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Turn Your Craft into a Career

person doing a craft

Earning money doing something you love- it’s pretty much the dream. If you already have a crafty hobby that you enjoy, chances are you’ve considered what it would take to bump things up to the next level and start earning money. While it can be a bit of a faff getting started, once you’re all up and running it can be plain sailing from there. Here’s what you need to do!


Setting up your business- the digital side of things

Regardless of the type of business you intend on running, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. Decide on your name and check that you can get the matching domain name and social media accounts. This can be a big job within itself and can take a number of days of pondering over different choices and researching to check you can get the name you want across all platforms. You’ll then need to have a website designed, there are lots of professionals online so it’s easy to find someone to do a great job for you. From there, find out the kind of software you’ll need. It could be verification or compliance software such as Most businesses will need some kind of accounting and financial software. If you deal with lots of customers, a helpdesk or ticketing service could be useful. You’ll more than likely need certain insurances too depending on what you do, so don’t overlook this. Go online and let HMRC know that you’re starting up, it’s a few forms to register and they’ll contact you and let you know if there’s any more information you need to send.


Setting up the physical elements of your business

Once all of the paperwork side of things has been sorted, you can get to work on setting up the equipment and materials you need. As you’re turning your hobby into a business, chances are you already have a few things to get started, but to start selling you might need to invest in more. For example, if you’re starting a baking business you’ll need a fridge that’s separate to your home’s fridge- this is a legal hygiene requirement. You might also need to make changes to bring your kitchen up to scratch so that it meets guidelines. If you’re doing any kind of art or physical craft, you could turn a bedroom into a studio. Good lighting, floors that are easy to clean and all of the right materials will be needed. If your business will be done on the computer, such as writing or design then you may need to upgrade your tech.


Promote in the right way

For some creative businesses, you’ll promote what you do in the same way as any other online business. If what you make can be shipped and sold across the country (or even the world!) then you need to ensure you’re reaching all of these markets. However, in some cases, your creative business will be much more local. Take florists, caterers and bakers for example. In most cases, your customers will only be coming from your immediate area. So you wouldn’t waste money promoting far and wide across the internet. If you’re stuck, you could always hire a marketing manager to help.


This is a collaborative post

Rock Painting & Daisy Made Ice Cream

Daisy Made Ice Cream

I think I can speak for us all when I say we love Daisy Made ice cream. They have different flavours every time we go and it’s always hard to choose 🙂
Daisy Made makes it on to every bucket list we make and it wouldn’t be the summer holidays without a trip there.


Daisy Made ice cream
I had a scoop of Cheeky Monkey (chocolate and banana) and a scoop of pear flavoured ice cream 🙂
Ant posing
Ant posing in his new Cool Daddy t-shirt!

We took Nanny to Daisy Made this week. She’d never been before and she now loves it as much as we do!
We didn’t stay long because the weather turned from lovely sun to chilly wind not long after we got there. The girls like playing crazy golf when we visit but I didn’t fancy standing in the wind for an hour while they played. I don’t play because I don’t really enjoy crazy golf!

Nanny and Ella at Daisy Made

Kaycee at Daisy Made

Rock Painting

While working at the charity shop I came across an unused set of acrylic paints. I didn’t have a use for them when I bought them, I just figured it would be good to have them.

While browsing Pinterest I saw some lovely rock painting designs. I knew Kaycee and Ella would love having a go at rock painting and I was right. We spent a really lovely afternoon together creating lovely rocks for the garden.

We just have to varnish them now so they’ll last for years outside 🙂

Rock Painting

Rock Painting


Rock Painting
Kaycee’s minion 🙂

Rock Painting

Rock Painting
My birdie 🙂
Rock Painting
Kaycee’s watermelon and my ice cream
Rock Painting
My mouse
rock painting unicorn
Ella’s unicorn

I think this is going to be one of our rainy day activities. We’ve got loads of rocks in the garden around the pond.
We’re hoping to go to the seaside soon as well so we’ll collect lots more rocks while we’re there 🙂



We’ve Been Tie-Dying Some T-Shirts

Tie-Dying T-Shirts


Ella’s friend came to play and Ella invited her to tie-dye some t-shirts with us. It was one of our summer bucket list items. I’d bought a bright pink and a purple dye from eBay and some packs of t-shirts from Asda. The dyes were just £4 a pack and the t-shirts were £3 for 2.

