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25th September 2019

Easy Lifestyle Changes to Help You Sleep

We all struggle to sleep from time to time. Sometimes, the reasons for our sleepless nights are clear. You might have had too many late nights or early mornings, only to find that you can’t get back into your routine. You might be drinking too much caffeine late at night or overeating sugar. Sometimes we can’t sleep because we are stressed out and worried, and so we spend our nights tossing and turning as we struggle to turn our minds off for the night. 

But, the causes aren’t always as clear. You might find that you can’t sleep, but that there’s no apparent reason for it, which makes it much harder to deal with. Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be difficult, and you might not have to make any drastic changes. There are often just a few simple lifestyle changes that can improve your quality of sleep, as well as its length. 

lifestyle changes to help you get more sleep - Woman asleep on the sofa
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Stop Smoking

Smoking might not directly impact your sleep. But, it can hurt the quality of the air in your home, increase your adrenaline levels, and have a negative effect on your mental health. Of course, quitting isn’t an easy change, but you could always go for a classic shisha pen in this kit for a swap.

Switch Off for an Hour Before Bed

A common cause of sleepless nights in the modern world is our growing use of technology. We sit in bed on our mobile phones or tablets, or minds kept alert by both the light and the content that we view. Try to switch devices off, or at least put them down for an hour before bed. 

Leave Your Phone in Another Room

You might also be guilty of sleeping with your phone charging up next to your bed. This won’t hurt you as such, but you might be tempted to check more than the time if you wake in the night. You might also turn to your phone as soon as you wake up, instead of trying to get a little more rest or waking gradually. Leave your phone in another room overnight, and you might sleep much better. 

Exercise More

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Getting even ten minutes more exercise a day can help you to sleep better. It tires your body out, eases your stress and improves your mood. Try cardio exercise, or at least going for a short walk after dinner.

Get Organised for the Morning

Sometimes, we can’t sleep because we are worried about how much we need to do in the morning. You might be subconsciously planning what you need to do. So, start doing some of it before you go to bed. Pack lunches, get uniforms out, prepare what you are going to wear, and even begin showering before bed. You might sleep better if you know your morning will be easier. It can also mean that you can get up a little later. 

If these changes don’t help, there’s still no clear reason for your sleepless nights and no sign of improvement, you may want to look for any other symptoms, and see your doctor. Just in case it’s a symptom of an underlying condition. 

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Changes To Help You Feel Healthier Every Day

Everyone wants to feel as healthy as possible. That much is clear, but what is often less clear is how you are actually supposed to go about making it a reality. If you find that you are not as healthy as you would like to be, or at any rate that you don’t feel all that healthy, then there are many things you might like to do in order to change that. Often, it is merely a matter of changing one or two habits, or just introducing some healthy new thing into your daily life. But what kind of changes might be best for this purpose, and which are the kind of things that are bound to make the most of a difference? Let’s take a look at a few of the best and most important changes you can hope to make to feel healthier day after day.

Woman carrying shopping basket full of fruit and vegetables - healthier
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Less Processed Food

The trouble with processed food is that it is so ubiquitous that it is challenging to make sure that you are actually going to do away with it. That’s for the simple reason that you might not always be aware that you are eating it, either because manufacturers don’t always make it clear or because you have just snacked on it without really thinking about it. So changing this is going to require that you are a little more mindful of what you are eating at all times. As long as you can be sure of that, you should find that you are going to be eating a lot healthier, and once you are eating better it means you will feel better in yourself in no time at all. Avoid processed food and go instead for natural, whole foods – that is the way to a healthier life.

Fewer Toxins

You’ll find that there are toxins in many things and that you need to make sure you avoid them as best as you can if you want to be healthier. When you have a lot of toxins in your body, it can lead to your body not functioning properly, and ultimately you will feel a lot worse off for it too. So make sure that you are not putting excess poisons into your body if you can help it. You might find this difficult at first, especially if you are particularly prone to something like smoking or drinking alcohol. But by switching to the best vape juice or trying to avoid alcohol you will find that you are helping your body become much healthier indeed.

