Happy New Year and a Look Back at 2019

I hope you all had a wonderful new year’s eve. Ours was a quiet one without the girls. Ella slept at her friend’s and KayCee went to her sister, Kellyann’s.
It was just Aiden, Ant and myself at home and Ant slept for most of the evening before waking about half eleven!
As usual, here’s my look back at 2019.


I completed my Goodreads challenge again.

My Year In books - Goodreads 2018 reading challenge


It was a frosty end to February. So cold but so pretty.

frosty trees


An email I got in February changed my life in March; I got sent a Cricut Maker machine to review.
Now, I know it sounds a bit dramatic saying it changed my life, but it truly did.

I’m self-employed and work from home. All my money was earned through my blog but since having the Cricut Maker and finding out I was actually quite good at paper crafting, I started making things and selling them.
I love working with the Cricut and hope to get lots more business this year.

Cricut Maker


As well as the Cricut Maker I also got sent an Easypress 2. I was very excited about being able to design t-shirts but a few months on and I’m not as enamoured!
I don’t enjoy making them as much as I enjoy paper crafting so now I only make t-shirts if KayCee or Ella want one making.

Ella wearing her new t-shirt


I finally got around to reading the Game Of Thrones book. I’d been wanting to read the series for a while but they’re so long I kept putting it off.
I really enjoyed it.

A Game Of Thrones Book Cover by George R.R. Martin


Work started on the garage for my new office/craft room. I was taking up too much space in the living room with the Cricut Maker so we needed a better solution.

notebooks and a pen


I ask KayCee and Ella a set of questions at the end of each school year. I love looking back on them.



KayCee and Ella had their birthdays in August but now they’re getting older, they’re not wanting to be blogged about as much so I didn’t do the usual birthday blog posts this month.
In fact, there aren’t any personal posts in August except for a book review!


My new office/craft room was finally finished and it’s now called the studio ๐Ÿ™‚
I love it so much!

my new studio


I was too busy making Christmas paper crafts in October to do any personal blogging.
I spent all day in the studio making advent carousels, nativity stars and Christmas tree decorations ready for my first craft fair.


The Christmas adverts started and I was pleased to see Kevin the Carrot was back again.


Apart from having terrible hernia pain that started just as our guests arrived for the Christmas Eve party and stayed with me all of Christmas Day, I still had a lovely Christmas.
Spending the day in hospital on Boxing Day wasn’t much fun either, especially as it meant I missed seeing the rest of my family.
As always, we were all spoilt by our friends and family and I had some lovely gifts.

Speaking of gifts, our friends over at Mommyhood101 have compiled an awesome list of baby and toddler gifts that are perfect for Christmas and birthdays!

Well, that was my look back at 2019 and it was quite a good year for me.
Here’s to 2020 and hopefully, an even better year for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