The girls loved tie-dying. They’ve have asked if I can get some more dye in other colours so they can try different designs. As it was, I had to go to Asda again and get more t-shirts because they wanted to use the dye again!


tie-dying-t-shirts tie-dying-t-shirts





Bostik Bloggers Craft – Mini Beasts

Mini Beasts

The girls love getting the Bostik bloggers craft box every month and usually work together to make something but this month, Ella’s been really busy with one thing and another so Kaycee did it all on her own this month.

The theme is Mini Beasts. For more activities about this theme, click here

She took all the photos and is writing up the tutorial so I’ll hand over to Kaycee 🙂



what you need :

buttons and other creative decorations
paper plate
pipe cleaners
sticky dots
marker pen


draw a spiral onto a paper plate and then cut off the outside rim ( it does not matter if it looks a bit messy)


using glue dots stick pipe cleaners tracing the spiral (again it does not matter if it looks messy)


decorate in between the pipe cleaners using buttons and craft bits


Then cut out (using felt) the shape of a snail body and stick to the back of your plate


add a button as the eye and use the marker to draw a lovely smile!


to add sturdiness attach two lollypop sticks to the back


pierce a hole and thread string through it


you can now hang it on the wall as a pretty decoration 🙂

bostick craft bloggers mini beasts


Great job, Kaycee 🙂

Thanks to Tots100 and Bostick for the monthly craft challenge.



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Dragon craft – Bostik Bloggers Monthly Craft Challenge

Dragon Craft

Kaycee's Dragon - dragon craft
Kaycee’s dragon

Our Bostik Bloggers craft box arrived last week but the girls have been busy with Guides/Cubs/Football clubs etc that we’ve only just managed to make our dragons!

For this craft, you’ll need:

3 toilet roll middles
Coloured/Patterned paper or card
Pipe Cleaners
Threaded sequins or wool/elastic


bostik-craft-bloggers-dragons-01 - dragon craft

Decorate the three toilet roll middles, one for the head and two for the body

Decorated toilet roll middles - dragon craft

Using felt or coloured card, make the eyes. We cut ours so they had big eyebrows!
Using glue, attach to the toilet roll middle that you’re using for the head, then using a stapler, staple pipe cleaners in the mouth for the fire.
Draw on the teeth down each side of the toilet roll middle and dots on the top for the nostrils.

Dragon head - dragon craft

Using sequin string or wool/elastic, cut a piece about 10cm long and staple inside the head, behind the eyes.
Staple the other end inside the first roll that you’re using for the first body part.

Attaching the toilet rolls - dragon craft


Attaching the toilet rolls - dragon craft

Attach the last body roll in the same way and if you like, add some more pipe cleaners for the tail

Toilet paper dragon craft
Ella’s dragon

We were sent a box of craft items from Bostik and Tots100 as part of the Bostik bloggers crafters.

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Bunny Tails Easter Activity Tutorial #BostikBloggers

 The theme for our Bostik Bloggers craft challenge this month is Easter so the girls are making these lovely Easter gifts to give to friends at school. They’re very easy and cheap to make 🙂
Bunny tails marshmallow Easter gift - Easter activity

Easter Activity

You will need:
Small cellophane food bags
A stick on spring flower
Decorative tape
A bunny shape cut out of card or like ours, a piece cut out of a sheet of foam
Double sided sticky pads
Felt tip pen
White mini marshmallows
Easter Craft supplies - Easter activity
Gather your supplies


Marshmallows and craft supplies - Easter activity


Bunny tails bag header card - Easter activity
Cut a piece of card the same width as your bag.
Our bags are 9cm x 13cm so I made the header 9cm x 7cm


Decorate bunny tails bag header - Easter activity
Decorate the header with the tape, flowers and rabbit shape then write Bunny Tails on it and fold it in half


Put marshmallows in bag - Easter activity
Fill the bag 3/4 full with marshmallows


Seal marshmallows in bag - Easter activity
Double fold the top of the bag and secure with some tape
Finished bunny tails gift bag - Easter activity
Use 4 double sided sticky pads, one on each corner inside the header to secure the header to the bag


Easter crafts bunny tails bag and Easter chick card - Easter activity
This is Kaycee’s bunny tails bag and an Easter decoration she made with some of the other craft materials.


Ella's Easter crafts - Easter activity
Ella made a little bunny family…


Ella's bunny tails - Easter activity
before making her bag of bunny tails 🙂

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Valentine’s Card – Bostik Bloggers Challenge

Valentine's Card

We’re very excited to be part of the Bostik Bloggers family this year. We received our first craft box on Saturday and found time last night to make a Valentine’s card.
We wanted to be a little more creative with our first box but time wasn’t on our side this week!

