5 Easy To Grow Summer Bedding Plants

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summer bedding plants - cosmos

It may not feel like it at the moment, but Summer really is on the way. You can tell by the trays and trays of bedding plants outside supermarkets and in garden centres across the country!
I’ve picked 5 of my favourite flowers that are easy to grow and care for. They give glorious colour throughout the Summer and some even continue into early Autumn.

Whether you have perfectly manicured lawns surrounding large flower beds or space for just a few pots and hanging baskets, you’ll find these plants easy to grow and maintain.

Easy To Grow Summer Bedding Plants

1 – Cosmos

summer bedding plants - cosmos

Some people class cosmos as weeds because they seed prolifically. They have a long blooming time so you’ll be able to enjoy them right through Autumn.
It’s a low maintenance plant that does well in poor, well-drained soil in full sun.

2 – Sweet Pea

summer bedding plants - sweet pea

Most sweet peas have a wonderful fragrance and they are very easy to grow from seed. You need to decide whether you want a climbing sweet pea or the bushier variety.
Sweet peas will stop flowering if seedpods are allowed to develop so regularly picking a bunch to bring inside and deadheading regularly will make sure this plant goes on flowering all summer.

As an added bonus, your room will smell delightful!

3 – Begonia


Begonias are great for pots, hanging baskets and borders. They tolerate light shade and will last right through until the first frost.
Whilst begonias are easy to grow, you need to make sure they’re in well-drained soil/compost and put pots on pot feet to allow the water to drain out. They can rot if the growing conditions are too wet.

4 – Busy Lizzies

busy Lizzie

The busy Lizzie certainly lives up to its name; it flowers profusely throughout the whole Summer and is one of the easiest bedding plants to grow.
They do need a bit of shade, however, as they can burn easily. They also need protecting from the wind.

5 – Snapdragons


Snapdragons are a firm favourite with children because they can look like they’re talking if you gently squeeze the sides of the flower.
Many snapdragon plants flower in Spring, but you can get ones that flower in Summer. If you deadhead regularly, cutting the flowers off down to the green part of the stem, they should keep on flowering.