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Loom Bands

More loom bands!

No matter how many loom bands we get, the girls never say no when they’re offered more! We must have thousands of them floating around now.

I must admit, they did annoy me at first when I kept having to stop and pick them up when I was hoovering or sorting the colours into the right compartments again when they leave them on the floor and they get tipped up but it’s not been so bad just lately. They’ve been making their creations but *shock horror* they’ve been putting them away again and making sure they’re organised 🙂

Kaycee’s been making bracelets, a belt around the waist and ankle bracelets, all connected by big chains as if she’s been arrested or something!
She’s very proud of it and has worked on it for quite a while.

Ella’s not been bothering with the loom bands much recently because she’s had a new doll (well it’s for both of them really but she seems to have claimed it! Review to come later in the week) and she’s been attached to it all the time since it arrived, apart from when she has to go to school, so I made her a loom band flower that I saw on YouTube as well as a little wreath to hang on the tree!

loom band flower


loom bands wreath


Rainbow Braid Loom Bands


Rainbow braid loom bands

The loom band craze has hit our house with the same force it has everyone else’s I imagine! We were sent a huge pack of Rainbow Braid loom bands to review and the girls were really excited when we found that it contained glow in the dark bands.

Glow in the dark rainbow braid loom bands

I’m finding little coloured rubber bands everywhere but so far it isn’t annoying me because, to be honest, I’m just as hooked as the girls!
It’s such a great pastime because it keeps you busy and it’s very challenging once you get past the basic styles.

The one thing that does annoy me though is when you’ve spent hours, yes hours, on a complicated bracelet and when you’re getting it off the loom, one of the middle bands snap and it starts to unravel.
I can very much do without that stress in my life!

We haven’t had that issue with these bands. You can tell with all the different kinds we’ve bought in the last few months, which are good quality and which aren’t.
These are excellent. The colours are great, they’re nice and strong and they don’t have that horrible smell that some of them do. The pack also includes 250 S clips.

Assorted coloured loom bands
Loom band S clips


more assorted coloured loom bands


loom bands on a loom band hook


Loom band flowers


Loom band flower on a loom band hook


Loom band bracelet with loom band flowers hanging off it


KayCee wearing the bracelet

Kaycee made this flower bracelet and I made a different kind of flower bracelet for Ella

Ella's flower bracelet

Loom bands have been brilliant for keeping for the girls entertained this summer holiday when the weather outside took a turn for the worse and I thank the people at Rainbow Braid for helping me hold onto some sanity!


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