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Daily Fresh Bread

As a long time follower of Slimming World, having the kitchen smell of freshly baked bread on a daily basis can sometimes be a complete nightmare! When my willpower is low, that beautiful white bread sits there on the counter, calling to me to cut […]

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Rustic Garlic Chicken Traybake – Slimming World Recipe

Rustic Garlic Chicken Traybake This rustic garlic chicken traybake from Slimming World was delicious. Everyone enjoyed it and we’ll most certainly be having it again 🙂

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Slimming World Slow Cooked Caribbean Pepper Pot Stew

This Caribbean Pepperpot Stew turned out a bit hot and spicy for me. Aiden loves food with some heat but I like my spice mild! If you don’t want it spicy, cut down on the amount of jerk seasoning you use.

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Milk Banitsa Recipe #ExpediaWorldonaPlate

Milk Banitsa

We love trying recipes from different countries and the kids especially like it when we do a themed breakfast so I jumped at the chance to make this milk banitsa recipe from Bulgaria when I was challenged by Expedia.

Milk Banitsa

After doing some research, I found that Banitsa is a very popular Bulgarian recipe and it’s really versatile, you can have so many different fillings.
I picked a milk banitsa recipe because I read that children love it and they have it for breakfast. It’s sweet, quite like our egg custard but instead of a shortcrust pastry, you use filo pastry.
I’m afraid I didn’t make the filo pastry (I’m really rubbish at making any kind of pastry!), but the recipe below, from European Cuisines, includes making your own pastry.
Mlechna Banitsa (Milk Banitsa)
500g Flour (I’m assuming it is plain flour but don’t take my word for it!)
8 eggs
1-litre milk
Half a cup of sugar
Half a cup of semolina
1 tablespoon of sunflower oil
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 cup of water
180g butter
Confectioner’s sugar
Mix the flour, 1 egg, oil, vinegar and water together to create a medium-hard dough.
Roll into sheets (sorry, I have no idea how many sheets because the recipe doesn’t say!) and place in a tray, basting each sheet with melted butter.
Bring the milk to the boil then add the sugar, remaining butter and semolina, stirring constantly.
When the mixture has cooled, stir in the beaten eggs.
Pour over the pastry sheets and bake in a moderate oven. One recipe I saw said to cook it for 25 minutes but that wasn’t long enough to set the custard so we covered it in foil to stop the top from burning and ended up cooking it for about 2 hours in total (including the first half hour of our first try!) and it finally set!
Cut into squares and sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar.


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Easy cinnamon rolls

Our advent activity yesterday was to make cinnamon rolls using a packet of puff pastry. I was going out with some lovely ladies and a gentleman from my Slimming World group and needed a quick activity.

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Slimming World Apple Betty Recipe

When we came to view this house, I got really excited when I saw the apple tree in the garden. I love being able to nip out and get an apple when I want one but we have so many now, I’m struggling to use […]

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