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1st November 2019

Very Christmas Advert 2019

Very Christmas advert 2019

It’s Christmas advert season – YAY!!!!
I woke up this morning and as usual, checked Facebook while drinking my coffee. I’m a member of a couple of Christmas groups on there and one of the first posts I saw was a lady saying she’d just seen the Very Christmas advert 2019.

I know it’s a silly reason to get excited but I did because I love Christmas so much! One of the things I love to do in the run up to Christmas is to watch all the new adverts and decide whether they’re better or worse than last year’s!

I love the animated Christmas adverts from Very. They’re not very long but they don’t need to be, they show the message perfectly which this year is, Get More Out of Giving.

I absolutely love buying Christmas gifts; I shop and plan for Christmas all year round so this advert resonated with me. Christmas is certainly about the giving of gifts for me, I get very excited if I stumble upon a gift that I know will make someone really happy and I can’t wait for Christmas just so I can give it to them, much like the John Lewis advert from 2011 titled The Long Wait.

So that’s the Very Christmas advert 2019, I’ll be back as soon as I hear of a new Christmas advert being released!

What Christmas advert are you looking forward to the most, or is it just me that gets excited by them?!

Very, Barbour & Amazon Christmas adverts 2017
Very & Barbour Christmas Advert 2018

7 Typical Mistakes in Book Review Writing

Book reviews provide a deep analysis of a text and examine the contents of a text. The purpose of a book review is not to retell the story, but more to evaluate it and decide on whether the book is something that you would recommend to another reader. A book review will provide opinions of the author as well as personal opinions. That said, it’s easy to make mistakes when creating a book review you, so below professional writers from a book review writing service CustomWritings will provide you with some tips on how you can avoid making these mistakes in your book review writing.

open books and a pen - writing a book review
Image by lil_foot_ from Pixabay

1. Over-focusing on the plot

If you do this it may come across that you are struggling to be critical. Therefore, a book review should not just be a description of the plot. You need to avoid just simply providing a full summary of the plot of the book. Instead, you need to discuss the major aspects of the plot so that your reader can get enough information as to whether the book is something that they think is worth reading. A book review needs to provide criticism, so if you’ve just written a review based on the plot, you haven’t actually looked at the characters, the quality, the themes, etc. If you fail to do this then why would a reader bother to read your review? The best thing to do is to avoid describing anything explicit with regards to the plot and don’t discuss anything that goes on after you’ve got halfway through the book.

2. Use of pronouns

Avoid mixing up pronouns so that your review doesn’t come across as sloppy. i.e don’t switch between ‘ reader,’ ‘we,’ ‘you,’ ‘one’ etc. Whatever type of pronoun you decide to use just remember to be consistent. 

3. Meaningless arguments

This differs from being unclear and is more about using language that doesn’t fit and creating sentences that don’t cover the point that you were trying to make. To avoid doing this you need to ask somebody else to read your work and answer any questions that they then pose.

4. Avoid narcissism

When you are reviewing a book you want to avoid being narcissistic. Therefore, avoid using the word I and stay focused and what you are talking about. Additionally, you don’t need to talk about yourself as your name will be at the top of your book review! Therefore, it’s quite clear that the review is your opinion. Your review will have more authority and carry more weight if you’ve written it from a voice that doesn’t sound personal. At the end of the day, you are writing a book review you which needs to provide a purpose to the reader as well as the author. Always remember a book review is not an opportunity for you to blabber on. If your book review sounds more like a blog then it’s likely that that’s exactly the place where it should be published, as it will just come across as an amateur review.

5. Length

You may be happy to write a 3000-word book review,  it doesn’t mean you should do that. People don’t have the time to read this amount of words so stick to 1000 words if that’s all that is needed to work.

6. Repetitiveness

Repetitiveness in a book review is likely to highlight any insecurities that you have about your own argument. So, you need to avoid repeating yourself in your review or it will just look like you’re not sure what your point of you actually is.

7. Steer clear of self-flattery

More common with new and younger writers, self-flattery in a book review is usually down to insecurity. Don’t feel that you need to justify why you are writing a book review, as this will come across very easily to your readers.

Sources that will help with book review writing 

Below we will provide you with a handy guide of texts that you could purchase to help you master book review writing.  

  • Name: Writing a book review
  • Author: Rebecca Graf
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition 
  • Year: 2015

This book provides you with handy hints related to writing a book review. It also looks at how you can write a book on picture books and audiobooks too. The book also provides insight on how to deal with writing a negative review. 

Learn how to get your message across and write in a way to keep your readers interested. This book also shows you how to use more complex language without baffling your readers. Additionally, you can learn how to write better and pay attention to grammar. 

If you’re struggling to find the right words or not sure how to form a particular paragraph or even a sentence, then this book is for you. Written in a light way, this book can be read for pleasure as well as to help you to become a better writer.

  • Name: Writer’s Toolbox
  • Author: Jamie Cat Callan
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books; Pck edition
  • Year: 2007

Created by a creative writing teacher, this kit will provide you with the equipment to get your writing brain in gear. The kit includes writing exercises, creative sample and prompts and aims to get you thinking in such a way that your creative juices begin to flow.

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