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21st October 2019

Top tips to know before visiting New York City

New York City

Travelling to New York City is not like travelling to any random city. This is a city known all over the world for almost everything. It is like a mecca for tourists, and each year millions of visitors swarmed this city to see its wonderful sites and do things it is known all over the world for. But it can also be confusing, expensive, and stressful for the people who don’t know much about it. So for this reason, we are going to tell our esteemed readers different things to know before travelling to this marvellous city. By knowing that, you will get a better New York City experience. You will also know about different things to do in New York, USA, which will further help you to enjoy. So read this article, and take note of everything shared here.

Top tips to know before visiting New York City

New York City can be a nerve-wracking place. It is crowded, loud, flamboyant, and there seems to be a kind of unwritten code of conduct, which only native citizens can comprehend. These features of this special city make us think that New Yorkers are generally rude people. However, this is not the reality of this place, and there are a nice group of people there. It is just that this city is unique in a lot of ways, and people embrace it, love it, and live a great life being a part of it. What you can do is to know these things before travelling to New York.

Following are some great things we have discussed for you to know before travelling there. So read on and enjoy your trip to New York.

Travel with discount

When you are going on a New York trip, the price of your air ticket may vary. Sometimes you will be asked to pay a little too much for your ticket, and sometimes you won’t. However, there are different ways that can help you reduce the cost of your ticket. You can book through a travel agency, as they provide a great platform to compare your tickets. In this way, you will know the rates of all the outbound flights to New York City. They can also offer you a special promotion or discount package, which will further enhance your savings. You can also find a discount on hotel accommodation, travel transfers, and local transportation in this way.

When I went on a trip to Accra, I availed the services of a travel agency. They helped me find a reasonable discount on the best hotels. I also booked my flight ticket from their platform, which was a bit cheaper from other passengers sitting with me on the plane. Some travel agencies also offer travelling transfers and car rental service.

Travel in a subway

Travelling in New York’s iconic subway is not only cheaper but also faster than travelling on jammed roads and streets. The condition of traffic is beyond anyone’s imaginations. It can take more than an hour just to travel a few blocks in a car. Taxis are also quite expensive in New York City. So it is better to travel on a subway train and evade the traffic along with saving your money.

Know the actual meaning of Downtown

When you heard someone say Downtown in New York, just remember what he or she means is “in a southerly direction” or any neighbourhood below 14th Street. People think that downtown means the commercial part of the city, so they get confused, and probably end up in the wrong place.

Mind your surroundings before taking a snap

When you want to take a photograph in any street, you need to be very careful. First, you need to cross the street and stand at a place where nobody else is going from. You can then take a picture if it doesn’t disturb anyone else. New Yorkers get annoyed when someone stands in his or her way just to take a snap of themselves in the middle of the street.

Never hesitate to ask for assistance

New Yorkers are considered rude people, but this entirely untrue. They just get a little annoyed when they see themselves being entangled with a tourist. However, they are quite welcoming when someone asks for his or her help, and are always more than willing to assist. So you should never hesitate to ask for their help.

Don’t spend too much time at Times Square

Times Square is a huge tourist trap in this city. It can take up a lot of your precious time, and all it offers is some pictures. So try to take a few snaps there and avoid it at all costs.

Avoid dining in at chain restaurants

You should always buy eateries from local restaurants instead of food chains in the city of New York. Chain restaurants are quite expensive, and they can easily rip you off. So it is better to eat from local restaurants. They have equally tasty food and offer a lot of variety to their customers.

New York City is expensive

New York City is not a cheap city. Everything you find here is overly priced. So you need to carry some good bucks in your pocket before travelling there. If you are on a budget, you should purchase basic items from back home and bring them along with you.

Stay safe when wandering in NYC

Although this city is quite safe, it is wise to take extra care of your surroundings. Try to avoid dark alleys, as there is always going to be a threat of being mugged. There are also pickpockets, so make sure your pockets are always protected and you are paying attention.

Avoid anyone in a costume

There are people in several types of costumes that will literally photobomb you, even if you don’t like their appearance, and then ask for money afterwards. So make sure they are nowhere near when you are taking a snap.

Avoid exchanging currency at the airport or exchange places

Avoid exchanging currency at the airport or any other exchange shop. Instead, try a bank that offers this service, or just simply use your debit card to draw money from an ATM machine.