Kaycee made a Valentine’s postcard, Ella made a Valentine’s picture card for her teacher and I made a Valentine’s card for Ant, which I’m going to show you how to make in the following tutorial.

Valentine’s Card

You will need:

A4 Gold card
Red glitter card
A piece of patterned fabric or backing paper
Gem heart stickers
Red glitter pen



Fold the gold card in half.

Using the backing fabric/paper, cut 3, 5cm squares and glue them onto the card, overlapping them and rotated into diamond shapes.

Stick the gem hearts in a horizontal line, onto the top corner of the card. Cut a love heart shape out of the red glitter card and glue it onto the middle square

Using the red glitter pen, draw a love heart at the bottom corner of the card then stick the ribbon down the other side of the card.


You can still see the white glue on the card above but once it dries, it goes clear so you won’t see it 🙂

Here are Kaycee and Ella’s creations.

Ella’s card for her teacher (I covered her teacher’s name)


Valentine's card
This is Kaycee’s card. I’m not sure if she has a recipient in mind!


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Galt Shrinking Jewellery

I loved making things out of shrinkable plastic when I was younger so I knew my girls would love to try out a Shrinking Jewellery Craft kit from Galt 🙂

They got to work on the colouring in straight away but since the first night, we seem to have been busy with lots of other things and have only just got round to getting to the actual shrinking part!

Galt shrinking jewellery Fashion design kit

Galt shrinking jewellery kit

As well as the printed designs, you get 4 plain sheets of the shrinking plastic so you can do your own designs or trace ones from the printed sheets provided.


Contents of fashion design kit


Contents of Galt shrinking jewellery Fashion design kit


Extra shrinking sheets and jewels


Getting ready to shrink

Our first attempt at putting them in the oven didn’t go very well but it was totally our fault! We used the fan oven and it just blew the foil around and I don’t think we let it preheat for long enough.

We could have put it back in and tried again but Kaycee liked the effect!

After the first try, we used the other, non fan oven and I helped them along a bit by pressing them flat with a spatula when a couple of them started to curl up.

Ella and her glasses necklace



Shrunken cherry necklace

Ella loves her necklaces and can’t wait to make some more of her own designs 🙂

Please note: We were sent the kit in return for an honest review.

5 Autumn Wreath You Tube Tutorials

Collage of autumn wreaths

I love wreaths but I’ve never tried making one before. I like the idea of changing door wreaths with the seasons so I’ve collected together some YouTube tutorials for wreath making that look easy enough for me to do this autumn!
Whether I’ll actually get myself in gear and get one made is another matter entirely 🙂

I’m going to collect some tutorials from YouTube for Christmas, Spring and Summer wreaths as well. it’s a craft I think I’d really enjoy and the girls will probably want to help as well.


Autumn wreath and family plaque on a door

Trendy Tree

Autumn wreath with moss coloured owl

Another Trendy Tree 🙂

Deb Anderson

Click here for the You Tube video

Mardigras Outlet

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Compact Disc Garden Mobile

Kaycee wanted to make Nanny a present for her birthday that was just from her.
I’ve been helping Ant with sorting out his office and he was chucking out a lot of CDs so I saved them for the girls to use in their crafting. KayCee decided to make a compact disc garden mobile for Nanny.
You will need: CDs, sharpies, thread, double sided tape and scissors

You’ll need:

Old CDs
Sharpie markers or other permanent coloured markers
Double sided tape
Wool or string
Two sticks (not pictured)


Using the Sharpies, decorate the CDs
If you can’t be bothered to get the print off the CDs, use double sided tape to stick two print sides together, leaving you with two silver sides.
Use the Sharpies to decorate your CDs. Kaycee made 5 CDs to hang from her mobile.


Decorated CD


Ella decorating her CD
Ella decorated her CDs to make a spinner


Decorated CDs
Use wool or string to tie the two sticks together in a cross then use more wool/string to hang from the centre of the sticks and from the end of each stick.


Finished mobile hanging in the garden


Compact disc garden mobile
We got Ant to drill holes in the edge of each CD but you can just put the wool/string through the hole in the middle and attach it to the stick.


Compact disc garden mobile


Compact disc garden mobile


Compact disc garden mobile


Compact disc garden mobile
Nanny loves her new mobile but she has said it’s scared her a couple of times when it has looked like there’s been someone moving in the garden and it was the light coming from the CDs!


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