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23rd April 2019

3 carpet vacuuming tips that can change your life

Carpets are amazing and add to the home’s aesthetic appeal. That’s because you can always find a carpet that matches the overall theme of your home. In spite of the advantages that a carpet confers to your home, taking care of it can be a challenge. Most people tend to vacuum the carpet the wrong way and end up ruining it.  This doesn’t have to be the case though. There are simple tips that you can follow and keep your carpet looking glam, without depreciating it. To help you take better care of your carpet, here are 3 carpet vacuuming tips that can change your life.

professionally cleaned carpet


  1.   Use the right vacuum cleaner

If you want to take care of your carpet without having to buy a new one every so often, then you need to ensure that you use the right vacuum cleaning equipment. For instance, if you have a plush carpet, it would be best to go for a vacuum cleaner that has an adjustable height. This ensures that the carpet fibre remains intact, as you clean it. For rugs, you can go for a vacuum cleaner that allows you to turn the beater brush on and off.  Follow this link to learn about different types of vacuum cleaners, and go for one that is best suited for your carpet.


  1.    Vacuum it slowly

When it comes to vacuum cleaning a carpet, the slower you do it, the better the results you will get. That’s because, if you do it too fast, the vacuum cleaner might not pick up all the dirt.  This is especially important if you have little kids that throw stuff around as they play. For best results, take time to focus on areas that have the most dirt, or are prone to it. If you do this, you will keep your carpet looking glam at all times, and it will last for longer. It will last longer because, when you let dirt accumulate, by not cleaning it well, you will have to use force to clean it when you ultimately do it. This can significantly depreciate your carpet, and force you to replace it, earlier than you would otherwise do.


  1.    Clean it regularly

Just like slow deliberate cleaning, regular cleaning can save you from having to buy carpet every now and then. When you clean your carpet regularly, you prevent dirt particles from accumulating and sticking to the fabric.  To achieve even better results, follow the above steps even as you clean it regularly. Make sure you are using the right vacuum cleaner, and when cleaning, take it slowly and focus more on areas most prone to dirt.


If you follow these three tips, you will completely change your life. You will change your life because you will never have to worry about a dirty-stained carpet. This means you can welcome your visitors with confidence. Your life will also change because you will stay with a carpet for longer, which means you will have money to spend on things that you enjoy.

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Every Three Hours – Book Review #15

If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know that I read book 7 of the Darby McCormick series before reading book 6, Every Three Hours, by mistake.
I’m now all caught up and happy to say I still enjoyed book 6, even though it was out of order!

Every Three Hours

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:


Forensic investigator Darby McCormick queues to enter Boston Police Headquarters on a freezing winter morning. Lured back to her hometown to help solve a cold case, Darby won’t get far inside the station – and this will be no ordinary homecoming…

Because someone suddenly takes a woman hostage and a stand-off ensues. The man has explosives strapped to himself and other bombs hidden around the city, rigged to explode – every three hours – until he gets what he wants.

Working desperately against the clock, Darby realizes she is trapped between a kidnapper who would kill to expose the truth and people who would let others die to hide their lies…

My Thoughts

I loved this book and because it was totally centred around the gunman who had taken hostages at Boston Police department, there wasn’t much of Darby and Coop’s back story. It didn’t feel at all like I was reading it out of order, which those who know me, will know how relieved I am!

I love the way Chris Mooney never paints Darby as a fearless heroine; she’s brave and she’s tough, but he still tells us how scared she is when she’s facing the different threats.

I was just going to say I hope Chris Mooney writes another Darby book. After checking Goodreads and seeing only 7 in the series, I Googled to see if there were any news on book 8 only to discover that not only has book 8 been written, I’ve already got it! I bought it without reading the blurb simply because it was by Chris Mooney and now I can’t wait to read book 8 🙂

Every three hours by Chris Mooney book cover

Goodreads 2019 reading challenge 15 books read


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