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Our Halloween Photos 2018

This year KayCee organised a Halloween party for her friends while Ella went Trick Or Treating with her friend and her friend’s older sister.
By all accounts, they both really enjoyed the night and I’m here to share a few of the Halloween photos they took; they didn’t get many photos because I think everyone was having too much fun to remember to take them!

Halloween Photos 2018

Halloween photos 2018 - KayCee and her friends at her Halloween party

KayCee's friends at her Halloween party

KayCee's Deathly Hallows pumpkin
KayCee’s Deathly Hallows pumpkin – she scooped out the middle and got it ready to carve but ran out of time so had to turn to her dad for help!
Ella's Harry Potter pumpkin
Ella’s Harry Potter pumpkin – she also got help from dad!

Halloween Photos 2017

Pumpkin Carving Design Ideas

They always look so easy to do, but when you actually start to carve a pumpkin you realise you were kidding yourself and they’re not easy at all! We’ve tried a few different pumpkin carving designs over the years but inevitably we go back to good old triangles for the eyes and nose and a jagged mouth.

Mind you, we did manage a couple of different designs in 2016, but it wasn’t all plain sailing!

Halloween pumpkin carving
Kaycee Halloween pumpkin carving

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I really want to try carving a better design in one of our pumpkins this year so I’ve been checking out designs on Pinterest.

I love this cannibalistic pumpkin and what’s more, there’s an excellent tutorial to show us how to do it.

This tutorial from The Telegraph has links to pumpkin carving design templates.

If you have a pumpkin design you’re proud of, please feel free to share a link in the comments 🙂

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The girls ran upstairs to get their Halloween costumes on as soon as they got home from school. Excitement was at an all-time high and they both found it very difficult to sit still and have their faces painted.

Ella went first. She’s a fan of pink so it didn’t surprise me when she wanted a witch design using pink!

KayCee chose a different design but still wanted pink and black 🙂

They all carved their pumpkins the night before and KayCee arranged them in window. Both girls decorated the windows with Halloween-themed cutouts.
We usually decorate properly and have a Halloween tea but I wasn’t as organised this year what with only just getting back off holiday then being laid up for most of the day on Sunday with a severe migraine.

They always enjoy doing the pumpkins but Ella started to get a bit fed up when scooping out the insides took so long!

I love seeing the pumpkins all lit up at night 🙂

Aiden’s pumpkin
Ella’s pumpkin
KayCee’s pumpkin

We had loads of trick or treaters and KayCee handed out a full tin of Roses and half a tin of Celebrations that we’d bought for Christmas (see, told you I wasn’t very organised….I forgot to get Halloween sweets!) so now I have to wait for them to be on offer again so I can replace them!

Even with the lack of decorations and spooky food, we all enjoyed our Halloween. Hope you all had a great night 🙂

Halloween 2009

We’ve had a lovely Halloween 🙂

We’ve spent the day doing Halloween activities. We did pumpkin carving and made spookily shaped cookies. We also made marshmallow ghosts, chocolate-covered apples and green jelly with spiders.

Aiden’s gone to his cub’s Halloween party tonight and the girls have been in charge of handing out the cookies to the trick-or-treaters.
Ant joined in with the dressing up and scared some of the younger trick-or-treaters! He did look quite scary and I think he may have made a few of the parents jump as well!!

Ant Halloween 2009
Aiden Halloween 2009
Ella Halloween 2009
Kaycee Halloween 2009
Kaycee Halloween 2009
Halloween Pumpkins 2009

The girls look forward to it for most of the year and have been excited all day! Ella, especially, loves dressing up in costumes. She wears them all year round!

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