My Dream Christmas Table

You know by now I’m a bit of a Christmas nut, don’t ya?! When I saw this competition to create my own dream Christmas table over on Love Chic Living I couldn’t wait to go virtual shopping at Debenhams!

The last couple of years we had a huge table in our kitchen and I loved being able to put all the food in my gold rimmed serving dishes so everyone could help themselves.
This year we’ve got a much smaller kitchen that only has a tiny table in that the kids use for breakfast and we have a small round table in the living room that we can all have dinner on but it’s not going to be big enough to use the serving dishes.

It is big enough, however, to have a lovely centrepiece and lots of candles so here’s my choice of Christmas table linen, glasses, dinner set and decorations to make our Christmas dinner perfect 🙂

For our Christmas dessert we usually have something light like profiteroles but this year Ella wants Christmas pudding. I don’t like it so I think I’d love to have a go at making my own panettone and having it with a strong black coffee when my dinner has had a chance to settle! I found this recipe on the BBC website and it looks easier than I thought it would be!