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26th August 2011

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Nearly all our photos are on the server and at the moment, our server is a bit poorly so I can’t get to them to do a Flashback Friday post.
I did, however, find an old photo of me on my laptop and seeing it conjured up memories of our little flat in Kilburn, Derbyshire. I started to remember little things from my childhood that make me smile.

Flashback Friday - A photo of me as a child

Old People Flats

Our flat was one of four old peoples flats. I think that the reason the council put a young family there was because they had nowhere else to put us!
I seem to remember the upstairs neighbours more than any others and that’s probably because I remember my mum moaning about them sometimes.

Too Much Noise

Now, my memory from this period in my life may not be very accurate but I have a feeling that even though mum and dad were polite to the couple upstairs, they could be a bit annoying and would moan about us children making too much noise.
They also moaned about a large part of the garden that was left to its own devices and ended up having amazingly tall grass all over it that people would dump rubbish in as they passed our garden wall.
I remember my dad getting some friends to come and help chop it all down and they found old handbags and shoes and all sorts of stuff in there!

Thunder & Lightning

The living room had french windows that opened onto a little-covered patio type area (the flat upstairs had french doors also which opened onto their balcony, which is why our patio bit was covered) and during thunderstorms, I would sit on my dad’s knee and watch the rain and lightning and jump at the thunder.
To this day, I love thunderstorms.

Sindy Collection

I remember I had quite a big collection of Sindy dolls, along with cars, furniture etc but I didn’t yet have the house. I was hoping to get it for Christmas.
While playing with friends I told mum I was taking my Sindy stuff outside. She warned me not to because she said it would get broken.

I didn’t believe her (like children do) and took it outside. I remember a little bedside table that had a tiny lamp on it. It really lit up when you pressed the switch and I loved it.
Of course, mum was right. A short while later, some other kids came into the garden and got a bit boisterous. They didn’t break everything but they broke a lot and my little bedside lamp was one of them. I was heartbroken.

Sense of Community

I loved that street we lived on. Everyone knew each other and the adults would sit on the walls outside the house, chatting away while the children played.
I don’t know if I’m seeing it with rose tinted glasses because I was young and memories from that long ago can’t really be trusted (well I know mine can’t!) but it feels like there was a lovely sense of community.

Don’t get me wrong, there were people we didn’t get on with and people used to argue and fall out but on the whole, it was a nice place to live.

It wasn’t as nice as the next street we moved to in Denby Bottles (a little village just down from Kilburn) but that’s another story!

Designing t-shirts

It’s quite a short activity but one they totally enjoyed 🙂
To be honest, I’m pleased it didn’t take long today. I know it sounds awful but I’ve been suffering from a headache that’s been trying to turn into a migraine since I woke up this morning.
I’ve been on strong coffee and tablets and even though it’s still lingering, it’s staying as a headache and I can cope with that!
The children have been wonderful all morning. Usually, they bicker at breakfast, they bicker at teeth brushing time and again at getting dressed time but this morning they all worked together.
When the morning routine was finished, they stayed upstairs in Aiden’s room and built a den that they all plan on sleeping in tonight 🙂

After lunch, they each got their plain white t-shirts ready and opened up the fabric paints.
KayCee got her paints and t-shirt for her birthday. Aiden & Ella used an old t-shirt each and some fabric paints that their sister, Kellyann bought them for christmas and we’ve just got around to using.

Aiden planned his design in pencil while the girls just dived right in!









They weren’t very impressed when I told them it takes a few hours for the paint to dry!

KayCee and Ella went off to watch Button Moon on dvd (Ella got it for her birthday and today was the first time she’d watched it) and KayCee seemed to like it more than Ella!
It brought back some nice memories. Button Moon used to be on when I got home from school. My sister is 10 years younger than me and she used to watch it. It’s funny how your views change over the years. When I was around 13, Button Moon was very annoying and silly. Now I’m 35, it’s full of nostalgia and I enjoyed watching it with the girls. I even remembered the lyrics to the song!
KayCee giggled at me singing,
‘we’re offffff to button moon, we’ll followwwww mr spoon, button mooo-ooon!’.

When that was finished, KayCee watched her new dvd; she got, ‘The very hungry caterpillar and other stories’. She loves reading this book to Ella at bedtime and the dvd didn’t disappoint. Ella got the book and turned the pages along with the story on tv.

They’re now in the kitchen with their friend, Savannah, having a teddy bear’s picnic… being nice and quiet, just for me 🙂

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