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Remote control buggy – Review

Aiden’s had loads of different remote control cars over the years. He’s never really been that interested in them so when this remote control buggy arrived, I gave it to Kaycee and Ella instead!
They loved it right away and pestered me to take the photos so they could open it and have a go. One of them put the batteries (which were included) in the car while the other put them in the remote control and out they went.
This is where we made a mistake.
Kaycee put it on the lawn and tried to make it move.
The lawn hadn’t been cut for about 2 weeks and there was no way it was going to work its way through that tall grass!
I did try to film them but it wasn’t very successful (I need more practice at taking video!).
The only downside we’ve found is the battery usage; unfortunately, they soon ran down. We put new ones in and they didn’t last very long either so next time we’re going to spend a little more on the batteries because the cheap ones obviously don’t have enough power.
Despite not being able to play with it for very long, they did have lots of fun and I think this may be the start of a remote control car obsession for the two of them!


Remote control buggy

We were sent the remote control car in return for an honest opinion.

8ft Instant Garden Pool – Review

The girls popped the paddling pool we had last year by trying to run and dive into it. It seems every year we have to buy a new paddling pool so this year I had planned on getting a 10ft steel framed pool from Amazon. It cost around £90 and came with a filter pump.

The day before I was going to order it, I got an email asking if we’d like to review an 8ft pool so of course, I said yes!

Preparation For the New Pool

All three kids spent a couple of days preparing the area for the pool. They had to dig out loads of gravel from where a greenhouse used to be when the previous owner lived here then use the pile of soil that Ant dug out when he made the wildlife pond.
I’m really proud of how they all worked together to get it done without moaning!
When it was all ready, they laid down the underlay we’d saved when we took the carpet up in the living room the other month. It doesn’t look the greatest but when we get round to it, we’ll find a way to hide it somehow 🙂

Hours To Fill

It took hours to fill because we mistakenly used the flat hose instead of the round one. Ant said if we’d have used the round one, it would have taken half the time!

The pool from Thinkgizmos doesn’t come with a filter pump but as it only cost £24.99, buying the inflatable pool filter pump separately for £19.99 is still a great price.

The girls absolutely LOVE the pool and have been going in on days when I wouldn’t ever consider getting into a swimming costume and lowering myself into cold water!
They invite their friends over and Kaycee makes sure everyone follows the safety rules 🙂




It seems quite strong so hopefully, it’ll last the summer and we’ll be able to put it away over winter, to be brought out again next year.

Here’s to a long, hot summer with plenty of pool fun 😀

We were sent the pool in return for an honest review.