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Wallpops Wall Stickers Review

You’ve probably seen more than one post on my blog about wall stickers. This is because I LOVE them! I was very excited when I was asked to review some Wallpops wall stickers.

I’ve got some in my bedroom, some in the girls’ room and now some in the kitchen 🙂

I ordered some writeable sticker calenders from Wallpops so I could create chore charts for the kids. Since we moved here a year ago the kids haven’t done half the chores they used to do in our old house.
I used to print off their chore sheets every week and they’d cross them off as they did them

We haven’t got a printer at the moment so I’ve not been able to print off the chore sheets so things have been missed or ‘forgotten’!

These writeable calendars are brilliant. I filled in the jobs I wanted them to do each day and they tick them off when they’re done.
It saves us paper and ink and I can change or add any jobs without having to print off a new sheet.

Wallpops wall stickers - kitchen before


Wallpops wall stickers
As well as the calendars, I ordered some birdcage stickers because I thought they would look really pretty in my kitchen 🙂


Wallpops wall stickers


Wallpops wall stickers - kitchen after


Wallpops wall stickers
This is Aiden’s calendar waiting to be filled in 🙂


Wallpops wall stickers


Wallpops wall stickers
One each for the girls at a level they can both reach


Wallpops wall stickers
They take it in turns to do the washer and dryer each day and also to clear and set the table for dinner.


Wallpops wall stickers
The only thing I’d change about these writeable calendars would be the pens that come with them. The nib is a bit too thick and a finer nib would be much better for the size of the squares. It’s easily remedied though.
The pens come with velcro attached so you can stick them onto the calendar although Kaycee’s wasn’t very sticky and keeps falling off. I have to find the double sided tape and see if I can get it to stay on!
Apart from that very minor thing, I absolutely love these stickers and would order loads more if I had more wall or cupboard space!
Please note: We were sent the stickers in return for a review but all opinions are my own and are honest.


My Wall Stickers – Review

I love wall stickers. I’ve loved them ever since I bought some Winnie the Pooh ones for Aiden’s room when he was a baby!

The girls now love them as much as me and when we moved here we spent ages on Ebay choosing the wall stickers we were going to have in our bedrooms 🙂

Kaycee picked some lovely purple flowers, I picked some wisteria for the front of the white wardrobes and a cherry blossom branch for under the window and Ella picked minions for her wardrobe doors!

My Wall Stickers

When My Wall Stickers got in touch asking if we’d like to review some wall stickers we said yes, of course, and I decided I’d get one to replace some butterflies and flowers stickers that I’d bought from eBay but that hadn’t been very good. They’d only been up a couple of months and they were starting to peel off and stick to people as they walked past.

I chose a Japanese sakura tree. You can choose your own colours on a lot of the stickers so I went for brown to match the pictures on the wall above.

Read The Instructions

When it arrived, I read through the instructions and it said it had to be applied to a flat surface. The wallpaper I was planning on attaching the sticker too is slightly textured and I figured it wasn’t the best place to choose as I didn’t want it peeling off like the previous one.

My problem then turned out to be finding a flat surface that was big enough for the tree! The only other place in the entire house that had enough wall space to accommodate it was in Kaycee and Ella’s bedroom.

I put it up while they were at school and when they saw it that night they loved it 🙂

I found it really easy to apply after an initial panic about it not being a ‘peel and stick’ type wall sticker like I was used too. I usually get the ones where you have to follow the numbers and diagram to stick each piece in the right place but this came on one big sheet and you had to cut the sheet into two pieces.

The applicator is attached to the tube. I must admit, I did wonder what this was as I’d never had an applicator with any wall stickers before!
Depending on your chosen design, you may need to cut this long sheet into two or more pieces.
Read all the instructions first, it makes it much easier!
These are the things you’ll need for successful application 🙂
Stick the sheet to the wall in the middle using masking tape with the backing paper against the wall. Peel the sticker forward towards yourself and cut off a piece of the backing paper.
Using the applicator, press firmly against the wall. Make sure you rub all over the stickers paying particular attention to the edges.
You can see where I cut the backing off then stuck the stickers to the wall.
Now slowly peel back the backing paper, rubbing the stickers onto the wall as you go. You might find it easier to cut away parts of the backing paper as you go. I did!
This is how it looks with all the backing paper removed and the stickers stuck to the wall
Now you want to start peeling off the front paper, slowly and carefully.
If you find any parts of the sticker hasn’t stuck, just use the applicator again to press it to the wall

It’s quite time consuming putting on a sticker this size but it’s worth taking your time over.

wall stickers

I love it as much as the girls, it’s very good quality and easy to apply 🙂

Please note: We were sent the sticker to review but this didn’t influence our write up of the product.

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