Wedding Planning Tips For Globe-Trotting Couples Post-Pandemic

bride and groom at their wedding
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
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If you are starting to plan your dream wedding and love to travel, then your honeymoon is going to be the part of your planning process that you probably spend the most time on and dedicate the largest part of your budget to. It’s a really important part of your wedding that a lot of people don’t put as much thought into as they should. If you both enjoy travelling and going on holiday then it might be a good idea to spend less of your budget on your wedding, and put towards your honeymoon. Another idea is to plan a wedding abroad, as this will combine your wedding with your honeymoon and give you more flexibility and opportunities to have the wedding of your dreams.

Look at combining your wedding with your honeymoon

This is a great idea for globe-trotting couples as it will allow you to enjoy your wedding in the location that you will be having for your honeymoon. It also means that you can cut back on having a bigger wedding in the UK and then spending lots on a honeymoon. By having a wedding abroad as well, you may choose to only invite a selected number of friends and family. You could also give people that you want to attend the option to pay for their own flights too. This gives them the chance to combine it with a holiday for themselves and also means that you will cut back on your budget as the number of people that you are paying for will be less.

Organise a travel themed wedding

If you have a smaller budget then you might want to consider planning a travel themed wedding rather than planning a wedding abroad. There are lots of things you can incorporate into your wedding if you want to have a travel theme, and these can be included right from the start. When choosing your wedding stationary, choose some that tie in with the theme, such as a plane ticket or boarding pass that has all of your wedding day information on. You can also have some save the date cards made that use this theme too.

If you have decided to go with a travel theme for your wedding there are loads of things you can include into your day, such as table centerpieces, room decorations or even the choice of music you have on your day. This is a great way to add some quirky aspects to your day, such as choosing a music playlist for your evening that have the theme of holidays in them.

Another cute thing you can bring into your day and something that would be ideal for couples, who love to travel, is having wedding rings with a cut out of a world map included. This will symbolise your love of travelling and be something that you will both wear forever. If you really wanted to go all out on a travel themed wedding then you could even look at incorporating this theme into your wedding dress, grooms suit or within the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Gift list

If you are thinking of what items to include on your gift list, then you could look at adding things that will be beneficial to you both when you travel, such as travel items or money towards a honeymoon. If your honeymoon is going to be the most important thing for you both after the wedding, then make sure that your guests are aware of this and also where you are looking to go, so that they can buy you gifts that are suitable for where you are going. You could even put some of their money towards activities to do on your honeymoon as well.