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Looking back…

I can remember this day vividly because it was probably one of the first times Ella had cried so much when falling over.

She was a dare devil kind of toddler and whenever she fell she jumped back up, brushed herself off and carried on playing. Nothing ever phased her until the morning she fell on the way to taking Kaycee to school and cracked her forehead, just above her eye, on a rock in the ground.

It bled. A lot.

She cried. A lot.

Kaycee fetched a paper towel from school for me then I rushed to get her home. We cleaned it up and put a plaster on (she LOVES plasters!) but she was still very upset so I suggested a trip to the park might make her feel better.

It took a while for her to get back to her lively self, as you can see in the photo, she still has tears in her eyes and she’s trying to put a brave face on, but eventually she was ok and enjoyed her time at the park with just the two of us.

I must say, even though I love the time I now get to myself while the three of them are at school, I do miss them being young and having one or more of them at home during the day.

Getting ready for autumn

Last week the garden was a mess, a huge mess in fact and I kept putting off cleaning it because it seemed like a task that was going to take all day.

It turned out, with a bit of team work, it only took a couple of hours and I now feel so much better about going out there!
Kaycee and Ella helped me on Saturday morning and whilst it was a bit annoying that they kept squealing at slugs and not wanting to touch things that were wet or dirty or had spiders on, they did a great job 🙂

Ant put the gazebo up on the patio when we’d finished. We used to have one up all year round but I wanted to be able to sit on the patio in the sun this year so when the snow got so heavy at the beginning of the year and made the gazebo collapse, we decided not to put another one up.

However, now autumn’s here and winter is on the way, Ant wanted the gazebo up again so we’d got some shelter when doing the bins/getting tesco deliveries/sitting out early in the morning and enjoying the crisp air etc so we’ve compromised and agreed to have the gazebo up only when it’s not summer!

So the garden’s nearly ready for autumn, we just need to give the grass a final cut, if it ever gets dry enough to do it and Ant’s going to sort the pump out on the waterfall so it works again (it’s been switched off for a few weeks because it keeps pulling gunk into the fan) by putting it in a basket and covering it with sponge.
Once the waterfall is working, I’ll be happy with the garden again because that’s my favourite part 🙂

To see the mess of last week, visit my How does your garden grow post.





The kids are home so we went for ice cream :)

They’ve been away at Aiden’s dad’s for the past week and while I really enjoy the time to myself, I’m happy to have them home 🙂

Ant wasn’t working yesterday so because nearly all of us being together (Aiden went to Butlins at Skegness for the day with his friend, Chloe) with no one having to work doesn’t happen very often, we decided to go out for the afternoon.

Our first plan was to go to Hubbard’s Hill but then Ant said we should go on Tuesday when better weather was forecast so we decided to go to Daisy Made instead. The girls love Daisy Made and weren’t upset at all at the change of plan!

We nipped out to Asda before lunch and daddy spoiled the girls by buying them pens, and white boards and folders and stuff!
I bought a folder to put all the papers in that I’ll be printing out to get my Christmas organisation started (yes I know I said the C word and it’s only the start of September but I like to start early!) and I also stocked up on pens and pencils for Aiden for school.

Ella hurt her arm and for some reason this meant she couldn’t walk anymore and wanted to sit in the seat next to her doll. I don’t know how she managed to fit in there and I was worried all the time that she wasn’t going to be able to get out but luckily daddy was on hand to help!

At Daisy Made the girls had a round of crazy golf…










before fetching delicious ice cream! We all had two different flavours in a tub, mine was peanut butter and banana with the banana being my favourite. Ant had Turkish delight and peanut butter, Kaycee had mint choc chip and banana and Ella had honey and mint choc chip. It’s always very hard to choose because they all sound so lovely!
I’m not dwelling on how many calories it has though!



They had a play in the sand and on the tractors before making a visit to Nanny’s house. She hadn’t seen the girls for a while so we called in for half an hour before going home to make dinner.

