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Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

I don’t know why but men always seem harder to buy for than women. I struggle buying Christmas gifts for my brothers and usually end up getting them something alcoholic.
I’ve been surfing for inspiration and found some different Christmas gift ideas for men :o)

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

I Want One Of Those – IWOOT

Mystery Gadget Gift Box – £22.99

I love mystery gift boxes and I now want to buy one of these for Ant just so I can see what’s in it!

Mystery Gadget Box from I Want One Of Those

Star Wars Glass Tumbler – £9.99

If your special someone likes movie memorabilia, this Storm Trooper glass would be a welcome gift.

Star Wars glass tumbler from I Want One Of Those

Spacerail – £16.99

This would be an excellent present for a father and son to play with together.

Gifts For Him - Spacerail from I Want One Of Those

Not On The High Street

Reasons I Love Dad – £22

Reasons I Love Dad from Not On The High Street

Personalised Surname Apron – £26

Ant does most of the cooking in our house so this would be a great present for him.

Personalised Surname Apron from Not On The High Street

100 Movies Scratch Bucket List – £12.99

I don’t know about gifts for men, I want this for me!

100 Movies Scratch Bucket List

Gift Cards

If you’re totally stuck, a gift card is always a good idea. Whilst Ant would like to receive any of the above gifts, he’d much prefer something more practical; a B&Q gift card, for instance, would be very welcome as he’s always got a project on the go.

I wouldn’t be pleased to receive a new hoover, for example, but Ant wouldn’t mind at all if I bought him a new chainsaw to help with the garden project!


Old Original Minikeg

Ant does love unusual containers and whenever he sees minikegs for he always wants one. I’m sure it’s just so he can save the keg when the beer’s gone!

Old Original minikeg Ruby Ale

Personalised Old Original Beer

If you wanted to add a personal touch, you can have the front and back labels personalised.

Personalised Old Original ruby ale


Instead of buying him some beer, how about getting him a homebrew kit so he can make his own?
If he’s a beginner, there’s loads of helpful information on 52 Brews.

homebrew kit


Longines Watches

If you’re after something a little more luxurious, you could splash the cash on a Longines watch from

Screenshot from

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Christmas Gift Guide For Tween Girls

Kaycee (12) and Ella (10) are at the age where it’s getting hard to buy Christmas gifts for them. Toys don’t cut it anymore! Now they’re into YouTube stars I’ve never heard of, pop groups I don’t know and collectable things that are a mystery to me (LOL dolls?!)

Tween girls can be hard to buy for so here are a few ideas I’ve picked up from listening to my 2 🙂

Christmas Gifts For Tween Girls


One thing both girls love to do now they’re older is to go shopping with their friends. A favourite shop of Ella’s is Smiggle and I know she’d have a wonderful time choosing her goodies!

Tween girls gift guide


LOL Dolls

I mentioned the LOL Dolls earlier. I saw them a few months ago but didn’t know anything about them. Ella told me what they actually were and she was kind enough to direct me to lots of YouTube videos!

They’re collectable dolls that come in a ball and you have to peel off the layers to find the surprises. There are also little sister dolls that have a present for their big sister in their ball.
I’ve seen a giant version for sale but instead of having a really big sister inside, it has lots of regular big sisters, apparently (I’m still really not sure what I’m talking about…..maybe I should have got Ella to write this bit for me!!).

LOL Surprise Big Surprise


Tween Bedroom

Kaycee’s been asking if she can decorate her room next year. We haven’t decorated it since we moved in 4 years ago so I’ve said yes. I’ve been looking at things I could buy but it’s difficult because she has to share a room for Ella.
Ella wants a unicorn bedroom. Kaycee doesn’t!

We’re going to have to come to some arrangement so they can both choose their own decor, I’m just not sure how we’re going to do it yet!

I’ve been looking at lighting for their room. Ella likes to have a light on but Kaycee doesn’t so Ella has to have one that won’t disturb Kaycee’s sleep.
I love this selection of kids lamps, especially the owl one. I think Kaycee would really like it as it’s a more grown-up style.

owl lamp


Both girls love reading and Kaycee is a fan of David Walliams. His new book, Bad Dad is out now

David Walliams Bad Dad

I tend to go a bit overboard with books as gifts for the children. I’m trying to cut down this year because we seriously have no more room for any more books!

Discount & Voucher Codes

With Christmas fast approaching and with the cost it entails, I have to be extra careful when I’m shopping. Before buying anything, it’s always worth checking to see if you can get any discount or voucher codes to help keep the cost down.


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Christmas Gift Guide from Red Candy

Christmas gift guide - header

For those of you who haven’t done all your Christmas shopping yet, (I’m 99% done…yay!!) I’m sharing a few ideas with this Christmas gift guide from Red Candy.

Christmas gift guide - red clock

I thought this Koziol Pip Red Wall Clock was a fun gift and if I got this for Christmas, I’d be delighted!


Christmas gift guide - Mister Wonderful mug

This Mister Wonderful mug is the perfect gift for the Super Wonderful Husband!

Book Lovers

Christmas gift guide - shelves made from books


Christmas gift guide - shelf made from books

We’re both book lovers and I’ve been hankering after these Umbra Conceal Bookshelves for a while; they would look so nice above our bedside tables 🙂

Family Photos

Christmas gift guide - hanging photo frame

Don’t you just love giving photo gifts at Christmas? I do and I know any of the grandparents would love to receive a gift like this Umbra Hangit Photo Display with photos of all the children and grandchildren.

Christmas gift guide - photo frame

Another photo gift I really like is this Umbra Thinker Frame. It would like nice on the super wonderful husband’s work desk 🙂

Retro Gift

Christmas gift guide - retro phone
This Wild and Wolf retro phone in phone box red has to be my favourite, though because I’m transported back in time when I see them!
When I was in my teens, my best friend’s mum had one. It had the proper rotary dial and she used to have a little lock on it.  My friend didn’t like not being able to use the phone when her mum wasn’t home!
I hope I’ve given you a few ideas if you’re maybe struggling to find a gift for that special someone 🙂
Please note: We were provided with our own gift from Red Candy in return for sharing our favourite things from their wonderful site 🙂
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