places for curious kids as the most often heard question in the cave is “where does this hole go?”


  1. The San Diego Zoo

San Diego zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most diverse Zoos in America with more than 4000 rare and endangered animals. Your kids are sure to enjoy themselves, all while learning a few things along the way because it’s virtually impossible not to learn something new and interesting during the visit.


  1. Gettysburg National Military Park, New York  


One of the best ways to teach kids about history is to experience it first-hand. Tell your child about the Civil War during your visit to Gettysburg National Military Park.


  1. The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are absolutely awesome for kids. The place with doe-eyed baby sea lions, huge tortoises and salt-snorting marine iguanas cannot but interest your child.


  1. Rome


The tour in Rome helps you and your kid immerse yourself in the ancient atmosphere of love, romance and war. Come to this eternal city to see its ancient ruins and its history.  


  1. The Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Centre

Just remember, which of us as a child didn`t dream of becoming an astronaut one day! Allow your child to know all about space flight at the Kennedy Space Center. You might get lucky and you might be able to witness a rocket launch, depending on when you go there.

Written by Amanda Thompson

This is a collaborative post