What Can You Do for your Father this Father’s Day?

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Father's day
Father's day
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Given the amount that’s going on at the moment, you could be forgiven for overlooking the fact that Father’s Day is imminent. The day is an opportunity to proclaim our affection for the men to whom we owe so much.

In the current climate, it can be difficult to know exactly what sort of gift to shop for. Father’s Day cards are a must, but what about presents? Here, we’ll run through some of the things you should be considering.

What does your dad do?

How has your dad been occupying himself over the lockdown? Has he been keeping physically active? Is there a new hobby to which he’s taken a liking? The answers to these questions should inform your choice of gift. Fitness might be encouraged through high-tech devices like Fitbits and other high-tech gizmos. but a sturdy pack of sports socks will do the job just as capably.

Outdoor pursuits

Now that summer’s arrived, dads across the country will find themselves spending more and more time outdoors, soaking up the good weather and possibly looking after the garden in the process. If this sounds familiar, then buying something that’ll prepare him for the summer might be worthwhile. A fold-out chair, a chimney starter for the barbeque, or a new hedge-trimmer might all make worthwhile gifts.

High Fashion

Over the last few months, we’ve all gotten accustomed to dressing down. After all, when you’re only walking around the house all day, there’s no reason to spend much consideration on your wardrobe. But now that lockdown is being gradually lifted, your dad will have more cause to think about venturing outdoors – and so any gift that’ll encourage him to look his best is sure to be appreciated. Sunglasses, new shirts, and fashionable hats are all sure-fire winners.

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets make for popular gifts, and for good reason. Just about everyone has a favourite kind of food or drink, and the right gadget makes creating those little treats that much easier. Toastie-makers, bread-makers, coffee-makers and deep-fat-fryers are all candidates. You just need to make sure that your gift isn’t going to end up gathering dust after the novelty has worn off. A safe bet is to opt for something that’s going to make life easier. If he’s a fan of steak, then a cast-iron skillet is an obvious choice. It’ll last for a lifetime, and it never really hurts to have a spare knocking around!

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Lockdown blues? Now is the time to revamp your wardrobe

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revamp your wardrobe
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Our lives have been turned upside down in recent months as the Coronavirus has changed the way so many of us go about our daily lives.

Lockdown appears to be coming to an end, but working from home and cutting down on social interactions look set to remain for some time to come for so many.

If you feel like you’ve lost a semblance of control in your life recently, it might be the perfect time to get a grip on things – starting with your wardrobe.

Clear things out first

revamp your wardrobe while on lockdown
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First things first, throw open the doors and throw away anything that has been hiding in those dark corners of your wardrobe for too long.

Chances are you’ve simply been too busy to have a proper crack at this before, but with much more time on-hand for many of us now is the time to get ruthless.

Back-up wedding outfit that has never been worn? Bye-bye. Dog-chewed slippers that somehow worked their way back into storage? Get out. Spare bedding that has been slept on for years? It’s got to go.

Remember, if your unwanted items are of sufficient quality, charity shops need supplies more than ever right now, so consider donating.

Are your clothes fit for purpose?

All that office-wear that you’ve been working in for so long might not be so useful anymore.

Of course, you could wear that full suit for your various video calls. But that’s a commitment not many are willing to make right now.

At the other end of the scale, you might not want your crustiest of crusty pyjamas on show to your colleagues.

Invest in quality

With the lines blurred between our personal and professional lives, picking up some pieces that match this might help you get your head around your circumstances right now.

A few cosy pieces of athletic gear or lounge-style ladies’ nightwear will ensure that you can go about your daily business in luxury, while preserving that professional sheen over vide conference.

How it will benefit you

Now you know where everything is in your wardrobe, you will have control back in your life. And being confident in what you’re wearing will help you focus on what you need to for work.

Now that’s complete, why not have a look at what else you can do to boost your productivity while you’re around the house?

