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11th August 2023

Signs that your car aircon needs fixing

car steering wheel adult learner driver aircon
Image by Dayron Villaverde from Pixabay
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Getting in the car on stiflingly hot days or freezing mornings can be almost unbearable without an effective air conditioning system. They come as standard in most modern cars but are prone to wear and tear like any other part.

If you’re starting to notice anything odd about yours, you could have faulty aircon to contend with. You’re probably unsure what you should be looking out for. If that’s the case, here are some of the telltale signs that your aircon needs professional attention.

Bad smells

Any bad or unusual odours coming directly from your air vents are never a promising sign. It’s often symptomatic of a build-up of bacteria, dirt, dust and potentially mould in the system’s inner workings.

If you don’t turn on your aircon for extended periods, this is more likely to occur because of the lack of fresh air passing through the system. You can usually avoid this by keeping your car clean inside and blasting the aircon now and again.

Blowing out hot air on cold

Your car should be able to blow hot and cold air on demand. If it’s not, your aircon could have a problem that needs fixing. One of the main culprits is usually low refrigerant levels, which can be solved with an aircon regas at your local garage.

Other potential faults could be broken cooling fans, a faulty condenser or a blockage somewhere under the bonnet. A professional should be able to identify the source of the problem relatively quickly with a visual inspection.

Unusual noises

Aircon should make little to no noise, aside from the glorious sound of cooling or warming air rushing past your ears. Any unusual noises coming from air vents could be a sign that dirt or dust is caught in the pipes or clogging the fan. This can happen naturally over time, so it’s quite common.

Unusual sounds coming from under the bonnet could be a sign of a faulty serpentine belt or fan blade. If anything more serious has occurred, air probably won’t even emerge.

Weak airflow

Blasting the aircon only to receive a soft wind can be rather frustrating. Leaks in the system can impact its overall effectiveness and restrict airflow from the vents. They can occur because rubber degrades over time and starts to leak coolant after repeated exposure to heat and moisture.

Depending on how much damage is done, replacement parts can be installed to regain full efficiency and get your aircon blowing again. If parts like compressors are faulty, it could be a more costly repair.

Devon Hampers Review

Image by Ruth Archer from Pixabay

I was recently given a gift voucher for WonderDays Experience Days and I chose to create a hamper from Devon Hampers. You can read my Wonderdays review here.

I chose to create a £75 hamper with Devon Hampers which said this size of hamper was for 6 people.
All I had to do was to email Devon Hampers with my relevant reference numbers and just wait for an email back.

Devon Hampers

I spent quite a while looking through the website, deciding which items to fill my hamper with.
At first, I thought the hamper would be included and I just had to choose the contents, but I then saw that I would have to choose the hamper type and size, and they were individually priced.

Choosing The Basket

When it came to choosing a basket I found that there were 3 options to choose from:

Traditional Wicker Hamper
Printed Gift Box
Classic Cardboard Box

Obviously, if I were buying this as a gift for someone, I’d choose the traditional wicker basket or at the very least, the printed box.
As it was just for me, I decided on the plain cardboard box which cost £4. I had to reduce the number of items I was going to put in the box as it would take me over the voucher limit. It would also take me over the number of items I could include as there is a maximum of 14 items for this size box.

If I wanted to keep all the items totalling £75, I would have to pay an extra £49 for the wicker basket. The printed box wasn’t an option because the maximum number of items for the largest size printed box was 8.

Picnic Lunch

It was nearly my birthday so I decided that the husband and I would enjoy a special picnic lunch to celebrate.

Here’s what I picked:

1 Cardboard Box £4.00

2 Large Fresh Baked Scones Pack Of 2 £7.70

1 Furniss Original Cheddar Biscuits 170g £4.95

1 Devon Sausage Roll x 1 £3.50 (I meant to order 1 each but I somehow only added 1 to the order so we had to share!)

1 Wookey Hole Cave Aged Traditional Cheddar 170g x 1 £6.15

1 Hogsbottom West Country Ploughmans Chutney 320g x 1 £4.65

1 Burt’s Crisps Mature Cheddar And Spring Onion 40g x 1 £2.25

1 Rodda’s Cornish Salted butter 200g x 1 £3.95

1 Lyme Bay Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur 500ml x 1 £15.00

1 Rodda’s Clotted Cream 113g x 1 £3.99

1 Foxcombe Bakehouse Traditional Shortbread 160g x 1 £4.95

1 Ginger Liqueur 200ml x 1 £9.50

1 Hogsbottom Strawberry Jam 227g x 1 £4.30

Total = £74.89


I loved that you can choose the delivery on the day of your choice. It meant I could order it to be delivered the day before my birthday and I wasn’t just left keeping my fingers crossed that it would arrive on time!


Upon opening the hamper, the first thing I saw was the packet of crisps (not shown in the above image) had burst open. I didn’t want to ask for a replacement because I’m trying to be kinder to the planet and having another delivery for a £2.25 packet of crisps was not worth it.

I did have a couple of other problems with the contents, I’m sad to say.

The cheese biscuits were all broken, every single one. We had planned to put butter on them and eat them with the Wookey Hole, cave-aged traditional cheddar that I’d ordered, but that didn’t work very well with the broken bits.

Talking of the Wookey Hole cheese I had ordered, it was substituted without any communication from Devon Hampers. I know it’s only a small thing, but if I’d been ordering it for a gift for someone, the items I picked could have been chosen for personal reasons that meant something to the recipient. To be substituted, without checking I was happy with the substitute before shipping, was disappointing.

I emailed Devon Hampers about the issues and got an apology for the crisps but not for the cheese. They just explained that the one I ordered wasn’t in stock and the substitution was the nearest they had to the one I had ordered.

On a positive note, the sausage roll, shortbread and scones with cream and jam were delicious. Anthony also loves the Hogsbottom chutney and his ginger liqueur.
I have to say, my salted caramel liqueur was very nice as well!


Overall I was happy with the hamper but not enough to make me personally want to shop there again, however, I wouldn’t be disappointed if I were to receive one as a gift!

The prices were a bit too high for me; I’d never normally spend £2.25 on a 40g bag of crisps and I think I’d be able to source the contents for a lot less and make up my own hamper as a gift for someone special.

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