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The Snow Didn’t Kill All The Frog Spawn :) My Sunday Photo

When the snow and ice came last month, I worried that the frogspawn was all going to be killed.
I did think about trying to do something to protect it, but it’s a wildlife pond. No one would be putting bubblewrap over frogspawn in a true wildlife pond so we decided to let nature do its thing.

Tadpoles 2018

tadpoles 2018

I’m happy to say we have hundreds of tadpoles 🙂 It’s hard to see them properly on the photo because they stay in a big clump for a while. You can see them all wriggling though, and it made me happy to see them this morning 🙂


Lots and lots of tadpoles – Sunday Photo

Lots and Lots of Tadpoles

I thought we had lots of tadpoles last year. This year we have lots and lots and lots more! I love them!

The goldfish you can see there isn’t in the pond anymore. Our next door neighbours sold their house and asked us if we could take 2 goldfish into our pond. We took them but then decided we wanted to keep the pond as a wildlife pond so we sent them down to my brother who has a goldfish pond in his back garden 🙂


I’ve always wanted a wildlife pond full of tadpoles and sitting in the warm spring sunshine, watching them swimming around and sunning themselves on the rocks made me feel very happy and content 🙂

9 Week Tadpole Update

9 Week Update

Tadpole Update – Some of them have legs :oD It’s been 9 weeks since we found the first lot of frog spawn and Ella’s been busy checking on them every day!

She loves to go pond dipping and was really excited to see some of them had legs when she came home from school today 🙂


Tadpoles in pond

Ant’s been busy rebuilding the stream again this week. We decided we wanted to remove the brick wall that was there before we made the pond and bank up the sides with rocks instead so it was more in keeping with the rest of the pond and rockery.
I love how it looks now, it’s so much nicer 🙂

Here’s how it was before

Pond and stream before update

and here’s how it is now

Pond and stream


Go away ducks! They’re My Tadpoles!

Go Away Ducks!

Ducks in the garden

I was excited, at first, when the pair of ducks flew into the garden and made their way to the pond.

Then I realised that they were there to eat the tadpoles and after getting a couple of photos, I got Kaycee to go outside so they’d fly away.

Ducks in the pond Go away Ducks

They visited again today so I sent Kaycee out again to make them fly away. Hopefully, they’ll get the message that they’re not welcome at our pond.
I feel a bit bad for frightening them away. We made the pond specifically for the frogs, though, and we love watching the tadpoles swimming around 🙂

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