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What to Know About Buying Your Teenager’s Clothes Online

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shopping mall
Shopping mall shopping centre teenager's clothes shopping
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Do you have a picky teenager who doesn’t seem to like any of the clothing options found in local shops and malls? There’s a slight chance that they have their favourite sets of clothes that badly need to be replaced but they’re against getting rid of them due to not being able to find the right fit or style at a price that won’t break the bank. 

As a parent, you may not be thrilled at the idea of shopping online – there are shipping costs, the fact that items can’t be tried on before purchase, and the fact that photos aren’t always representative of the quality. Unfortunately, you’re at your wit’s end with trying to drag your teen to the store, hunting for sales/deals, and arguing over what is best suited for your young adult. 

We’re going to walk you through what you can expect when purchasing your teenager’s clothes online and why this option is better than dealing with in-store shopping. Keep reading to find out more! 

Finding the Best Fit

If you shop online, you already know that finding an item that fits you can be difficult. Every brand’s sizing is slightly different and can include varying measurements. You probably have a preferred store that you shop at because you know how their clothes fit and the quality in which they’re made. 

With this said, to find clothes that fit your teen’s body, you’ll need some measurements. Yes, you can potentially take the measurements yourself – however, a tailor might actually give you a more accurate idea of sizing. 

Obviously male and female clothes will focus on different measurements, but write down the ones that are often used. These often include chest, sleeves, waist, hips, and inseam. For men’s clothes, you will usually need the circumference of the neck as well. 

When shopping for clothing online, you’ll use these measurements to compare them to sizing charts. Hopefully, these numbers are all similar to the breakdown of various sizes but often they won’t be exact. With that said, you’ll need to base your sizing choice on the largest applicable measurement.

Additionally, if a measurement is not an exact match, you may choose to size up. For instance, if the chest measurement is 42 or 42.5 inches and a large is 42 or 43, you probably should order a size up in order to ensure a comfortable, breathable fit. 

Age-Appropriate Styles

Chances are, you and your teen have different ideas of what is appropriate for them to wear. You also might not like their overall style choices. This is an age-old topic. 

In order to come to some type of agreement, you may need to compromise. Allow your teenager to create an online lookbook or Pinterest board of styles; you may be surprised to find that your tastes aren’t completely dissimilar and that there are a number of great options for them. 

You may also choose to create a lookbook of things that might look great on them – they might even surprise you and want to wear it! 

Look at a wide range of styles including shorts and pants as well as graphic t-shirts with cute and uplifting slogans like a ‘choose joy’ shirt, dressy but youthful shirts, and blouses. For dressier occasions, consider looking at a few dresses and suits.

Although it may be difficult to see your teenager as a young adult, remember that they are growing up! They don’t want to look like their kid sibling, and they want to show that they, too, are mature.

Covering the Costs of a Teen’s Clothes

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You already know that clothes are expensive and creating fashionable looks can take a toll on your bank account. Ideally, you will find stores that offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. 

Additionally, you may consider choosing stores that are known for their rewards/loyalty programs in order to receive points or coupons for later use or even looking into online secondhand stores.

Depending on your budget, the total cost of the order, and the store from which you choose to buy, there may also be payment plan options. Catalogues may offer you to buy now, pay later clothes that you’ve needed for a while. It can be helpful in allowing your teen to contribute more money toward their clothing choices without completely emptying their bank account on a single purchase. 

Even if you don’t require your teenager to share the cost of their clothes, you may still benefit from not having to spend a large amount of money all at once. Instead, you’d be spreading the payment over several instalments which will allow for less stress on your monthly or weekly budget. 

Creating a Fun Learning Experience

The experience of taking your teen to the mall to shop for clothes might be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy spending quality time with your teenager while supplying them with a great wardrobe. 

Shopping online can allow your teen to see the price breakdown of items, giving them a realistic view of what life necessities cost. It can also be a helpful tool in teaching budgeting and even how to choose quality clothing without paying too much. 

While it can be frustrating to try to find your teenager’s clothes online, these tips will help guide you in locating age-appropriate, budget-friendy, and well-fitting clothes!

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