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Top 8 festivals in Asia you must attend

people looking at Chinese lanterns - festivals in Asia

Being home to the earliest human settlements, Asia is a continent with traditions and cultural heritage roots that runs down deep. With such rich historical association comes great multiple traditions that are followed in every corner of the biggest continent of Earth. There is so much diversity in cultures due to history, landscape, traditions, religions, and other aspects, each region has its unique festivals that are celebrated all over the place. So visiting Asia to enjoy its amazing festivals is another kind of tourism which we are going to promote in this article. For this reason, we are going to discuss the top 8 festivals in Asia you must attend once in your life. Read on, learn about these festivals and plan a trip to this continent to have a great time.

Songkran – Thailand

Songkran is celebrated as the beginning of traditional Thai New Year. It is also an important date in the Buddhist calendar. You can enjoy this festival by getting a water gun and filling it to fight with others. This moment sends you to your childhood memories, but with events like these, you can easily relive those moments and enjoy a great time. You can also use a bucket of water, or any other means to throw water on others.

In order to reach Thailand in the most suitable rates and find decent accommodation to enjoy this amazing festival, you need to visit this link https://flights-to-bangkok.co.uk. This travel agency is one of the best in the business and you can find amazing travel deals and packages easily. They can also help you build a custom travel plan too as suited best on you. We highly recommend their services to all our readers due to their exemplary record in the travel agency business.

Eid-ul-Adha – Pakistan

Although there are many Muslim countries that celebrate this religious event in full swing and spirit, Pakistan is the place to be if you want to get the truest feeling of Eid-ul-Adha. Celebrations and preparations start a month before the Eid and run almost 2 3 weeks after the event. This event is the most fun time to be in Pakistan as people of all age groups enjoy it to their fullest. It is a tradition to buy cattle from cattle markets and sacrifice them on the Eid day. Then their meat is used in barbecue parties, weddings, distribution in the poor families, and other parties of all sorts. If you are a true lover of meat, Pakistan is the place to be. The cattle sacrificed for this event are mostly cows, buffalos, camels, goats, sheep and yak.

Holi Festival – India and Nepal

Holi is a festival of Hindus and is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm. But we recommend you to celebrate this moment of joy and happiness in India or Nepal. Holi, or more commonly known as the Festival of Colours is celebrated in every street and home in India. People fight with colours and watercolours. They also enjoy Holika Bonfires, along with a colourful display of fireworks. It symbolizes the burning of the Holika, which was a devil in Hindu mythology. This festival is enjoyed by millions of tourists each year, so when you are going to take part in it?

Snow and Ice Festival, Harbin – China

Harbin is one of the coldest cities of China, but winter spirits are always high there. This city hosts the annual Snow and Ice festival, and you can see different sculptures, artworks, statues, castles and countless other monuments made from ice. This place becomes a winter wonderland for visitors, and it is open to everyone. This place is not just special in its own way, but it is also unique. So book a trip to Harbin, China and enjoy this unique festival.

Thingyan – Myanmar

Thingyan is just like Songkran, but this festival is known with a different name in Myanmar. People love to sprinkle water on others and play with it as they used to in their childhood. You can have a great time in Myanmar celebrating this festival with your family, friends, loved one, or even local acquaintances.

Mevlana Calaledin Rumi, Konya – Turkey

Mevlana Calaledin Rumi is celebrated in Konya, Turkey from 7 to 17th December. This is a Sufi festival and it begins in the 13th century after the death of the famous Persian poet and philosopher Rumi. On this occasion, the whirling Dervishes celebrate the life of their Sufi poet and spiritual leader in order to achieve the frenzy and unity with God. This controlled spinning is a great thing to witness, and you can experience this unique dance in no other part of the world. So book your tickets to Turkey now and enjoy one of the best times of your life by attending this event.

Bali Kite Festival, Bali – Indonesia

Bali Kite Festival is not a typical kite flying festival, it has a religious touch to it. But people from all over the world are welcomed there to celebrate it with the locals. The kites that people flow have a purpose to communicate with the Hindu Gods, to bless their harvest. It is said that the bigger the kite, the better it will be for anyone to communicate with the gods. So people fly huge kites in their gods’ honour. There are also certain competitions that are held all over Bali on this amazing event.

Pingxi Lantern Festival – Taiwan

Pingxi is the festival of welcoming the locals and tourists from all over the world. This lantern festival is a great way to mark the beginning of the spring season, and a great chance for you to take a few snaps for your Instagram profile. You can witness thousands of lanterns being released into the night sky. You can also bring your own lanterns and release them. This is indeed a great moment of joy and happiness for anyone.

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