Looking to Change Your Child’s Name in the UK? Read This

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There can be situations where you might need help changing the surname of your child. While a name change process may sound simple, it isn’t. 

But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find all the details regarding a name change for children in the UK. 

Take a look. 

Informal Name Change

To change your child’s name, you can simply start using their new name, doing away with the legal paperwork. Although you don’t have to change the name in writing, it may be useful. 

Moreover, you can change the name of your child at any time, provided it does not deceive or defraud anyone.

Is Consent Required?

While you can call your child by another name on a daily basis, you will need to get the consent of the other parent or someone with parental responsibility if the change is to be formalized in the future. 

Schools and other organizations might not allow your child to use the new name unless formally changed. Moreover, your child’s other parent can take legal action against you if they don’t agree with the name change, regardless of whether it is formal or informal. 

Also, if your child is in regular contact with their other parent, it is best to reach an agreement about the name change. Keep in mind that different names can cause confusion and upset the children.

Formal Name Change

The statutory declaration method

It is an official confirmation that a person intends to change their name and wants to request a new name. The statutory declaration is evidence of a name alteration, but it does not change the birth certificate name. 

So, you will need to present the birth certificate of your child and the statutory declaration to name change if you want to prove your child’s identity. Only certain circumstances can change birth certificates.

Moreover, you can change the name of your child again in the future if you do it by making a statutory declaration. 

A majority of organizations will accept a formal declaration to prove a name change. They will also amend their records to reflect your child’s new name. Sometimes a statutory statement is not enough to change details. 

In these cases, a deed poll is required to change the name in official documents such as a passport or driving license.

The Right Way to Get Statutory Declaration

You can seek a solicitor’s help or draft the statutory declaration yourself. You need to sign the document under oath before a solicitor or in court. 

Note that for drafting and signing statutory statements, solicitors and courts both charge a fee. So, it is a good idea to agree on the fees beforehand.

Using Deed Poll For Name Change

A deed poll is legal proof of a name change, but it doesn’t change the name on a child’s birth certificate. So, to prove your child’s identity, you will have to present the deed poll along with your birth certificate if the court asks you to do so. 

It is advisable to check with your solicitor regarding the rules around name changes that involve birth certificates. 

So simply put, a deed poll is usually needed in specific cases when you need to change the name of your child on official documents. Also, check with the passport agency to see what documents and evidence they require to make any changes to your child’s passport details. 

In some cases, they may not be willing to accept a deed poll. Note that you can do multiple name changes using multiple deed polls. 

Final Word

It takes the right information to change your child’s name in the UK. Make sure you understand the information discussed in this article and change your child’s name correctly.