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#Win A Bumper Gro Bundle From Kid Transit

Win A Gro Bundle – ENDED

Gro Bundle from The Gro Company and Kid Transit
Gro Bundle Competition

Kid Transit have launched a competition with a brilliant prize for new parents. You can win a Gro Bundle worth around £150.

Gro Bundle Prize

  • 2.5 TOG GROBAG (6-18 months) – RRP £24.74
  • GRO-HUSH – RRP £24.99
  • GRO-CLOCK – RRP £34.99
  • GRO-LIGHT – RRP £19.99

The Gro Egg and Penguin Shell changes colour according to the temperature of the room. It lets you know at a glance whether the temperature is too high, too low or just right. It also doubles up as a gentle night light.

The Grobag has a super soft jersey lining which will keep your baby nice and cosy. The winner can choose a design and tog rating (same priced product only).

The Gro-hush is a portable white noise baby calmer. It transmits soothing white noise directly to your baby so that only they can hear it, keeping them calm.

The Gro-friend elephant is called Ernie and he’s got soft flappy ears and cute snuggly features.

The Gro-clock lets your child know when they can get up by using sun and stars pictures.

Finally, the Gro-light adapts your existing light to an adjustable nightlight. You can have a soothing LED glow or your original light.

I’d have loved the Gro-hush when Kaycee was a baby. The only way she’d sleep was in her battery powered swing, in the kitchen with the tumble dryer switched on!


Win a 3D Spirograph

I loved Spirograph when I was little. I would spend hours creating designs then colouring them in. I reckon my mum loved it as much as me if only for the fact that it kept me quiet for so long!

The original Spirograph - new generation


I have to say, I was very excited to see this version comes with 3D glasses 🙂

Get creative with Spirograph in 3D

The iconic Spirograph is back. Kids of all ages can draw
cool, geometric creations in bright colour. The new 21st century Spirograph now
comes with eye-popping 3D technology, so kids can watch the drawings jump out
from the page in an amazing display. Sets are available from £4.99 to £24.99rrp.

We are offering five
winners the chance to win a Spirograph Optical 3D Studio Set, worth £24.99rrp

UK entrants only
Closes December 5th at 11.59pm

With it’s geometric and swirling patterns, Spirograph has
helped kids big and small to create beautiful art, stunning designs and
wonderful memories for generations.
Spirograph continues this tradition in 21st century style
with all new sets. The Spirograph Optical 3D Studio Set also comes with cool 3D
glasses that enable you to watch the different colours in your design pop out
from the page in cool 3D.
12 Drawing Wheels and 4 Templates.
3D Effect Dual Colour Pen, 2 Florescent Markers,
3 Colour Pens and a Rainbow Pencil.
Optical 3D Glasses – includes 3 LR44 Batteries
Spirograph Design Book.
10 Drawing Papers and 1 Spirograph Sticker.
Sealable Storage Bag

For ages 5 years and over. Enter now for your chance to win 🙂


My #shelfie for the #GreatBritishHomeQuiz

I took the Great British Home quiz by Victoria Plumb bathrooms (again) to find my home style but the results must be wrong because I am not, not I say, like Joey Essex or Sam Faiers from TOWIE!!

No one could ever describe me as glamorous or always ready for the camera, in fact, I shy away from the camera at every opportunity!

I got the same result last time I took this quiz and I tried different answers this time so maybe I have an inner glamour puss just trying to breakout and I should just accept it!

Anyway, I also took a #shelfie and posted it on Instagram and now I’m sharing the story behind it on my blog 🙂

This is my new shelf in my new kitchen and I absolutely love it! If you’re a regular reader you’ve probably seen this too many times now!

I’ve seen this vintage style tea cups and saucers all over Pinterest and really wanted some. I kept looking in charity shops but never found any.
We recently moved to this house and our old loft was packed to the rafters with boxes from Ant’s old home in Northern Ireland. They’ve been stored up there for over 10 years and I had no idea they held these treasures until we were sorting out what to keep when we moved here.

I can’t believe I’ve had these in my house since I lived there and never knew about them!

Another favourite of mine is the stack of measuring cups I got from John Lewis last year. I bought them with a little butter dish and a gorgeous cheeseboard that is hiding from me somewhere; I haven’t been able to find it since the move but I still have two sheds of stuff to sort out so I’m hoping it’s in a box of kitchen things in one of the sheds.

So there you have it, my #shelfie 🙂

If you click the Victoria Plumb link above, you can take the Great British Home Quiz yourself and be in with the chance of winning £250. Good luck!

Mantel garland – Festive Face Off

I love Christmas.

I love crafting.

I LOVE Christmas crafting!

You will not believe how excited I got when I received this in the post the other day!

Isn’t the basket just gorgeous?

Look what was inside….


My first stop, after swooning over all the gorgeous craft items, was my Christmas board on Pinterest. I was finally going to able to make one of the hundreds of things I’d pinned over the year!

It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to create a mantel garland using greenery from the garden so I went out with my trusty secateurs and cut large ivy, small ivy and branches from the evergreen trees.

