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Britmums prompt of the week

I’ve not taken part in Britmums blogging prompts recently as I seem to have had plenty of ideas for posts just lately but today I’ve got a block.

The best rule in our house is sitting down at the table to eat dinner together. The kids set the table while I dish up then one of them shouts everyone else to the table.
We always try to eat together but due to the nature of Ant’s job, he doesn’t always get home in time.

It’s nice to have the time together and we’re able to make sure the children learn proper table manners.
They all know that you don’t start eating until everyone is sat at the table, likewise, you don’t leave until everyone has finished (which sometimes takes a while if Ella is a on a go slow!) and one they always seem to forget….no elbows on the table! Obviously there’s more but you get the picture!

The girls like to hand out the meals and they occasionally make dessert for everyone if it’s something easy like cake and custard.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always a happy, relaxed, picture perfect family dinner. Sometimes it takes so long to get Ella to not sing/talk to herself at the table and eat her food instead, that we’re all sat there getting a little stressed and begging her to hurry up, but even then, I love our family meal times and think it’s important to spend that time together every day.

Britmums and Kodak Big App Challenge

I’m so excited about this challenge! I LOVE Kodak Big App and have been on the site for ages loading loads of different photos, trying to pick my favourite.

Our bedroom is the only room in the house without bookshelves/pictures/stickers all over the walls and I’ve been itching to do something creative when I redecorate the room next year. At the moment, it has one picture on the wall above our bed.

and the rest are bare. I’ve picked some large stickers for the wall in the picture above and now plan to move the picture of the babies and replace it with Ant’s favourite picture. It’s me and the kids on the beach at Skegness last year when we went to Haven. I picked this one for the bedroom because it’s very tranquil
It’s going to print out on 16 A4 sheets so now I’m on the lookout for 16 frames! I’ll be getting Ant to hang them because he’s a perfectionist and I know he’ll measure and mark and remeasure and hang them perfectly 🙂


We also have a very bare wall up the stairs that I keep wanting to do something with and haven’t found any ideas I like, until now! The opposite wall has loads of family photos on and I intend to add to them over the years as our children grow. As soon as I saw the Kodak Big App I knew that this would be the perfect way to fill that huge wall space.
I’ll be printing this one out in the week and will be back to share the pictures when I get it hung on the stair wall 🙂 I’m so excited!

Britmums blogging prompt

Another week, another Britmums blogging prompt and this time we’re listing our 5 favourite blogs and telling why we love them so here are my 5 🙂

  1.  Cherry Menlove (no longer live) – I found this blog when someone mentioned her on Mumsnet. I was curious so I googled the name and found her lovely website. It inspired me to do more crafting, cooking and also to start writing my own blog on a regular basis. Until I found Cherry’s site, I’d only done a couple of posts in the last 2 years on this blog but I loved reading about her, her husband and those adorable twins and thought it would be nice to have a record of my children’s lives. I look forward to every new post!
  2. One of the first blogs I came across when I started blogging, was 365 Days of Summer; some of the things Summer gets up to has me in stitches. I had to go back to the beginning and read every post from the first one. I absolutely love the photo of Summer at the top of the blog!
  3. I love the way the author of Love in the Nest writes. There’s just something about her; she seems like she’d be a really good friend. I look forward to each post and I especially loved the post she did for the Britmums personal prompt. I want to go to that hotel now and spend the weekend!
  4. Who wouldn’t love the hugely talented and funny, Mammasaurus! She has me laughing when she writes and when she vlogs. She also runs the brilliant ‘Love new blogs’ which is a great idea. I keep forgetting to get my entry in but I’m determined to get one in soon!
  5. My last choice is Grace under Pressure. Grace is her daughter and she has Aspergers Syndrome. I really like her writing style. She takes you with her on the highs and lows and it’s a very interesting read, especially for someone who doesn’t know much about Aspergers.

So there they are, the top 5 blogs I look forward to reading 🙂


Britmums personal prompt – Best day with family

I love the personal prompt this week, I mean, who doesn’t love writing about great times they’ve had with their family?
The first one that comes to mind, is one that I wrote about when I linked up to Magic Moments last month. The next day I can think of is Christmas. Not any one particular Christmas, just Christmas in general! To say I love Christmas would be an understatement and it’s a day that centres around family so is perfect for this prompt 🙂

On Christmas Eve, they each open one Christmas present which always contains new pajamas! (Aiden was at his Dad’s for Christmas last year, which is why he isn’t in the photo)

They sprinkle reindeer food (made from oats and glitter) on the garden to make sure the reindeer can see our house from the air then they come back inside to pour a drink of Baileys and put out a mince pie for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer.
They have a drink of hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream before we go upstairs to read ‘The night before Christmas’.
They put their stockings on the bedroom door handle then stay awake as long as possible, hoping that they’ll see Santa go straight to sleep!

