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Marge & The Great Train Rescue by Isla Fisher

Marge & The Great Train Rescue


We were recently sent 3 children’s books written by Isla Fisher. Kaycee read the first book, Marge In Charge while Ella read Marge and the Pirate baby and also the latest book, Marge And The Great Train Rescue. It’s out in paperback today and available from Amazon (see below for the links) and all good booksellers.
Both girls loved the books and I think they’re great because they have three short stories per book. It makes them a great size for bedtime reading, whether you’re reading to them or they’re reading to themselves 🙂

Ella’s Review

Marge and the great train rescue is a funny book about a babysitter who has rainbow colour hair (like a unicorn)and who is a royal duchess. This book deserves five stars because it’s so funny and creative. I would certainly want a babysitter like  Marge! The story is about Jemima and Jake Button who go on a train to the zoo. A cow is stood in the middle of the tracks. They eventually get the cow off the tracks and when they do they get to sit in the train drivers cabin. They get home just in time for their parents to arrive.

Written by Ella aged 10

Marge and the great train rescue

Marge In Charge

This review is written by Kaycee aged 12

There are three stories in one book; the first story started with the two children (Jemima and Jake) talking about how they scared off all of their previous babysitters…….then Marge turns up to the house. In the middle, Marge started changing the pre-written rules that the children’s mum had written. She made Jake eat his vegetables and even made him take a bath (which he never does), at the end of the short story the children are left to tidy up all of the mess created, and trust me there was a lot, whilst Marge had a nap! Then the parents came home, Marge had just enough time to cover her rainbow coloured hair up with a hat. 🙂

Marge is the main character, she is fun, a bit naughty and basically an adult on the out side but a child at heart. The book is set in all different places but the first story is set at the children’s home…where all of the mischiefs happens. My favourite part was..well…I don’t know, I loved it all. It was entertaining, funny and you just wanted to read on.

This book is suitable for all ages, but particularly younger readers aged 5-8. I would give this book five stars as I really enjoyed it. 🙂


marge in charge

Marge and the pirate baby

Marge and the great train rescue

  • Marge And The Great Train Rescue – Amazon UK

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AniMalcolm By David Baddiel – Book Review #23




I didn’t know David Baddiel wrote children’s books. Now I do and now I know how good he is at writing them, I’ll be buying his other books for Kaycee and Ella.
It’s now out in paperback and is great for girls and boys aged between 8-11 years.

I read AniMalcolm in just over 2 days. It would have only taken me a day if we hadn’t been so busy in the garden while the weather was nice!

Malcolm Bailey

Malcolm Bailey doesn’t like animals. At all. None of them.

His family all love animals. They have two cats, a dog, a hamster and an iguana. To add to all those, they now have a chinchilla. Well, Malcolm has a chinchilla because instead of the laptop he’d asked for for his birthday, he got a chinchilla.

AniMalcolm By David Baddiel

He’s not very happy about this as you can imagine. His one saving grace is that his parents have saved up to be able to send him on the school trip.
Funnily enough, He didn’t know where the school trip was this year but he was looking forward to having fun with his friends.

Farm Trip

That is until he found out that the school trip was to a farm!

Poor Malcolm couldn’t get a break from animals. What he didn’t know was there was more to come. Not only was he going to see lots of animals, he was about to find out what it was like to be one. Well, not just one but lots of different types.

AniMalcolm By David Baddiel

Malcolm meets a goat called K-Pax who is a bit different from the other goats. He’s got piercing eyes which seem to hypnotise Malcolm.

After meeting K-Pax, Malcolm falls asleep and wakes up as a tortoise. From then on, every time Malcolm falls asleep, he wakes up as a different animal.
I’m not going to tell you them all because I don’t want to spoil it. I will say I loved how all the animals have their own languages and Malcolm has to become an animal to be able to understand them when they talk.
Except for the pig, who can speak nearly all Malanguages (which is what Animal Languages are called!) and is very wise.

It was funny in places, a bit gruesome in others (the cat and the pigeon is all I’m saying!) and a little sad at times but it had a happy ending so all’s good!


I love the illustrations by Jim Field, especially the one of the three sheep called Dolly.

AniMalcolm By David Baddiel

Malcolm as a monkey and covered in monkey poo is also another favourite!

AniMalcolm by David Baddiel

Kaycee and Ella are both looking forward to reading it. All we have to do now is decide who gets it first!

You can buy a copy on Amazon, where you’ll also find his other books, The Parent Agency, The Person Controller and the book he wrote for World Book Day, The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked.

There’s also more about the book on YouTube

We were sent a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Books for Christmas #StoriesForLife

Books for Christmas

A big blue sparkly package arrived in the post for me. I knew what it was and I got excited knowing the girls were going to love the contents! Random House sent me three children’s books.

I get excited buying books for them because I know they love books as much as I do. One of the books in the parcel was one I’d been planning to buy Kaycee for Christmas. I’m glad I’d not bought it yet!

Random house books for children

As soon I learnt to read, I became an avid reader. I used to stay up way past my bedtime. I’d hide my book under the covers and pretend to be asleep if mum popped her head around the door!

It’s hard for me to choose a favourite book from my childhood. I loved so many but one I read more than once was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve read it but I still love it today. I felt transported to Narnia whenever I read it.

Favourite part of the book

Something cold and soft was falling on her. A moment later she found that she was
standing in the middle of a wood at night-time with snow under her feet and snowflakes
falling through the air.

Lucy felt a little frightened, but she felt very inquisitive and excited as well. She looked
back over her shoulder and there, between the dark tree trunks; she could still see the
open doorway of the wardrobe and even catch a glimpse of the empty room from which
she had set out.(She had, of course, left the door open, for she knew that it is a very silly
thing to shut oneself into a wardrobe.)

It seemed to be still daylight there. “I can always get back if anything goes wrong,” thought Lucy. She began to walk forward, crunch- crunch over the snow and through the wood towards the other light. In about ten minutes she reached it and found it was a lamp-post.

As she stood looking at it, wondering why there was a lamp-post in the middle of a wood and wondering what to do next, she heard a pitter patter of feet coming towards her. And soon after that a very strange person stepped out from among the trees into the light of the lamp-post.

He was only a little taller than Lucy herself and he carried over his head an umbrella,
white with snow. From the waist upwards he was like a man, but his legs were shaped
like a goat’s (the hair on them was glossy black) and instead of feet he had goat’s hoofs.


I read it to Aiden, Kaycee and Ella a few years ago. They looked forward to it every night and I was so happy sharing it with them.


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