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Christmas Party Dresses from StyleWe

Christmas party dresses

I know lots of you don’t like talking about Christmas this early but as you probably know, I’m nutty about it! I start my full-scale planning as soon as the kids go back to school in September!
Seeing as it’s now October, I figured it would be a good time to start thinking about Christmas party dresses and planning ahead so we can look fabulous.
With this in mind, I’ve been perusing the long evening dresses at StyleWe. There are some gorgeous styles.

I found myself gravitating towards red and green, because, you know, Christmas, but figured other colours are good as well!

evening dresses

Christmas party dresses

Christmas party dresses

Christmas party dresses

Christmas party dresses

Christmas party dresses

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Window shopping!

Window Shopping

One of the great things about the internet is being able to go window shopping at 10 o clock at night, in the cosiness of your own home!

I’m not usually one to bother with new clothes; I prefer to spend the money on clothes for the kids rather than myself. Just lately, though, I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have something different to wear.

I went to a ladies day at my friend’s pub yesterday and I was very underdressed. I’ve never really been a fan of dresses but all the ladies looked really nice in their posh dresses and hats and I went wearing a black top that has a glittery effect and a pair of black trousers.
It would have been nice to wear a dress for a change (not sure I could pull off a hat, though!), like these from StyleWe.

Style We short sleeve midi dress - Window shopping

Style We dress - Window shopping

I’ve also been looking at new coats. The coat I have is about 17 years old. I bought it from Bon Marche before Aiden (16) was born. It’s about time I had a new one!

I love this coat but I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to buy it, I’m usually a little more conservative!

Style We coat - Window shopping


It’s my 40th birthday next month. I think I might treat myself to something new to wear for when we go for a meal. It’ll make a change to buy an outfit for me instead of the girls!


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