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Christmas Adverts 2017

Kevin The Carrot Is Back! Aldi Christmas Advert 2017 #Kevinthecarrot #KevinandKatie

We all fell in love with Kevin Carrot last year and I was delighted to see him return this year. What’s even better, he’s now got a lovely lady friend!

I love the bit where he says, I think I’ve peed myself! I can’t wait to show Ella and Kaycee, they’re going to love it as much as I do 🙂

Kevin Carrot

Just like last year, I’m eagerly awaiting the John Lewis Christmas ad. Hopefully, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer. I’m also hopeful that it’s going to be much better than last year which I didn’t like at all.

Kevin The Carrot 2016

M&S Paddington & Toys R Us Christmas Adverts

I love the M&S Paddington advert 🙂 It made me smile all the way through. M&S Paddington Advert I’ve been a Paddington fan since I was little and loved the movie that was released a few years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing the second […]

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Barbour, Very & Amazon Christmas Adverts 2017

I’m back with some more Christmas adverts 🙂 First up is last year’s Barbour ad. I’m showing last year’s because this year’s advert follows on from it.

Barbour Amazon Very Christmas Adverts

Barbour Amazon Very Christmas adverts

Barbour 2016

I must have missed this advert last year; I have no idea how!

Barbour 2017

Very Christmas Advert 2017

We record all the programmes we like to watch so we can fast forward the adverts. As I was fast-forwarding, a Christmas ad caught my eye and I had to rewind. It turned out to be the Very advert and I have to say, I loved it 🙂

Amazon Christmas Advert 2017

This Amazon advert isn’t very Christmassy but it made me smile 🙂

I’ll be back with more Christmas adverts when they’re released!

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