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Christmas baking

Christmas baking – 10 lovely looking treats for the holidays

Christmas cookies collage

Christmas baking – Kaycee loves baking, especially at Christmas and it seems Ella’s getting the baking bug as well. She wants to make the chocolate dipped ginger cookies you can see at the bottom of the post,

I personally, want to try the buttery shortcake cookies and the melted snowman oreo balls! To be honest, however, I’d be happy to try all them and I’m sure KayCee and Ella would agree!

Buttery shortbread cookies
Buttery shortbread


Christmas crack
Christmas crack


Grandma's shortbread cookies
Grandma’s shortbread cookies


Melted snowman oreo balls
Melted snowman oreo balls


Simple cookies
Simple cookies


Peppermint patties
Peppermint patties


Simple reindeer cookies
Simple reindeer cookies


Chocolatey melting snowmen
Chocolatey melting snowmen


Stained glass window cookies
Stained glass window cookies


White chocolate dipped ginger cookies
White chocolate dipped ginger cookies


Our gingerbread houses :)

We’ve always used a gingerbread house kit before but this year we wanted to try and make one from scratch. It was a bit tricky at times but I reckon now we’ve done it once we’ll be making them from scratch every year ūüôā

We used a gingerbread house recipe from Tesco and the finished gingerbread is delicious.

The girls are taking them to their Nanny’s Christmas party for all the family to enjoy and we’re going to make more at the weekend for my mum and sister ūüôā



























24 days of Christmas Crafts & Baking Activities

For the last two years we’ve had an¬†Activity Advent and because the children love it so much, I’ve decided to do it again this year. I’ve collected 24 links to craft and baking activities and I’m hoping we get to do one each night after dinner ūüôā

Below is a list of each activity, the link to the tutorial and a list of the¬†items you’ll need to complete it. I’ve included the items needed to make it easier to see at a glance what you already have and what you’ll need to stock up on without having to visit all the links.


December 1st – Checkerboard Star

4 squares of yellow tissue paper
4 squares of white tissue paper
Glue stick

December 2nd – Frosted Votive Jars

Recycled jars / White school glue / White tissue paper
Paintbrush / Paper Doilies / Raffia / Pine cones / Fresh greenery

December 3rd – Carving twig gnomes

A knife
Paints and brushes

December 4th – Santa Cookies

Butter / Sugar / Milk / Vanilla / Flour / Red Food Colouring
Mini Chocolate chips / Red hots / Hard vegetable fat like Trex
Icing sugar

December 5th – Paper Ornaments

Scrapbook papers
Stapler and staples
Ribbon for the hanger

December 6th – Glitter Bird

A tree branch
Bird ornaments
Small craft brush

December 7th – Salt Dough Star Ornaments

Plain Flour
Vegetable Oil

December 8th – Stove Top Pot Pourri

1 Whole Orange or just the peel
1/2 a Cup of Cranberries
1 Tbsp Whole Cloves
3 Sticks of Cinnamon
Grated Nutmeg

December 9th – Gingerbread Cookie Cheesecake

Pillsbury Gingerbread Mix (or the individual ingredients for gingerbread)
Cream Cheese
Icing Sugar
Double Cream
Vanilla Extract
Cherry Pie Filling

December 10th – Festive Feast for the Birds

Walnut Halves
Bird Seed
Peanut Butter
Tapestry Needle

December 11th – Pinecone Carolers

Acrylic Paint / Capped Acorns / Hot Glue
Small Twigs / Pinecone / Glue Stick
Construction Paper / Piece of Printed Sheet Music

December 12th – Paper Christmas Tree & Ornaments

Card / Scissors / Scalloped or circle cutter
Cord / Ribbon / Hole punch or thick needle
Toothpicks / Glue stick / Glue

December 13th – Hand Print Christmas Tree

Green, brown and yellow paper
Glue stick
Decorations: Stickers, glitter etc

December 14th – Lacing Stocking

Construction Paper
Cotton Balls
Crayons, glitter etc
Stocking Template

December 15th – Puffy the Polar Bear

2 large Marshmallows
6 Mini Marshmallows
2 White Jelly Beans Halved
1 Brown Mini M&M
Royal Icing
Black Shoestring liqorice

December 16th – Silverware Stocking

Patterned Fabric
Hot Glue or Fabric Glue
Beading Cord

December 17th – Bottle Cap Snowmen

3 bottle caps
Red yarn
Acrylic paint
Permanent marker
Scrap of orange paper
Hot glue

December 19th – Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Green food colouring
Zip lock bag
Wax paper
Glue spreader
Paper plate or bowl
Embellishments such as glittery pipe cleaners, sequins etc
A small piece of paper tube if your pine cone won’t stand up

December 20th – Glue snowmen

PVA glue
2 small red pompoms
7 miniature black pompoms
1 miniature orange pompom
3 small green pompoms
(if you don’t have pompoms you could use other items for the features like sequins)

December 21st – Jigsaw snowflakes
6 small puzzle pieces, the ones with 2 point bits at each end
PVA glue
Spray paint or paint

December 22nd – Snowscape window
Tissue paper
Watered down white glue

December 23rd – Chocolate dipped marshmallows
Milk/white chocolate
Christmas sprinkles
Lollipop sticks

baking activities - sugar cookies

December 24th – Christmas sugar cookies
Icing sugar
Food colouring
Edible glitter

Apologies for any missing links – broken links have been removed.