Christmas morning and most parents would now be telling you how ridiculously early their little darlings woke them up but our little darlings haven’t woken us yet on Christmas day! Ant or I have been the ones to wake up between 6-7am and we have to wake the kids because we’re I’m too excited to wait for them to wake on their own!

I love seeing the excitement on their faces as they come through the door and see their presents.



The girls always have a new party dress in December which they wear to Nanny and Jack’s Christmas party then again on Christmas day.

Daddy spends the morning opening packaging, inserting batteries and putting things together while I get dinner sorted.
I enjoy the whole process of getting Christmas dinner ready, from dressing the table to pouring the Shloer.
We sit together for our meals nearly every day but there’s something special about Christmas dinner.

After dinner, more playing and more food preparation!
We have Ant’s dad and children (well the ones who live close and haven’t already got plans) round for a buffet tea and they stay for a while, usually until the kids go to bed then Ant and I relax together for the rest of the evening.

The day usually goes too fast for me but I always go to bed happy and content that the children have had a magical day.

I’m now very excited about Christmas and can’t wait for it to get here!

So that’s one of the best days I spend with my family…..what’s your best day?

Britmums blogging prompt

The Brit Mums blogging prompt this week is:
What is the best thing that has happened to you as a result of blogging?

The best thing that’s happened to me since I started blogging was having my love of writing re-ignited.
I’d forgotten how much I used to enjoy writing when I was at school and I look forward to doing a new post, or 2, or 3 every day!

I’ve also found a new interest in photography. I’d always wanted to give it a go when I was younger but never got round to it.
I’ve only got my camera phone but it’s an 8mp camera and takes quite good photos on auto setting.
I’ve taken some using the Macro setting and they turned out all right (I had to google to find out what the Marco setting actually was!) and now I’m trying to work out how to use the other settings to get even better shots.

I’ve also been introduced to the whole new world of ‘mummy blogs’ and have found some wonderful writers, whose posts I always look forward to reading.

I enjoy seeing my stats rising steadily. Just knowing that there are some people out there who like what I write and keep on coming back makes me happy.
It’s a whole new world and one I’m thoroughly enjoying 🙂

Britmums prompt – Facebook or Twitter

I’m new to twitter and have to admit it took me quite a while to ‘get’ it!
My first tweet, when I joined about a year ago was something about relaxing with a coffee.
I didn’t go back because I didn’t have anything more interesting to say!

I only started taking it seriously when I started to take my blog seriously.
I started this blog back in 2009 and frankly I was surprised I could even remember the log in when I thought about it again earlier this year.
I was writing it mainly for the kids to have something to look back on when they were older and never expected anyone to read it, except maybe family occasionally so I set up automatic sharing on facebook of each new post.

Ant mentioned that he really enjoyed reading my blog and looked forward to each new post which gave me confidence to write more and to start sharing it on twitter as well.
I’d started looking at other blogs and following the authors of those blogs on twitter.
It seemed to open a whole new world that facebook didn’t really offer and I found myself checking twitter before even thinking about facebook.

When facebook changed the news feed and I couldn’t choose to just see my friend’s status updates anymore, I started to lose interest. I took it off as one of my home tabs and now I only log in a couple of times a day to check if any of my family needs me for anything (they stopped emailing because they knew I’d be more likely to answer faster if they contacted me on facebook) then I close it and head back to twitter.

I’m still a bit shy on twitter but I prefer it to facebook when it comes to posting links to my blog. I feel more comfortable promoting my blog on twitter because everyone does it and it’s also easier to find new writers and blogs to follow.

I never thought I’d say I was a tweeter but I’m loving it and it’s my first choice for blog promotion 🙂


Britmums Prompt – Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve is probably people dropping litter. There’s just no need for it.
I especially loath seeing mums telling their kids to drop litter or taking it from them then dropping it.
Why? Why can’t people just stick in their pocket/bag/pushchair until they either get to a bin or get to their house?

