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Christmas Cleaning – Bathroom

I’ve decided that I don’t cope very well when I try to clean the entire house in one day; the task seems too daunting and I get put off when the list starts to get too long! I do, however, love the feeling when it’s all done and I really want to get the house deep cleaned before Christmas (our Christmas starts at the beginning of December because I get too excited to wait any longer!) so here I am, in the middle of November, getting ready to wash walls and woodwork and clear away cobwebs!
I’m going to start my Christmas cleaning by cleaning the bathroom and tomorrow I’ll move to a different room, most likely the girls’ bedroom.
I like to start upstairs and work my way down, ending with the kitchen, which takes the longest amount of time to deep clean.

Cleaning tools - spray bottle, cloths and soap - Christmas cleaning

So here’s my list of jobs for the bathroom:

  • Wash door, door frame and skirting boards.
  • Wash corner cupboard, inside and out.
  • Empty and wash waste bin.
  • Hoover cobwebs from the ceiling.
  • Sort out all storage baskets.
  • Clean toilet.
  • Wash window and window sill
  • Clean mirror.
  • Dust all ornaments and wall decorations.
  • Clean corner shelves.
  • Clean sink.
  • Sort storage shelves under the sink.
  • Clean bath.
  • Wash floor.
Kaycee’s probably going to be a bit annoyed with me for doing it without her (yes, she likes cleaning the bathroom and doesn’t like it when someone else does it! It probably won’t last forever, especially when she hits her teenage years so I take advantage of it while I can!) but needs must as they say. I’ll tell her she can do it next time!
Right, I’m never going to get finished before dinner time if I don’t put down the laptop and get myself upstairs. See you in an hour or three 🙂


Scatty brained, me?

This is what I planned to do today after I got back from walking the girls to school:


  • Clear table of breakfast things
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Load dishwasher with breakfast dishes
  • Fold clothes off of the clothes horse
  • Empty washer and put wet clothes on the clothes horse
  • Fill washer with the clothes I’d kicked downstairs earlier and left at the bottom!
  • Peg out sheets and towels
  • Wipe kitchen counters and wash sink
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • Quick tidy of living room before relaxing with a coffee, checking Facebook, emails etc till it was time to make Ant’s lunch
What actually happened this morning:
  • Walk in front door and see clothes at bottom of stairs.
  • Kick them to the kitchen door because it’s easier to slide them across the laminate floor in the living room than it is to bend and try to carry them to the kitchen
  • Leave clothes in doorway while I tidy away breakfast things and wash table
  • Stack pots and open dishwasher
  • Look round for more pots before unloading dishwasher and notice 2 tubs of old batteries that need checking for power before being sent to the chemists for disposal.
  • Sit at table and start checking batteries
  • For some reason remember that I’d not filled the reservoir for the waterfall for 2 days
  • Rush outside and am dismayed to see waterfall struggling to produce even a slight trickle
  • Search garden for watering can that the kids have obviously hidden from me on purpose despite being told not to play with the watering cans
  • Find one can in children’s play area, minus the rose spout thingy from the end
  • Make mental note to look for it later
  • Fill can and empty into reservoir
  • Fill can again and empty into reservoir
  • Fill  the flipping can again and empty into reservoir while cursing a little under my breath about how much bloody water one little reservoir can actually take
  • Sit on love seat and admire lovely waterfall and bleeding heart plants for a few minutes before noticing children’s toys, tables, chairs, buckets of mud everywhere and decide a little tidying of the garden is needed
  • An hour later, after trimming trees, sweeping, putting away toys, plant pots, planters, bag of compost, hose pipes and loads of other stuff, phone Grandad and ask him if he can take some garden rubbish to  his house ‘cos he has our garden rubbish bin
  • Check email seeing as I came inside and sat next to my laptop for some reason while phoning Grandad from my mobile
  • Go back outside, sweep some more, move garden furniture, throw rubbish away, look round and admire how clean and tidy garden looks and decide I’ve earned a coffee seeing as I haven’t had one all day.
  • Go inside, put kettle on, put coffee and sweeteners in cup and decide to fold some clothes while kettle is boiling.
  • Take a pair of leggings off of clothes horse, fold and turn round to put on table
  • Notice batteries sitting waiting to be checked and decide to finish that job seeing as I started it a couple of hours ago
  • Put one pair of folded leggings on table, sit and check rest of batteries
  • Re-boil kettle and notice bread left open by little darlings at breakfast time
  • Go over and close bread, put in bread bin and go back to make coffee
  • Crack shin on dishwasher door
  • Curse loudly (it’s ok, kids and hubby not here!)
  • Look at washing on floor, dirty dishes on side, clean dishes in dishwasher, clean clothes on clothes horse and mess in living room and decide to sod the lot and come and blog!
  • Realise after all that, that hubby is bringing home lovely mother in law’s dog for us to look after but didn’t mention whether lovely mother in law would be coming here as well so is now gulping down coffee and rushing off to get all the jobs done so lovely mother in law doesn’t have to step over dirty clothes to get in the room!! :-/

Housework and how we keep on top of it!

The laundry basket was never empty, the ironing basket overflowed and the kitchen looked like a disaster area. I was drowning in a sea of housework, had miserable kids who kept getting nagged at because they weren’t doing the chores they’d been given and something needed to be done to make this home clean and happy again.

My solution?

Lists, and lots of them.
Not all for me you understand. I mean come on, I’m only one person out of the five who live here so there’s no way I’m going to do it all myself!

I turned to my trusty Microsoft Excel and created a weekly schedule for each member of the household; well all except for Daddy because he has enough work to do, at work!

Ella’s job list 🙂

Our schedule maps out the things we need to accomplish each day, including personal care like cleaning teeth, activity time and going to school as well emptying bins, loading the washer and doing the ironing. When a chore has been completed we cross it off and at the end of the day, if we’ve crossed them all off, we get a sticker. I’m happy to say, even Mummy gets one, usually picked by one of the girls 🙂
We also get to choose a special trip or activity to do together on the weekends when the kids stay home (they’re away at Aiden’s dads every 2 out of 3 weekends).

We’ve been working to the new schedules for a month now and the house has never been so clean and tidy!

KayCee likes to doodle on hers!

Sticking to the schedule and sharing the chores between the family means that we have more time to spend together; we try and do an activity each night once the kitchen has been cleaned after dinner. It’s lovely to be fully focused on the children, not rushing round trying to get everything done before the bedtime routine starts.

Of course, not everyone is as happy with the lists as I am, for example, Ella (4) had a mini rant the other day, that went something like this:

Ella: While loading the washer with a grumpy look on her face….Why do I have to fill the washer? They’re not all my clothes and if everyone stopped getting them dirty I wouldn’t have to wash them.
And if nobody got anything out, I wouldn’t have to pick up and put away so why don’t we all just stop getting our clothes dirty and stop getting things out then I won’t have to do jobs, ok?

KayCee, Aiden and I were laughing too much to answer her!

This post was written using a blogging prompt from Tots 100 and Morphy Richards

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