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It’s Here! John Lewis & Waitrose Advert 2019 #ExcitableEdgar

John Lewis and Waitrose have partnered up this Christmas and have brought us a truly lovely advert about a cute little dragon called Edgar! The John Lewis and Waitrose advert is my favourite so far this year. The Sainsbury’s advert comes a very close second.

John Lewis and Waitrose Christmas advert 2019

I love Excitable Edgar. He’s up there with the bear and the hare and the man on the moon as my favourite John Lewis Christmas adverts.

What do think about the John Lewis and Waitrose Christmas advert?

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Asda Christmas Advert 2019

I’m on the ball with the Asda Christmas advert 2019. Last year and the year before I missed it but not this year and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE it!

It’s full of Christmas magic and the ending makes me smile 🙂

Asda Christmas Advert 2019
Asda Christmas Advert 2019

Asda Christmas Advert 2012
Asda Christmas Advert 2015
Asda Christmas Advert 2017
Asda Christmas Advert 2018

Sainsbury’s Gogglebox Christmas Advert

Gogglebox and Sainsbury’s

I didn’t put the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert on the blog with the other Christmas adverts because, whilst it was ok, we all thought it was a bit long and not brilliant. The message is good, though; the greatest gift we can give our family is our time and I like that James Cordon is singing. He’s one of my favourite celebs but even that didn’t make it a great Christmas advert.
Now, the Sainsbury’s Gogglebox Christmas advert is brilliant!

Sainsburys Gogglebox Christmas advert

We LOVE Gogglebox. Every time we watch it, we’re always sad when it’s finished. We’d like it to be on for 2 hours instead of one!



The likeness of the people is excellent and it made us laugh all the way through 🙂

Here’s the original advert, just in case you haven’t seen it!

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