Even if I have no where to put the rubbish (I don’t use a handbag very often) I’ll carry it until I can dispose of it properly.
If my children drop litter, I make them pick it up.
It’s important to keep our communities clean and it saddens me that too many people don’t agree.
Dropping litter shows a lack of respect for the community.

I like councils taking action against the selfish people who litter our streets but I’m not sure if I’d like the following signs dotted around my town, even if it did make me smile!


Britmums prompt of the week – Week 3

I tried to think of the best blogging advice I’ve received and found that I couldn’t think of any. That’s not to say I haven’t received any, just that I can’t recall it if I have.
I have a truly terrible memory but even so, if I’d received some great advice about my blog that made me go….’oooh that was great advice’, you’d think I’d remember, right?

It is quite possible that I haven’t had any advice because I can’t remember a time when I would have asked for it. I’m a bit shy and coming into the new world of mummy blogging and places like twitter can be very daunting for someone like me. It seems like everyone knows everyone else but unlike places like the school playground at pick up and drop off times, mummy bloggers seem to make more of an effort to draw you in and include you 🙂

To be honest, I’m struggling with social media as a whole.
I feel a bit rude if I jump in on someones conversation on twitter because I don’t know them yet and I’m still getting used to it, but on the odd occasion I’ve made the leap and offered an opinion or simply a comment, I’ve never been made to feel like I’m being rude and it’s starting to filter through into my brain that this seems to be what twitter is all about!
Being shy and quiet on twitter is a bit rubbish really! There’s no point in watching everyone else talk and not getting involved yourself. So I’m trying to be more active and I’m getting braver all the time!

I suppose, if I find myself needing advice about any aspect of my blog, I’ll feel a bit more comfortable asking for it now I’m starting to recognise who’s who in the blogging world and my first port of call would be twitter!

But wait….when I saw the prompt, ‘The best blogging advice I’ve ever recieved is_______’, I took it to mean advice for me, personally.
Maybe, I thought, I should think about blogs that have given advice freely and that has helped me with my own blog.
I immediately thought of this post over at Shabbyblogs Blog. It made me rethink the use of photos and the kind of posts about my children that I write on my blog.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be posting pics of them all because I’m a proud mum and love to show them off, but I’ll certainly think more about things you’d normally forget, like being able to tell where we live from the photos or posting a photo that could embarrass one or all of them in the future.

The post opened my eyes and made me think; up until now, I’d pictured nice people, most likely parents like me, reading my blog. I never thought about the unsavoury side of it so yes, it’s definately worth remembering that not everyone viewing your blog is guaranteed to be nice.

I’m off to make dinner then I’ll be back to see if I have anything to write using the other prompt of the week over at Britmums 🙂

Britmums prompt of the week

The Britmums prompt for this week is:

I cannot live without….

My first thought, obviously, was my beautiful children and wonderful husband but I’m not in the mood to get all mushy this morning!
My next most favourite thing in the world is my laptop but as I said, I’m not in the mood to get mushy!!
So I thought really really hard (yes, darling, my head is hurting! :P) and that’s when it hit me….I could not, ever, never, ever go back to washing dishes by hand ever again!

We bought our first dishwasher, second hand for £50 and it lasted really well. We decided to get a new one when funds allowed and I have to admit to being more than a little happy when we went dishwasher shopping goes a little red with embarrassment and practically ecstatic when it got delivered 🙂 Ok, slight exaggeration but you get the point!
I really hated doing dishes and I’d like to thank the inventor of the dishwasher for making me happier!

Luckily, the prompt doesn’t say you can only have one thing you can’t live without so I have to give our Virgin+ box a mention!
I was a loyal Sky customer since leaving home and getting my own place but a couple of years ago, I lost my job not long after Ant had gone self employed so money was extremely tight. In an effort to cut our spending, we combined our tv, broadband and phone, as you do, and got a good deal with Virgin.
Ant and I don’t go out to pubs, the cinema, restaurants etc (through choice….we’re homebodies!) so the tv is our entertainment and we watch A LOT of shows. It would be a nightmare trying to watch them all without being able to record 2 more channels while watching another and the ‘record series’ function is my best friend!

Ok, I’m coming across as a little geeky and maybe a tad boring now so I’m going to leave it there!!

Thanks Britmums, for a great prompt. Head on over to add your link 🙂

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