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6th November 2015

7 Weeks to Christmas

7 weeks till Christmas

7 weeks till Christmas and the Christmas CDs have made it off the shelf and into the cd player :oD

My stepdaughter bought me the Nashville Christmas cd and I absolutely LOVE it! Kaycee wasn’t very impressed when I put it on and she fetched the one she wanted to listen too.
We spent story time last night, singing to Christmas songs :o)

Ella put her Rudolph onesie on and a Santa hat to really get herself into the Christmas spirit! She got really excited when she got the Santa hat out because it had been stored in the same box as the Christmas candles and it made the hat smell all Christmassy!

We’ve watched a few Christmas movies and Ant’s had a little moan each time he’s come home to find us watching another one; he keeps telling us it’s only November!
I love that the girls want to watch the Christmas movies as much as I do :oD

Ella asked me last night if Daddy likes Christmas. I said he does and she replied, ‘he’s just not crazy about it like you are, is he mum?
She makes me smile ;O)

John Lewis 2015 Christmas Advert – Love it!

John Lewis 2015 Christmas advert

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! The John Lewis 2015 Christmas advert didn’t disappoint at all 🙂

John Lewis 2015 Christmas advert Man in the moon

It brought a huge smile to my face and made Kaycee go, Awwwwwwwwwwwwww :oD

I think it’s lovely that John Lewis teamed up with Age UK for this year’s Christmas advert. Too many older people are alone and lonely at Christmas.

I love the song, I always sing along when I’m watching The Royal Family!

Another big thumbs up from me, John Lewis :o)

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The History of Strictly Come Dancing



With the show progressing through its twelfth series (can you believe it’s been on that long??), Great British Bingo have taken a look back at the history of Strictly Come Dancing in this cool infographic.
It’s the show that has the nation gripped on a Saturday night, some don’t even know why they’re watching it or that they’re even getting into it until they show their disgust at one particular pair being voted off the show, it’s actually quite funny.
Even some of the most die-hard anti-Strictly people have given some kind of comment about the show over the past eleven series’ with some celebrities showcasing their finest “Dad dancing” skills and others blowing even the professionals out of the water with their finest moves.
The show is now so popular that it is regularly beating the X Factor in the Saturday night TV ratings battle, and it is showing no signs of fizzling out like it’s pop alternative on the other channel. Instead, producers have given the show a new lease of life with the move to replace the legend that is Bruce Forsyth with Claudia Winkleman.
It was a move that may not have gone down too well with those who have followed the history of Strictly Come Dancing over the series’, but sometimes you just need to have a change for the good of the show in the long-term.
In the Great British Bingo graphic, we can see that there have been some winners that we didn’t even know took part in the early days! Some won’t remember the show being on much before the year that Alesha Dixon blew away the competition to such an extent that she landed a role as a judge, but Natasha Kaplinsky won the first ever edition back in 2004.
This year’s show has got some great dancers, especially some of the pop stars who have got their natural dance moves – and it’s hardly surprising that Peter Andre is already the favourite to win. Who knows, there could be another outsider who comes through in the next few weeks as a dark horse – we’ll see in a few weeks!
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