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5 Trends in Commercial Real Estate In 2018

The commercial real estate market is very dynamic. These changes dictate the needs of customers that need to be catered for by real estate investors. Investors that don’t embrace these changes are bound to fail with a thud. As a matter of fact, the impact of emerging trends in 2018 is felt all around the sector. Although the majority of trends last only for a few years, there are some that have passed the test of time. Despite the fact that there are many trends in the marketplace, a real investor must choose the changes that matter the most to potential buyers. On the other hand, a property that comes with the latest trends will command a higher price tag. Below is a list of trends that will shape real estate in 2018.

Commercial real estate

  1. Online Presence Still Wins

It’s obvious that there is stiff competition among real estate developers. This is because new entrants will continue to flood the market. However, it’s the brands that are seen the most that will continue to attract more customers. In fact, most real estate companies will continue to optimize their websites to increase their chances of coming first in the search engine results.

The buyers have also embraced the internet as a reliable source of house deals. In this day and age, buyers are no longer searching for homes in newspaper classifieds. They prefer to use the internet to check the latest listings in real time. The advantage of using the internet is that buyers and sellers can get information at the click of a button.

  1. Social Networks are here to Stay

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will continue to be used as the main channels of marketing. This is because they offer unlimited opportunities to create awareness of a brand. The advantage of social networks is that they provide a ready market for products and services. In 2018, more and more agents and property managers will continue to use social networks to market their services. Besides that, the potential customers will be alerted about new listings via social networks. Facebook, in particular, will remain as the undisputed champion because it has the highest number of users.

  1. Smart Homes will Rule the Market

Smart homes have actually become a phenomenon. Buyers now want homes that come with smart security features such as doorbells, surveillance cameras and lights. At the moment, smart homes are a preserve of the rich. But the situation is bound to change as these features become available in houses that are reserved for low-income earners and middle class. Investors that target middle class will incorporate these features into their properties in an attempt to get an edge over their competitors.

  1. More Niche Sellers on Board

2018 will see more sellers in real estate making a niche for themselves. The agents that sell everything in the sector will be phased out. At the moment there are already agents, investors and brokers that target rich customers. This bunch of professionals sell houses that are worth a million dollars to celebrities and politicians. Besides that, there are sellers that strictly deal in affordable houses. This has made it easier for buyers to find the kind of properties that they are interested in.

  1. Generation Z has Landed

Just so you may know, generation z refers to people that came into this planet not earlier than 1995 onwards. The number of customers that fall into this category is rising every day. In fact, the majority of generation z are still pursuing further studies in colleges and universities. Real estate investors have actually recognized their arrival and they have already started developing properties that are tailored to their specific needs.


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Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate Right Now

The housing market is once again on the rise, so now is the time to invest in real estate. If you want to become a landlord, choosing the right city is key to attracting quality tenants and making a profit. The perfect city has a strong economy, robust employment rate, a rising population, and a thriving culture. These are the top cities in the US to invest in right now.

San Diego

If you want to move to southern California but can’t afford the exorbitant housing prices in Los Angeles, drive a hundred miles south to San Diego. America’s Finest City has on average 146 sunny days a year, including fall and winter. San Diego hosts a growing technology and biotech sector that’s adding jobs for engineers, chemists, researchers, biologists, and medical practitioners. Rent is competitive in San Diego, so landlords can keep their rentals full all year.

2 people sitting on the grass looking out over the water - Best cities in the US to invest in real estate


Chicago remains a popular city for the young and old alike. Young people flock to Chicago for its diversified economy, which includes finance, energy, manufacturing, business services, and information technology. The Windy City is also known for its varied culture, including improvisational comedy, hip-hop, and soul music. Rent is rising rapidly, so owning a rental can give you big returns.


Memphis is a city bustling with young people looking to rent and buy property. Considered the birthplace of rock and roll and the blues, Memphis is a hub for artists of all types. It’s also known for its southern food, namely fried chicken and barbecue.  With more young people moving to Memphis, there’s an increase in job opportunities. This makes it an excellent place to rent-out property.


Once known as an impoverished city, Detroit’s job market is growing rapidly. Young artists, manufacturers, and business owners are moving to Detroit for its cheap housing prices. While Detroit’s economy is still recovering, investing in a property now can pull in profit later as it appreciates in value. Looking to buy from out of state? Get a commercial bridge loan and apply it to your new property as you make the transition to the Motor City.


The theme park capital of the world is one of the South’s most bustling industries. Fueled by a robust tourism market, Orlando remains a hot spot that brings in business from across the country and overseas. Rental rates in Orlando have grown twice as fast as other US cities, and the market continues to grow. Sunny weather, endless entertainment, beautiful beaches, and scenic views make Orlando one of the most attractive places to live.


Atlanta is home to the U.S. headquarters of world-renowned companies like Delta Air Lines, SunTrust Bank, Coca-Cola, and CNN. It’s also leading the nation in energy and auto manufacturing in addition to being a heavy-hitter in the film and aerospace industry. As the home of over 66 colleges and universities, millennials come and stay in Atlanta for the scenic views, affordable living, and diverse economy. Manageable entry prices and declining vacancy rates make it the perfect place for landlords to invest in rental property.

Tall buildings, a line of trees and the buildings reflected in the water


The Twin Cities have become a popular spot for home investors who can’t compete in more expensive cities. Renters are moving there too because of a booming economy. Minneapolis is home to five Fortune 500 companies, it’s the largest center of commerce between Seattle and Chicago. Their strongest business sectors include banking, education, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, publishing, and technology. Its scenic chain of lakes, bike paths, and parks make it one of the most beautiful cities in the Midwest.


Denver is one of the fastest-growing large cities. It’s known for its diverse job market, including private aerospace engineering, advanced manufacturing, and bioscience. Denver also has one of the highest concentration of millennials in the country, which makes it the perfect spot to own rental property.


Investing in real estate can be a highly profitable venture. If you’re ready to jump into the housing market, consider buying in these cities.

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