Dobby The Chihuahua – 7th Oct My Sunday Photo

Ant’s son, Jourdain, and his fiance, Nettie, brought their new addition to the family to meet us last night. We all fell in love with gorgeous Dobby. She’s a beautiful tiny baby chihuahua.

Here she is snuggled up in KayCee’s Harry Potter blanket!

KayCee now wants a chihuahua. We tried putting her off by telling her she would be the one who had to pick up the poop, feed, water and walk it every day as well as administering flea and worm treatment. None of this seemed to phase her, however, we all know it’s easy to say and not as easy to do, day after day!

Ella still wants a guinea pig so Ant said they can both have what they want if they can keep their bedroom tidy for 6 months.
They tried before and managed a couple of months until Christmas came then it all went to pot!

We’ll have to see how they do this time! 

Welcome Dobby

Dobby the chihuahua
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