Group of people doing exercises

More Rigorous Training

If you don’t already train your body every day, you should consider starting to do that. Only by keeping on top of your physical training can you hope to keep yourself feeling healthy, so it’s important that you do this every day. You’ll also need to think about being much more rigorous with yourself than you may have been previously, as that is going to really make a difference to how you feel.

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Create Healthy Routine In Few Easy Steps: Exercises, Meals and Attitude

People are creatures of habit. Whether they are healthy or unhealthy, all those habits combined make our daily routines. However, we should do our best to create a healthy routine on a daily basis, for the sake of leading a healthier and happier life. We all need those routines in order to stay organized and a clear and organized routine will keep your mind at peace. And if you tweak the routine you already have into a more healthy one, you will become the best person you can be. So, here is how you should do it.

Start the Day Healthy

healthy routine- lemon water first thing in the morning
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You need to know how to create a morning routine that will keep you energized and fresh throughout the day. When you wake up and get out of the bed you should treat yourself with a glass of lemon water. Lemon juice will lower the acidity levels in your body and keep you from inflammatory diseases and it’s a refreshing kick for the beginning of the day. Also, do some exercises right after waking up in order to boost your energy levels. Morning exercises will improve your circulation and they will encourage good lymphatic functions. So even just 20 minutes of exercising each morning will bring some good to your routine. Last on the list for the mornings is a good healthy breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day and you should make sure it has plenty of proteins, slow-release carbs and vitamins and minerals.

Have a Healthy Lunch

After a successful morning routine, you’re ready to go to work. The day will go past quickly and you should make sure to have a healthy lunch in the afternoon. Even when you’re the busiest at work, you have to make sure to grab a healthy lunch, just think ahead. However, focus on the good carbs and protein in your lunch. Avoid adding too much fat at lunchtime because fats promote afternoon lethargy and you will get sleepy.

Exercises in the Afternoon

woman jogging in the wood
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Mid-afternoon “slump” is about to occur with most of us. So, in order to keep yourself going through the day, you should do some exercises during work but keep them light and moderate. You can even do some yoga at the office or stretch a bit and you will get better. Even just a short walk of 10 minutes will work wonders.

Take Some Time to Relax

Your workdays are probably packed with obligations and stress, and you need to have some time to relax in your daily routine. If you don’t, then those high-stress levels put you at risk of many health conditions and problems. So, when you’re done with work, go home and relax. You can schedule some time with your family for some fun games, movie nights or going for a nice walk around the block. Also, you can go for a few drinks with your friends and catch up on what’s happening in your lives. Possibilities are endless, you just have to do what relaxes you. You can even spend some time with your pets, meditate or simply sit down and relax by taking a few minutes to remind yourself of all the good things happening in your life.

Take Vitamin C Supplements

ranges are a good source of vitamin c
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Our bodies desperately need vitamin C. It’s great for boosting your immune systems and it also reduced the acidity level in your body. So, whenever you remember, make sure to take vitamin C during the day. However, the best time for this vitamin is right before bed. Besides bringing some great health benefits, it will make sure you’re well-hydrated and you will wake up the next morning with a clear head and ready for the day to start.

Go to Bed at a Reasonable Time

This one sounds obvious, but sometimes it’s hard to make yourself go to bed early and get enough sleep. In order for our bodies and minds to function properly and keep us healthy, we need between 6 and 10 hours of sleep every night. This is really different for every person, but it’s an average recommended amount of sleep. Overall, getting enough sleep is essential because that’s when our body refreshes and repairs itself. Also, your head will stay clear, stress levels low and overall mood will improve if you sleep well. So, make sure to count the hours before going to bed, turn off your phone and computer and avoid vigorous exercises in the late evening and you will sleep like a baby.

Our daily routines often differ, but these are the essentials that every person should workout into their routines and schedules. So, make a plan for each day, eat healthily, do some exercising and stay on schedule and you will have a healthy routine that will only get the best out of you.

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