It was really lovely spending some time with daddy 🙂

Taking the boys for ice cream :)

Ant and I got to spend a really lovely afternoon with our grandchildren yesterday. We don’t get to see the boys very often because they live in Scotland with their mum so when they come to Lincoln to visit their dad, we always try and take them out somewhere.

They’re adorable boys who make us laugh a lot!

We couldn’t decide whether to take them to Whisby Nature Park or Daisy Made Ice Cream so in the end we went to both 🙂
We started out at Whisby. The girls love going there as they’ve got a big sand pit, water play, some brilliant wooden carvings to play on and a wildlife adventure area with tunnels and bridges and netting to climb up.
Inside there’s an education centre with buttons to press and wheels to turn.

Jamie with his dad and grandpa.



Huge sandpit!


Damien loved all the adventure area 🙂
The education centre helps children learn all about recycling and caring for the environment.


We love all the wooden carvings!

Another of our favourite places to go is Daisy Made Ice Cream. They have a small sand pit, ride on toys, rabbits and goats as well as crazy golf. Yesterday they also had a bouncy castle and racing cars.
The ice cream is delicious and well worth how ever many syns it was!
I had cinder toffee, Ant and Jason had pistachio flavour, the boys had raspberry ripple and Gemma, Jason’s lovely girlfriend, had lemon cheesecake.

I always have caramel or toffee flavour when I go and I’ve decided that next time I’m going to be more adventurous and try the melon flavour or maybe the passion fruit!

More sand!


The boys played on this for ages!


Jamie and Grandpa


Damien and Grandpa


Delicious cinder toffee ice cream 🙂

Kaycee’s rules to be a princess

I was cleaning the other day and found this list written by Kaycee. It’s adorable and I know the actual paper would probably get lost eventually so I took a photo 🙂

It says, (I’ve corrected any spelling mistakes to make it easier to read)

Princess for the day!

  • Don’t be mean
  • Long/short dress
  • Act sensibly
  • Walk gracefully
  • Don’t copy the telly or anyone
  • Go to magic school
  • Look after our amulets
  • Help people even if something is going on and even if you miss it
  • Walk with straight back
  • Head up high

Wobbly teeth

Our youngest daughter, Ella, got her first wobbly tooth a short while ago and she was really pleased about it! She’d seen both Aiden and Kaycee deal with losing their baby teeth then getting money from the tooth fairy and she used to get upset that her teeth weren’t wobbly!

When her first tooth came out at the weekend she phoned me (she was at Aiden’s dad’s in Derbyshire, I was home in Lincoln) to tell me the news and I could hear the excitement bubbling through her!
I was pleased and excited for her but that didn’t last long.
When I went to pick her up on Sunday to take her to my Nan-Nan’s 80th birthday party, she looked up, smiled and showed me the gap in her teeth.
Instead of feeling happy and excited, like I was with Aiden and Kaycee, I felt really sad. I can only put this down to Ella being the youngest and this being the last set of teeth for the tooth fairy 🙁
I love baby teeth, so tiny and perfectly straight!

It brought it home to me that they’re growing up so fast; Ella’s 6 in August and will be in year 2 in September. Next year she’ll leave her infants school and go to junior school.
I’ll be really sad when she leaves her infants school; we’ve had children at that school since 2005 and it’ll be very weird not going there anymore!

I’ve been fine with Aiden going to junior school then a bit wobbly when he went to secondary school and I was ok with Kaycee moving on up to juniors but it makes me sad when it’s Ella because she’s the baby and there will definitely not be any more babies for us so each time she passes a milestone, it’ll be the last time and it makes me sad.

I know they have to grow up but do they have to do it so darn fast?!

Come Dine With Me – Cooking with kids #FRD2013

Everyone seemed to love our ‘Come Dine With Me’ dinner last night and I know they’re going to want to do it again soon…I just don’t know if I can cope again with helping 3 children make 3 different recipes at the same time in our kitchen!

Even though it felt a little stressful, I kept my cool and didn’t think about the huge clean up job I was going to be facing when it was all over until I actually had to get on and get it done!
The kids usually have daily chores to help with the cleaning but on Friday evenings they don’t have time to do them. Aiden’s dad comes to pick them up for the weekend and it takes an hour and a half to get to his house in Derbyshire so they have to be leaving as soon as dinner is done.

