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Sunday Photo – Kaycee outside, enjoying the weather

Smiling Kaycee

Smiling Kaycee outside

We’re looking forward to the summer holidays and we’ve been spending as much time outside as possible. I grabbed this photo of KayCee while she was smiling. It’s a rare one because she seems to run away whenever I get the camera out these days!

She’s getting like Aiden; he doesn’t let me take his photo very often now either and if he does I have to promise not to put it on the blog!

Ella’s the selfie queen of our house so I’m hoping she never gets to the stage where she doesn’t want me to photograph her. I don’t think she will, she loves posing too much!

Cubs Camp – Ella’s First Camp With Cubs And She’s Very Excited :)

Ella’s going to Cubs camp

Ella’s very excited to be going to cubs camp. She’s been looking forward to going for ages and now the day is finally here 🙂 I’m sure she’s going to have a wonderful time.

Ella going to cubs camp
Cubs camp

For more information about Cubs, click here


Muddy Trainers at Mini Mudder- Sunday Photo

Muddy Trainers

These socks were white when Kaycee put them on in the morning! I think she’s regretting not using other footwear after seeing her muddy trainers when she’d completed Fruit Shoot’s mini mudder!

Fruit shoot mini mudder muddy trainers
Muddy Trainers

My Sunday Photo May 1st

May 1st – Forget me nots are one of my favourite flowers. I don’t know how people can consider these lovely little blue flowers to be weeds.
Well, I say that but I can understand when I go to my mother-in-law’s garden and see that they’ve just about taken over! Every year there are more than before.

May 1st – Forget Me Not Flowers

forget me not May 1st
Forget Me Not

Before I knew how easily they spread, I actually bought a forget me not plant at the garden centre! I could have kicked myself when I saw the hundreds of plants in my mother-in-law’s garden a year later!

More Silent Sunday Photos

Sunday Photo April 17th – Ducks In The Pond

Ducks in The Pond

Ducks in the pond
Ducks In The Pond

As much as I’d love to welcome the ducks to our wildlife pond, I don’t want them making a mess of the garden or eating the tadpoles.
We let them have a rest then shooed them away!


Making Pizza – Sunday Photo April 10th

Making Pizza

Making pizza is great fun for kids. Our girls love it when it’s make your own pizza night!

When you’ve got lots of kids to look after and they’re getting bored, get them to make their own pizza for dinner.
It keeps them busy for ages and they absolutely love making and kneading the dough!

Kaycee, Ella, Lily-May and Nathan making pizza

Some of our favourite toppings are ham, mushroom, sweetcorn and pepperoni (not for Ella though….she doesn’t like spicy!).
I love pineapple on my pizza but Ant won’t have it on his. He said you shouldn’t put pudding on your dinner!

My favourite ever pizza is ham and mushrooms from Dominos. When I was pregnant with Kaycee I craved it every night! I didn’t give into the cravings often but when I did it was like biting into a slice of heaven!

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

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