Here’s how I made my mantel garland:

You will need:

A piece of hessian long enough to drape either side of your mantel
String lights
Evergreen branches
Florists wire
Assortment of decorations

Step one:
Lay your hessian cloth on the mantel and adjust it until you have an even drop each side….make sure to do better than I seem to have done!! I’m sure it looked even when I was taking the photo!
When I’d got it right, I used 2 pieces of ribbon and tied each one at the place where I wanted the drop to be.

Step two:
Get all your supplies ready so you have everything to hand

Step three:
Lay out your hessian and unravel your string lights…

Step four:
Using florists wire, attach the lights all along the hessian, making sure to go right to each end.

Step five:
I started off by marking the middle of the hessian which split my cloth into four sections, two end drops and two top sections which I’ll now refer to as top left section and top right section.
I used florists wire to attach some trailing ivy to each side drop.
I then used one of the evergreen branches on the top left section to cover the string lights. I threaded the florists wire through the hessian then around the branch to hold it firmly in place.
Repeat on the top right section, making sure as much of the string light wire is covered but also that the bulbs of the lights are sticking up through the branches.


Step six:
I added more trailing ivy to each top section then used the piece of green hessian that had tied the lid on the basket of craft items, around the end of the branches in the middle of the hessian.
I used florists wire again to attach the silver garland and string of gold balls.
I also added some of the smaller ivy to each side drop to cover the hessian a little more.

Step seven:
When I was sure everything was securely attached, I moved it onto the mantel and added the final touches.
I used a couple of flower sprays on the top sections as well a candle (which won’t be lit because it would be a fire hazard!) and some silver apple picks. I also attached a wooden star at each end of the mantel, where the ribbon was tied to mark the drop sections.
In the basket of craft items, there was a lovely leaf decoration that was the perfect finishing touch. I tied it to the green hessian in the middle of the middle of the display and let the leaves hang down.
I used an artificial spray of ivy behind the candle to hide the wires from the tv, which is usually covered by our wedding photo.





I love it with the lights switched on 🙂




Competition – A Matter of Life and Death


If, by
Christmas Day, you’ve had enough ‘festive cheer’ for one year, then fill your stockings with
presents with a darker edge.
If woolly jumpers,
over-indulgent hampers and a box of old-lady soaps are not your thing, then how
does ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ sound?
must-have debut novel by Paul Carroll is a satirical reflection of contemporary
Britain.  A witty, black comedy with a
thought-provoking core.
draws upon the age-old saying: “Everybody should be famous for fifteen
minutes.  After they die” and questions
if society has gone too far.
entertaining and shocking, this book is a perfect present for those looking to
add a bit of depth to this year’s Christmas stocking.
a chance to win one of 3 signed copies of A Matter Of Life and Death, simply tell us the
name, in the comments section below, of the debut author:
a)   Paul Carroll
b)   Caroll Paul
c)    Lewis Carol
more information visit
Terms & Conditions
Competition closes on Wednesday 12th December 2012 at midnight. Three winners will be picked at random and contacted within 72 hours. Please reply within 48 hours of the notification e-mail or I will redraw. UK entrants only. Prize will be dispatched within 28 working days to a valid UK address. Prize is the responsibility of the PR company to dispatch.
You can contact me via twitter @shell1207 or email, 

From smiling to sleeping within moments!

From smiling to sleeping within moments!

I just love how babies can fall asleep at the drop of a hat; this photo of our little Cake (she doesn’t much care for this nickname now she’s 7 but it’s ingrained in me now, what can I do?!) brings to mind the absolute joy I used to feel when I would sit and watch my wonderful husband making our baby daughter smile, then the ‘awwwww’ moment when I realised she’d just fallen asleep, right there, sitting up!
Seeing her tiny hands in his big ones melts my heart and there’s nothing I love more, than to see the bond between my super wonderful husband and our beautiful daughters.

“This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby

Britmums and Kodak Big App Challenge

I’m so excited about this challenge! I LOVE Kodak Big App and have been on the site for ages loading loads of different photos, trying to pick my favourite.

Our bedroom is the only room in the house without bookshelves/pictures/stickers all over the walls and I’ve been itching to do something creative when I redecorate the room next year. At the moment, it has one picture on the wall above our bed.

and the rest are bare. I’ve picked some large stickers for the wall in the picture above and now plan to move the picture of the babies and replace it with Ant’s favourite picture. It’s me and the kids on the beach at Skegness last year when we went to Haven. I picked this one for the bedroom because it’s very tranquil
It’s going to print out on 16 A4 sheets so now I’m on the lookout for 16 frames! I’ll be getting Ant to hang them because he’s a perfectionist and I know he’ll measure and mark and remeasure and hang them perfectly 🙂


We also have a very bare wall up the stairs that I keep wanting to do something with and haven’t found any ideas I like, until now! The opposite wall has loads of family photos on and I intend to add to them over the years as our children grow. As soon as I saw the Kodak Big App I knew that this would be the perfect way to fill that huge wall space.
I’ll be printing this one out in the week and will be back to share the pictures when I get it hung on the stair wall 🙂 I’m so excited!