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Snow Day! 2 Excited Girls Because We’ve Not Had Snow For Years!

Ella’s school decided before she left this morning that they were closing due to the snow. She was ecstatic to be having a snow day!

Aiden found out his college was closed just before he got on the bus so he was happy to be able to come home.

Kaycee’s school decided to stay open. She waited in the cold, snowy weather for the bus which was late. The traffic was terrible and she was already late. She ended up getting off before they got to school and walking the rest of the way.

Her school then decided to close at 12 anyway so it had all been a bit of a faff for nothing.

Snow Day

Ella has spent the whole day with her friends. They played in the snow and went to each other’s houses when they got too cold!
The snow continued most of the day. It’s the most snow we’ve seen in years. They were so excited to finally be able to use the sledges I bought them for Christmas about 5 years ago!

Early Morning

Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018


Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018

Snow day February 2018

This cold snowy weather we have at the moment is thanks to what is now known as The Beast From The East.

I had to laugh when I read the following on the BBC:

Step outside if you dare.

The Beast from the East is unleashing a snow bomb super cyclone polar vortex monster storm.

Or “winter” as it used to be called.

I remember a particularly bad winter when we were without power for about a week. We ran out of candles and struggled to buy more because the shops also ran out!
We toasted bread on a long fork on the coal fire and played board games at night to keep us occupied. At the time it was exciting for the first day or so but then it got boring and we just wanted the TV back!

It wasn’t given a fancy nickname as I recall, it was just a bad winter!

5 Tips to surviving a Denver winter

Denver Winter

tips for surving a Denver winter

If it’s your first time to experience winter in Denver, you might be dreading it. Many a story has been told of how harsh the winter weather can be.

But you do not need to be afraid, as with any situation, the more you prepare for it, the less daunting it will be.

Denver winter snow covered trees

Surviving winter in Denver is the same as surviving winter anywhere else. Regardless of the amount of snow or how cold it is, you just need to make sure that you are prepared for any scenario that could happen. That being said, check out just some of the tips you can follow so that your winter spent in Denver will be a breeze.

  1. Ensure that your vehicle is in good shape

    – just in case you need to go out and it is snowing, make sure that your vehicle has been maintained well. Check the lights, fuel system, your gas, batteries, and tires. It would be unfortunate to get stranded in the snow because your batteries run out or your tires give way.

Car covered in snow - Denver winter

  1. Pack a winter survival kit

    – to be better prepared for anything, pack a winter survival kit. This should include a sleeping bag, reflectors in case you are in your car and stranded, water and canned food, extra clothes, and tire chains. You can even sneak in a card deck or other games to keep yourself and your family entertained when you cannot travel due to the heavy snow.


  1. Invest in a good shove

     – since snow is inevitable, make sure you get a good shovel that would not make it too hard on your back when you start cleaning up. Some Denver natives suggest actually doing the shoveling while it snows so that it does not build up.


  1. Stay home if you don’t need to be anywhere important

     – if you don’t need to be anywhere, just stay home. If the weather predicts heavy snow, make sure you have enough food for you and your family and don’t go anywhere unless it is an emergency or you really have to. Think of it as a snow day, which does not come often when you are already an adult. Roads can get bad during a snow storm, and you don’t want to have an accident going somewhere you don’t really need to. Put on a movie, make some hot chocolate and enjoy a warm, cozy time with your family instead.

River and wood covered in snow

  1. Make sure that your HVAC unit is working well

    – to make sure that you and your family are comfortable during winter, you need to make sure that your HVAC unit and its components have been maintained well. There’s nothing worse than the house being colder than outside because the heater is not working properly. Make sure also that your air ducts are clean so that the warmth will be spread evenly throughout the whole house. If you don’t know how to do that, call Denver Air Duct Cleaning Company to do that for you.

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