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4 Plans for setting up games for your kids

family games night
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Being a working parent is not an easy thing for you, it’s more than normal to need some extra time during the day to spend with your kids. On the other hand, the kids can’t wait for the weekend to spend some fun time with you. The weekends are normally, the days that the family gathers together and does enjoyable activities.

 Every weekend is special, one of them you are going to have a family trip, the other you will have a barbeque in the backyard and there is another one that you are setting up games for you and your kids. There are many games that you can choose to play with your whole family and have the best weekend ever!

If you are looking for new ideas for fun and exciting games for you and your kids, you are in the right place.

family playing the garden
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Here you will find the 4 most enjoyable games for this weekend.

  1.  Musical chairs

The most famous and fun game of all time is musical chairs, for the equipment you will need some chairs (one less than the players) and something that plays music (a laptop, a radio, etc.). The first thing that you have to do is arrange the chairs into a circle, the rules of the game are simple and clear. The music starts to play, and the players have to dance around the chairs when the music stops all the players must find a chair to sit, and the player who doesn’t find a chair to sit, the player is out. This game is better if you have a big family.

  •  Design your own minigolf course

If you are living in London, then you are very lucky because you can design your own mini-golf course in Plonk Mini-Golf. This is a really creative activity that you can enjoy with your children because you can design your own minigolf course using many imaginative and colourful objects and at the same time you can have fun playing mini-golf. This will be a remarkable experience for your kids that they will never forget.

  •    Simon Says

This game is one of the cosy nights around the fireplace. The plot is simple: one person in the family, named Simon, is going to tell the other players what to do but he must use the phrase “Simon says…” The players must follow the instructions which Simos says to them. In the case that Simon says, “Touch your leg”, without starting the phrase with “Simon says” and the player follows the instruction, he is out. The last one that stays in the game is the winner

  • Hot potato

This is a brilliant game to play with your children outdoors. The rules are simple, you and your kids have to sit in a circle, with a ball. While the music is playing you have to throw the ball to each other if someone drops the ball he is out of the game, if the music stops and you are still grabbing the ball you are losing the game.

Randomise – A fun family game


We were sent a game to play with the family over Easter and I have to say, it was a big hit!

Nanny and Granddad were invited over for Easter dinner and while Ant did the cooking (which was absolutely delicious, by the way!) we played Randomise.

The grandparents thought it was a bit complicated when we first started playing but they soon got the hang of it.


Kaycee was on Nanny’s team and Ella was on Granddad’s team. Because we had an odd number, I was elected score keeper.

Randomise card game

You split the cards into three piles, A, B, and C.

Randomise card game

The team that is going first choose someone from their team to pick a card from each pile.
They have to decide whether they’re going to describe, act or draw the clues to help their teammate/s correctly guess the 3 different words. They pick whether they’re going to work from the hard or easy section.

The opposing team picks three numbers, for example, 3, 2 and 1 and the person who is going first, has to describe, act or draw the word at number 3 from card A which is Romantic on the easy section, the word at number 2 on card B and number 1 on card C so they’d have to describe, act or draw a Romantic Crab Playing The Saxophone.

Ella and granddad

Ella drawing

Ella’s Go

Ella drew on her first go.

Nanny and Kaycee


Nanny drew on her first go as well but everyone soon discovered that describing the clues was much easier!

You get different time limits for describing, acting and drawing the clues.


You get points for each clue you get right. If your team gets all three clues, you get bonus points, depending on whether you picked the easy or hard clues. The first team to get to 30 points wins. We didn’t have time to keep playing till 30 as dinner was ready. We just did the winner after both teams had an equal amount of turns.

Great Fun

It was great fun and everyone really enjoyed it. The girls wanted to play again after dinner but time was against us. I’m sure we’ll be playing it a few more times over the Easter holidays 🙂

Please note: We were sent the game in return for an honest review.

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