Morueats Asian Foods Review & Discount Code

Morueats the Asian shop

I knew Aiden and Ella would be very pleased when I told them they were being sent a hamper of Asian foods from Morueat to review and I wasn’t wrong!

Aiden’s been an anime fan since he was little and dreams about going to Japan one day and Ella’s a big fan of trying snacks from different countries!

Morueats – The Asian Shop

When the parcel arrived Ella wanted to dig right in but I had to hold her off until I’d taken some photos!

selections of Asian food snacks

They both enjoyed everything, except for the Oolong tea in a can! Ella loved the Kato mango drink and both agreed the dark chocolate popcorn with popping candy was nice. I was surprised Ella tried the popcorn because whilst she does like popcorn, she stopped eating it a while ago as she would get really annoyed with the bits getting stuck in places she couldn’t get them out of!

Hello Panda

Hello Panda snack biscuits are cute, panda-shaped biscuits with a creamy filling. We received 3 different flavours in the hamper; milk, strawberry and caramel.

I have to admit to swiping the box of caramel biscuits before showing Aiden and Ella the contents! They were really nice, but be warned, once you open the box, it’s hard to stop snacking!

The milk and strawberry flavours went down well with both, as did the Pepero sticks.

Fun Snacks

selections of Asian food snacks including Choco Boy, Koala's march, Hi-chew and Yan Yan dips

One thing you can say about Asian foods is that they make a lot of fun snacks! Much like the Hello Panda biscuits, the Koala’s March are koala-shaped biscuits with creamy fillings and Choco Boy snacks are shaped like mushrooms. They’d look great on a dessert charcuterie board for a children’s party or when the children have their friends over for a movie night.

Top Pick

Of all the snacks we were sent, Aiden’s top choice was the strawberry-flavoured MeltyKiss chocolates. He said they were really smooth and creamy.
I forgot to get him to save me one so I could try it but now I know he loves them, I’ll be able to get some to put in his stocking at Christmas!

Not Just Snacks

Morueat isn’t just about snacks, they also sell pantry items such as condiments, noodles, cooking ingredients, seasonings, marinades and soups, to name but a few.

You can also get themed bundles. I’ve just seen a sushi-making bundle that Ella would love. Not to use herself, however, she’d most likely give it to her dad and get him to make the sushi for her!

If you love Asian snacks, you can get 20% off your first order by using the code, SHELLDESIGNS at the checkout, or click to have it automatically added to your basket!

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