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Back To School – Uniform and Stationery Shopping

Back To School – Uniform


Yes, I know the holidays have only just started but I know from experience we need to go shopping now. I’ve left it until the end of the holidays before and all the sizes we needed were out of stock.

The trouble is, I can’t just get on and order everything like I used to. The girls are older now and they want to choose their own style. The skirts I think they’d like, they don’t and the ones I’d never choose for them, they ask for!

I do most of the shopping at Tesco as I’m a delivery saver customer which means I can have it delivered for free 🙂


Like me, both girls love buying stationery and Ella’s looking forward to a trip to Smiggle with her sister, Kellyann.
Kaycee was pleased to see the contents of a package that came from Stabilo the other day. We’ve had pens from them before and the girls have always been pleased with them.
They send a selection of left and right handed because Ella needs left handed pens and Kaycee is right handed.

Ella loved her new lunch bag from Ulster Weavers 🙂 Kaycee didn’t mind that she didn’t get one, she doesn’t use lunch bags with pictures on them anymore now she’s at secondary school!

back to school stationery

stabilo pens


Please note: we were sent products in return for a blog post.

National Stationery Week – April 24-30

National Stationery Week

My girls love stationery about as much as I do. We’re suckers for buying pens and pretty notebooks so we were excited when Stabilo got in touch. They asked if we wanted some new pens and of course, we said yes!

Ella’s recently started using a pen to write with in school instead of a pencil. If the children don’t keep their writing as neat as possible, they get the pen taken away until they practice some more.
Ella was quite upset when she lost her pen but it helped encourage her to take care over her writing. She had a huge smile when she came home and told me she’d got her pen back!

Stabilo sent us 2 cartridge pens. One with the traditional cartridge nib and one with a ball point style nib.
I have to say that when Ant saw the ball point cartridge pen, he got even more excited than the girls!

National stationery week with Stabilo

You know with some pens, they just seem to help you have really lovely writing? That’s how these pens are. I reckon I’m going to have to treat myself to one!

For more about National Stationery Week, click here

Please note: We were sent the pens and some highlighters in return for this blog post.

Stabilo Cappi Pens Review

Cappi Pens

I’ve written before about the girls loving stationery and Stabilo in particular. Ella is very happy with the new pack of  Stabilo Cappi pens we received today. Kaycee’s not seen them yet as she’s away at a friend’s house, working on an end of year present for their teacher but she loves pens and I know she’s going to love these!

Stabilo Cappi Pens

Stabilo Cappi Pens

We love the flattened ends

The ends are flat which stops them rolling off the table, something that’s a constant source of annoyance when we’re crafting together. It makes you wonder why no one has thought of this design before?!

Stabilo Cappi Pens

The caps thread on to the cap ring which keeps them all together and stops them getting lost. I’m sure you know if you’ve got kids who colour, how many times the lids get lost! I’m always chucking old pens away because of this.

If the caps are left off, the pens don’t dry out for 24 hours, giving you time to get that cap back on! How brilliant is that? :o)

Stabilo Cappi Pens

They’ve got nice fine nibs which are great for the adult colouring book the girls bought me for Christmas! I can see me stealing these for myself!

The pens have an ergonomic grip zone specially designed for children meaning they’re easy for little hands to hold. You can easily keep the pens together by attaching them to the headrest using the loop when on long car journeys. It’s one more way to encourage the kids to draw and create instead of playing on tablets!

Stabilo cappi pens on car headrest

We’reThe girls are giving these Stabilo Cappi Pens 10/10, more importantly, so am I! The pens are kept together, they don’t roll everywhere and they don’t dry out because of the great design. The colours are lovely and bright 🙂


Please note: Stabilo sent us the cappi pens in return for an honest review.

Stabilo EASYgraph and EASYoriginal Review

During her first week back at school, 7 year old Ella’s teacher told her she needed to work on holding her pencil correctly so she gave her a pencil grip to use.

Kaycee (9) had also had the same conversation with her teacher and was told that as well as holding her pencil correctly, she needed to work on her handwriting.

The next day I received an email asking if we would like to review Stabilo EASYgraph pencils and EASYoriginal pens.

Both girls were really excited when the package arrived (they love stationery!) and kept asking me to hurry up and take photos so they could open them!

Stabilo EASYgraph and EASYoriginal

We were sent pens and pencils for left and right handed because Kaycee’s right-handed and Ella’s left-handed.

Stabilo EASYgraph

They love the design of the pens and thought it was great that they come with little stickers so you can write your name on.

Stabilo EASYgraph


Stabilo EASYgraph

The pens come with refills and one of them even came with an ink eraser.

Ella holding a normal pen

This is how Ella holds a normal pen

Ella holding a Stabilo EASYgraph pen

The finger spaces make it easy and comfortable for her to feel how it should be held while writing.

Kaycee holding her pencil incorrectly

I don’t even know how Kaycee can write holding her pencil like this!

Kaycee holding her Stabilo pen

They’ve both taken their pencils into school and are using them everyday now. They found it a little difficult at first because they’ve been used to their own way of writing for so long but they soon got used to it.

These pens and pencils have been great for them and we thank Stabilo for their help 🙂

Please note: We were sent samples in order to write the review but all opinions are honest.


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