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3rd October 2018

The Top 3 Reasons College Students Should Focus On Their Studies Over Partying

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Partying in college is a common phenomenon. Overdoing it will affect a student’s performance in exams. This will have an impact on their career as well, especially if they drink too much. Most students complain that quitting drinking is hard. This is mainly because they do not have the necessary guidance and counselling as well as the support. If you are determined to quit drinking, you can. You only need to seek help from effective online as well as rehab centres. Support from friends and family will also help you a lot. There are many reasons to focus on your studies. Let us discuss a few. You may party later after you graduate. But for now, ensure that you focus on your studies.

student studying, not partying

Here are the top 3 reasons college students should focus on their studies over partying:

  1. Career development

In order to further your career, the company you keep is very important. You should develop interests in hobbies that can help further your career. Drinking regularly with your friends blocks your opportunities to attend webinars, lectures and other social gatherings that may help in developing your career. Most colleges organize for college talks, career coach and professional talks from various experts in all fields of study. Attending such professional meetings exposes you to available job opportunities in the market. If you spend less time partying, you will get time to attend such motivational and educational seminars.

  1. Economic aspect

Partying costs you a lot of money. In college, the pressure to live a certain lifestyle is on. In addition, the cost of living in college is also very high. When you party all the time, you exhaust your financial resources fast. This may lead you to commit crimes and this may have legal consequences. Partying also takes up most of your time, you will not get time to make money through available part-time jobs. You may use such income to supplement the financial support you get from friends and family. Sometimes, just having some extra time to pursue other interests, sleep or even just relax at home or with friends in college is more relaxing than partying. Again, you avoid that pressure that comes with such parties.

students studying
  1. Better health

When you stop partying a lot, your health tremendously improves. In most parties, you will find lots of alcoholic drinks and other substance abuse. This has an effect on your health in the long run. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to fatigue, brain fog, and decreased immune function. This has adverse effects on your studies. Research shows that too much alcohol also affects memory and mental focus. It may also affect your blood pressure in the long run. To support cognitive health and improve focus, supplements like Claritox or Cogniultra can be beneficial.
If you stop partying too much, you will enjoy healthy weight management, better and longer sleep, and more energy. Though it can take some time for your body and mind to “detox” and recover to a better state, so you may want to consider a supplement or remedy in the meantime, like these Morning Complete ingredients. Taking these steps can lead to improved performance in your studies.

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