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5 Overlooked Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain is among the most common illnesses people of all ages suffer from. These pain disorders have many causes such as falling, lifting something too heavy, pregnancy, or simply poor posture. Back pain is a chronic disease that is why it should be treated early on. The longer someone has it, the harder it is to manage it successfully.

There is now a modern and faster way to treat back pain; by using the pain patch. A pain patch is a new approach to pain treatment using quantum physics by getting the power of 200 remedies known to reduce pain and apply it directly to the source of pain thus giving it fast acting and long lasting pain relief. This is just one and maybe the newest pain remedy you can try for your back pain. Read on for simple pain remedies that are often overlooked and which might just work for you.


  1.  Proper Exercise

The muscles in the abs and back provide the best support to the lower spine. These muscles need to have at least 20 to 30 minutes workout per day to strengthen them. Simply sitting upright on an exercise ball daily for 30 minutes can do the job of strengthening your core muscles.

exercise to help stop back pain

  1.  Restorative Sleep

Pain is considered a leading cause of insomnia, a disorder causing difficulty with falling asleep or staying asleep. Around two-thirds of people suffering from back pain also suffer from this sleeping disorder. Ironically, lack of sleep can also worsen back pain. For this vicious cycle of pain to stop, both back pain and insomnia should be addressed accordingly.


  1.  Cold or Hot Therapy

Simply applying hot or cold packs can help reduce back pain. Either hot or cold therapy can relieve pain. Cold packs reduce inflammation and act as a local anaesthetic which slows down nerve impulses to keep nerves from contracting causing pain. Heat therapy, on the other hand, stimulates blood flow which can bring healing nutrients to the painful area. It also impedes pain messages being sent to the brain. Heat therapy can be done in many ways such as soaking in a hot tub, taking a hot shower or by just using a hot pad or hot water bottle and apply to areas experiencing back pain.


  1.  Release your Endorphins

Releasing endorphins is the most natural way of treating back pain. Endorphins are hormones naturally produced by the body which can help block pain signals from registering with the brain. It can also ease tension, anxiety, and depression which are usual causes of back pain. You can release your endorphins by engaging in activities such as aerobic exercise, meditation or massage therapy.


  1.  Engage your brain

Specialists in treating chronic pain now recognize that pain is not just a sensation but is more likely influenced by the way the brain processes these pain signals. Therefore, the brain can somehow learn how to manage the pain sensation. The mind can be used to control pain thus helping the patient to become less dependent on pain medications. Some of these techniques in coping with pain are relaxation and distraction techniques. Relaxation techniques can take away the attention of pain by slow, deep breathing to release the tensed muscles. Distraction technique, on the other hand, takes the focus away from the pain by doing simple things you like such as watching a movie, reading a book or listening to music.


Back pain is a simple and common disorder, yet it can affect your daily activities so much so that you cannot function well. Hopefully, these easy yet overlooked remedies may ease you through your lingering back pain.

This is a collaborative post

Back Problems and Bathing

Back Problems and Bathing

For the last 20 years, I’ve suffered from back problems. It started when I was working in a factory and got worse after the birth of my son.

When he was 3 months old, I was at the photographers having some baby photos done. I’d taken him in his pushchair and we went on the bus. After having a few photos taken, I went to lay him down for the next one and the top half of my body just seemed to drop down a bit. A pain shot up my back and I wasn’t able to stand upright.

I managed to put Aiden down safely then I held onto my back and hobbled to my chair. Not letting the photographer know I was in agony was very difficult. It was very embarrassing and I didn’t want him fussing when he wasn’t able to do anything. I got through the photo session and carefully put Aiden back in his pushchair.

I don’t know how I managed to get back to my mum’s on the bus but somehow I did. It took me an hour to shuffle slowly from the bus stop to my mum’s house, a distance that usually took 3 minutes.

Slipped disc

It was the worst time it could have happened. Not only was I a new mum, just getting used to having this baby, I was a single mum. My mum had been brilliant, helping out with everything but she’d recently had an operation and I was supposed to be going to her house every day to look after her.

I ended up having to get my sister to help us both. It was a nightmare.

The doctor diagnosed a slipped disc. I spent the next 2 weeks in bed, not being able to move. I dreaded every time I needed the toilet because it meant I’d have to move.

As you can imagine, there was no way I could have a bath because I couldn’t get in or out. I didn’t have a shower so for weeks I had to make do with just having a wash.

I’ve had a slipped disc twice but thankfully it hasn’t happened for many years. I do still suffer from back pain, though. I have to take painkillers every night so I can get some sleep.
We have both a bath and shower here but I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had a bath. It’s too painful getting in out to make it worth the hassle. I do miss my baths, though. I much prefer bathing to having a shower (unless I’m washing hair!).

New Bathroom

We need new bathrooms (you’ve probably seen my many posts about my bathrooms before!) and hope to get them next year if funds allow. I’ve been looking at walk-in baths from Bathing Solutions. It would be wonderful to be able to have a soak in the bath again and not be nervous while I’m there that I’m not going to be able to get out.

bathing solutions walk-in bath back problems

Just looking at the picture makes me want to relax and a nice hot bath! Fingers crossed for new bathrooms next year 🙂


Please note: This is a collaborative post.

PosturePlast – A Review

I’ve suffered with back pain since Aiden was 3 months old and I slipped a disc while at the photographers with him.
He was 13 yesterday and 13 years of back pain gets you down, it can make you depressed and some days, when you’re having to rely on your husband/mum/children to do the simplest of things for you, it can make you feel like you’re a burden to everyone.

So you can imagine I jumped at the chance to try PosturePlast and I wasn’t disappointed.
You can wear each plaster for 48 hours and it’s designed to help you improve you posture. I found myself having to bend my knees rather than my back when picking things up etc.

It controls your movements which in turn can help prevent further back injury and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t wake in the middle of the night with back pain.
For the last few years I’ve had to prop myself into the sitting position, using 4 pillows, around 3-4am every night because it was too painful to stay lying down.

I didn’t expect the results to be that fast but that’s not the best bit….I’ve since had 3 nights in a row where I haven’t woken up with back pain and I haven’t even been wearing the plasters on those nights!
Ant thinks the combination of the PosturePlast improving my posture and the extra walking I’ve been doing is helping to strengthen my back 🙂

There are a few points I need to make that weren’t so good but they’re small and basically, I can put up with them if means my back pain goes away!
The first is that I didn’t find it at all easy to apply on myself. I watched the video on the website but it didn’t go as smoothly for me; the plaster instantly folded in on itself and I had to get Ant to sort it out and apply it. I didn’t want to risk wasting the PosturePlast so when/if I need another one on, I’ll just ask Ant to do it, it’s easier!
I also wasn’t able to wear it for the full 48 hours because I found the stickiness started to irritate my skin after about 30 hours; I’m sure I’d get used to it the more I wore them though.

All in all, the PosturePlast really did help with my back pain and after getting better sleep this week than I have done in years, I’m very happy to recommend them to all back pain sufferers.

If you want to be in with the chance of winning a year’s supply of PosturePlast, check out the competition on their Facebook Page.
It’s open until April 30th 2013.

*I was sent samples of PosturePlast in return for a review. This post was written by me and is an honest account of my findings.

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