Because of this, it was a bit of a rush but everyone had fun so it was worth it 🙂

Ella cooked the starter.

Pea and Ham Soup

We only had one little mishap; Ella lost count of how many teaspoons of the vegetable stock she’d added to the pan and because I was answering a question from Kaycee, I hadn’t kept count either so the soup was a little on the salty side.
We all enjoyed it though, except for Kaycee who wasn’t very keen and didn’t eat much.
She did apologise to Ella and said she felt bad for not liking it because Ella had cooked it but Ella assured her that it was totally fine and she wasn’t upset!

Pea and Ham Soup

Aiden cooked the main course of sticky chicken, potatoes and rocket salad.

Sticky Chicken with new potatoes and rocket salad

We were going to have roast potatoes with it but time ran away with us and we ended up just having boiled new potatoes because we didn’t have time to roast them.
Aiden wasn’t very keen on touching the raw chicken because it felt icky and because he was worried about getting sick! I explained about food hygiene and told him that as long as he followed the rules, he’d be perfectly safe.
He got on with it with no more worrying and I think once he’d got over the initial ickyness (I don’t think that’s a word but never mind!) he was quite proud of himself 🙂
While the chicken was marinating in the fridge, he did the salad and potatoes.
When it came to cooking the chicken I ended up helping him because he kept complaining his arm was aching with having to keep stirring it!
Everyone really enjoyed the chicken and wanted seconds, although unfortunately, there wasn’t any left!

Sticky Chicken

Kaycee picked the dessert for 2 reasons; she loves giving out pudding and she loves to use the blender!
She made Slimming World’s version of Eton Mess and it was delicious!

Eton Mess

She also made a little mistake when she didn’t read the recipe properly and whizzed up all but 5 strawberries that she’d saved for decoration when she was only supposed to whizz half of them and chop the other half!
She ended up chopping the 5 she’d saved for the decoration because she said it was better to have the pieces in the pudding and the decoration wasn’t as important 🙂

Eton Mess Recipe

After each meal we all secretly wrote our scores on a piece of paper and at the end I added them up.


Pea and Ham soup

Aiden – 10
Ella – 10
Kaycee – 2
Me – 9
Total = 31

Sticky Chicken

Aiden – 10
Ella – 10
Kaycee – 10
Me – 8
Total = 38

Eton Mess

Aiden – 10
Ella – 10
Kaycee – 10
Me – 9
Total = 39 – *WINNER*

I worried that Ella might be upset because she didn’t win but she was totally fine and when I explained that I’d given her 9 instead of 10 because it was a little salty, she said, ‘yeah, I need to be more careful next time!’ and laughed 🙂

I told Kaycee it would have been a 10 if there were a few more pieces of strawberry and next time she needed to take her time and read the recipe first.
She was fine with that and was very pleased that she’d won!

When I read out my score to Aiden he said, ‘awww come on mum, why an 8?!’ (he was smiling so wasn’t really upset!) and I told him it was because I’d had to stand there for 15 minutes cooking my own blinking tea when he was supposed to be cooking it for me!

We all had a laugh and everyone agreed that it had been a lot of fun 🙂


Parenting Pin It Party


Monday Magic Moment

The girls were home this weekend (Aiden was too but we haven’t seen him since Friday morning! He went to his friend’s straight from school Friday, stayed all weekend and went to school with him this morning) and Ant didn’t have to work as much as he usually does so we got to spend some time leisurely time at home.

The girls played nicely together for the most part and on Saturday afternoon they asked if we’d play Beat the Parents with them.
Aiden got the game for Christmas a couple of years ago and we’ve only played it once before. The kids beat us that time but without Aiden being home, the girls found it a bit harder this time and we won!

Ant was cheering, Ella was laughing and Kaycee was trying to stop Ant from cheering and telling him he was wrong and they had, in actual fact, won the game!
It was a lovely moment and I managed to capture some of it on camera 🙂




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