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Happy 18th Birthday Aiden

Happy 18th Birthday Aiden :o)

Happy 18th Birthday Aiden

I’m in denial. It’s not possible that I’m now the parent of an adult, an actual 18-year-old! I really can’t believe that I’m here today wishing my first born child a happy 18th birthday! I know I’m using too many exclamation marks but I can’t help it!
Our wonderful, kind, caring, gentle son is now an adult and every time I think about it, I start to feel old!

Happy 18th Birthday Aiden

We love you more than words can say, Aiden and we hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend at your dad’s.
I know you’re not keen to have your photo on the blog now you’re all grown up but today you have to make an exception just for me.

I have to post this photo of you and your caterpillar cake, that you specifically asked for when I asked what kind of cake you wanted :0)

Aiden's 18th birthday


Aiden's caterpillar cake with the candles lit

aiden blowing out the candles on his caterpillar cake


#ThrowbackThursday – Aiden

Throwback Thursday – Aiden

This is our boy, Aiden, on his first day of school. I remember it like it was yesterday and I miss him being so small.


Aiden first day at school


Tomorrow is his last full day at secondary school; after the holidays, he only has to go in on certain days for his exams and tonight I’m feeling a little sad that my cute little boy is now a big bruiser of a teenager!

Time has gone so fast, it really has. I remember wondering what he was going to be like as a teenager when he was a toddler and worrying that we’d have the typical teenager/parent arguments and upsets but he’s been brilliant. He hasn’t really given us any trouble and while he does get annoying when he ‘forgets’ to do his jobs or put his bike away, they’re such small things compared to the things other teenagers put their parents through, I consider myself very lucky to have this wonderful boy as my son :oD

Aiden on his 16th birthday




Back to School – No more infants!

I love the back to school photos. It’s such a lovely record to have, seeing the growth and changes at the same time each year 🙂
This year there are a couple of big changes; the location of the photos and no more infants school. We’re all very much settled into our new house but it was strange this morning finding a new place for the photos and I did miss my waterfall which was the preferred background for the past few years!
I’ll have to hurry up and get the garden done for next year’s photos!

Aiden’s in year 10 this year and I’m hoping he puts a bit more effort in now he’ll be starting work on his GCSEs!

Aiden ready for year 10

Kaycee’s in year 5…

Kaycee ready for year 5

and Ella’s now in year 3 at junior school 🙂

No more infants school for Ella, she's now in year 3

Time is flying by!

Aiden, KayCee and Ella


KayCee and Ella


KayCee and Ella
Back to school selfie!


Back to school 2011
Back to school 2012
Back to school 2013

Update – Aiden’s room – Before and After Photos

A quick photo update before bed as I’m shattered, as usual!

Aiden’s room before



After –

Apologies for the rubbish photo, I forgot to check it before moving on to the next one. It was unlike me, I usually take 2 or three to make sure I get a good one!



The ottoman was going to stay there under his desk so I was going to paint it dark blue but I’ve moved onto the landing now so I think I’m going to paint it cream and put a new green cover on the top to match the carpet.

I’ll be back, tomorrow hoepfully, with before and after photos from the girl’s room 🙂

Back to school time again :)

It’s that time of year again and as the teen gets older he gets a little more reluctant to have his photo taken! Good job he loves his mum and gives in without too much moaning!

This is the last year we’ll see any red uniform because it’s Ella’s last year at infants. It’s unbelievable that next year our littlest person will be going to junior school.
I’ll be sad when she leaves her infants school because we’ve had children at that school since 2005 and we love everyone who works there.

Aiden left for school on his bike with plenty of time to spare, let’s see how long that lasts however, I noticed a little later that his lunch was still on the side! I hope he goes to student support or whatever it’s called and borrows some dinner money.


New winter coat which thankfully, due to the hot summer day, we could leave at home!

Kaycee was a little nervous about going back to school because she wasn’t sure which classroom she was going to so I had to walk her down rather than her going on her own when we got to Ella’s school.
Luckily, she’d seen one of her friends who lives on our street before we left and we ended up walking with S and her mum. Kaycee felt a little braver having S with her when she went to find out which class she was in 🙂
It was nice to walk with them and we’ve made plans to walk together on a regular basis.


Ella loves her coat and wanted to wear it to school. I’m happy to report that she forgot all about it and left it at home!

Ella was very excited to be going back to school but the closer we got the more nervous she got! It didn’t help that we were the last ones there because we’d had to stay a bit longer to get Kaycee sorted. Her teacher is obviously used to parents having these sort of problems the first few days back so she was fine and Ella quickly got herself sorted and sat down.
She’ll be totally fine tomorrow morning and hopefully Kaycee will be as well so we’ll be able to get Ella to school on time!



136 / 365 – Aiden’s brilliant artwork

Aiden’s been working on his art project homework. He’s spent a long time on it not always by choice! but the effort was totally worth it.

He had to enlarge a Hundertwasser picture and he did an amazing job 😀

Well done Aiden, we’re both really proud of all your hard work on this project.
Love you 😀 xxx

Happy 12th Birthday, my wonderful boy

The years are flying by; going much to fast for my liking! My wonderful boy is 12 today and probably like every parent out there, I ask myself, how did time go so fast?!

The girls were more excited about him opening his cards and gifts than he was! As he was opening a card, Ella said, ‘I know it’s not mine but I’m so excited to see how much money is in his card’!

They all loved his chocolate birthday cake and want some in their lunch boxes for school tomorrow 🙂




Today’s 365 photo 🙂


Wasn’t sure which to pick because I love Sunday’s picture of KayCee and Monday’s picture of Ella’s writing but in the end, my wonderful boy turned 12 this week so it had to be this one.
Just one more year till he hits the teenage years *shudder*!

Edit Aril 1st 2013
I’m adding this post to the Magic Moments linky as it was my boy’s last birthday before becoming a teenager; a new chapter of his life starts in less than a month 🙂


Flashback Friday Oct 21st – Aiden’s Birth Story

Aiden’s Birth Story

This is Aiden’s birth story, the eldest of my three wonderful children 🙂
I went two weeks overdue so the hospital arranged for me to be induced on Easter Sunday.
I had to be at the hospital early Sunday morning and my friend Jo was my birth partner. They induced me in the morning and I started getting contractions shortly after.

Gas & Air

I was on gas and air most of the day and I have to say I love that stuff! Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t take the pain away but what it did do was make it so that I didn’t really care about it!
To cut a long story short…..I spent all Sunday in labour but not progressing. By Monday morning I was shattered so agreed to have an epidural.
Around lunchtime, on Easter Sunday Aiden started getting distressed. They decided to do an emergency c-section because I still wasn’t dilated.

Not A Girl!

I hadn’t found out what I was having at my scans and was absolutely certain I was having a girl.
It was a shock when I had a boy and Jo said (even though I can’t remember any of this!) I answered ‘Jasmine’ when they asked what I was calling him!
Jo said, ‘Shell, it’s not a girl, it’s a boy’ and I was like, ‘errrm, I can’t remember what name I’d picked for a boy!’.
The first one that came into my head was Aiden so that’s what I blurted out! Luckily, I love the name and didn’t change it when I got home and looked in the baby name book to see that I’d picked Bradley John if I had a boy.

Aiden's birth story - me and Aiden


The c-section wasn’t the best thing I’d ever gone through. I was still in pain and able to move my legs so I still think that they didn’t give me enough epidural. The doctor was getting stressed with me because I was crying and trying to move and the nurse kept giving me gas and air and morphine.

Jo left not long after the surgery was over because she was shattered as well. She’d been awake for a day and a half. I was a bit emotional when she left. It was scary being left on my own. I didn’t say anything to her because I felt guilty. She’s since told me off numerous times for saying it was fine for her to leave when I wasn’t being totally honest!

All in all, it wasn’t a bad first birth experience and I’ve now got a wonderful, sweet, caring, kind 11-year-old who I adore, as do his sisters 🙂 most of the time when they’re not arguing!

Aiden and Ella

 Missed Being Pregnant

I loved having my new baby but I was surprised to find myself feeling a bit sad because I missed being pregnant! The kicks and feeling the baby move were what I missed the most but I also missed going to the midwife appointments and hearing the heartbeat.
The first midwife appointment I went to was the best. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. When she got out the pregnancy wheel and asked me the date of my last period, time seemed to slow and it took ages for her to tell me what my due date was!

It was 5 years before I’d get pregnant again. KayCee’s birth story and Ella’s Birth Story

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